Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kiss Me HEAVY ROTATION and B & C BROWLASH EX pencil eyeliners

I bought 2 new eyeliners! Kiss Me HEAVY ROTATION perfect eye liner and B & C BROWLASH EX Water Strong Creamy eye pencil, both from japanese brands and purchased from AdamBeauty. v(^__^ )v

I actually was using the Heavy Rotation eyeliner since summer, I bought it in Korea, so it`s a repurchase! (^0^ ) It`s a nice soft black pencil eyeliner and it doesn`t crease, etc, stays in place all day. ^^ The B&C is thinner and more hard and deeper black! It`s staying power is ....scary. XD A real heavy duty eyeliner.

B&C very thin / Heavy Rotation thicker

top: B&C / bottom: Heavy Rotation

B&C is blacker as you can probably see even though I modified the photo and you can draw a really thin line. Heavy Rotation is thicker but more comfortable for tighlining for example, because it`s also softer. The pencils are also packed with moisturizing / care ingredients like wax or hialuron. I could buy an eyeliner from Dior or Chanel, but tbh I prefer the japanese ones, they are always super reliable and really affordable too. And I`m too old to care for trying out local drug store brands eyeliners, they always crease and give me panda eyes. :P 
So yeah, if you`re looking for a good black pencil eyeliners, I recommend the above! If you want deeper black and thinner - B&C, if you want a typical pencil size and soft one - Heavyrotation! ^^


  1. Thanks for the review! I've been using Revlon Colorstay for the longest time but been wanting to try something new. Will check these out next time I order makeup! :D

  2. Wow.. the black color look very bold!

    Dreamy Princess

  3. Thank you for the review, I absolutely LOVE Kiss me products!~

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  4. love it! Your blog is a real piece of art!

  5. Świetny blog :) Intensywnie czytam od dwóch dni :D Pierwszy komentarz zostawiłam po ang. bo nie zauważyłam, że jesteś z Polski ;]

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