Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kiss Me HEAVY ROTATION and B & C BROWLASH EX pencil eyeliners

I bought 2 new eyeliners! Kiss Me HEAVY ROTATION perfect eye liner and B & C BROWLASH EX Water Strong Creamy eye pencil, both from japanese brands and purchased from AdamBeauty. v(^__^ )v

I actually was using the Heavy Rotation eyeliner since summer, I bought it in Korea, so it`s a repurchase! (^0^ ) It`s a nice soft black pencil eyeliner and it doesn`t crease, etc, stays in place all day. ^^ The B&C is thinner and more hard and deeper black! It`s staying power is ....scary. XD A real heavy duty eyeliner.

B&C very thin / Heavy Rotation thicker

top: B&C / bottom: Heavy Rotation

B&C is blacker as you can probably see even though I modified the photo and you can draw a really thin line. Heavy Rotation is thicker but more comfortable for tighlining for example, because it`s also softer. The pencils are also packed with moisturizing / care ingredients like wax or hialuron. I could buy an eyeliner from Dior or Chanel, but tbh I prefer the japanese ones, they are always super reliable and really affordable too. And I`m too old to care for trying out local drug store brands eyeliners, they always crease and give me panda eyes. :P 
So yeah, if you`re looking for a good black pencil eyeliners, I recommend the above! If you want deeper black and thinner - B&C, if you want a typical pencil size and soft one - Heavyrotation! ^^

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Product warning: farba do włosów L'OREAL Preference Ombre

Hiya! Just a quick warning post tbh. I usually write positive reviews about things I like, but this stuff was just so bad I thought I have to warn You about it. :O

So a while ago I was trying to lighten my hair - I cut it and tried permanent blonde hair colors just to lighten my dark blonde hair, but if course it didn`t work at all (because of my original color and lack of bleaching). My hair was already thin and damaged, it couldn have been a big factor too. But I found this at Rossman:

L'OREAL Preference Ombre (I used the middle one):

It`s a permanent hair color product supposed to give you an ombre (gradual change of tone/color) effect. WELL. Don`t do it. I applied it just like the instructions said and there was no ombre effect - my hair where the product was just got bleached to an awful organge-yellow color. And there was no gradation, it was just like a part of my natural hair STRAIGHT (some places irregular) LINE and bleached super ugly color. :O When I saw it I LAUGHED, lol. It was terrible. ;)

I don`t know how skilled you have to be to apply it and get the effect on the box... But my advice is - if you are not a pro - just spare yourself the embarassment and don`t do it. Later of course I had to get an asap hair dresser appointment to try to even out my hair color and I did get lighter blond and cut my hair even more, but the change in color is still visible - it`s not as sad though, can pass as "ok looking" if you don`t know how it came to be. XDD 

So, a big NAY. Dangerous stuff people.
No photos because of the shame. XD

PL: Zdecydowanie nie polecam stosowania tej farby. Nałożyłam ją na włosy według instrukcji, starając się robić schodki, tak aby powstał efekt ombre, ale nic z tego! Wszędzie gdzie była farba moje włosy zostały po prostu utlenione na tragiczny żółto pomarańczowy kolor. (._. `) Nie było żadnego stopniowego przejścia koloru, tylko wyraźnie odcięty inny kolor - tragedia. Oczywiście musiałam pilnie iść do fryzjera ratować głowę, z tym co "stworzyłam" nie dało się wyjść do ludzi... XD Tak wiec, serdecznie nie polecam. Lepiej iść do fryzjera i mieć spokój. Ja i tak po farbie i tak musiałam iść do fryzjera wiec trochę bez sensu ze się w ogóle w to bawiłam. :) Zwykle pisze pozytywne wpisy, ale uznałam, ze chcę i muszę uchronić wasze głowy od tego bałaganu ~ :3
That is all! \(^____^ *)/

Saturday, February 9, 2013

What do I want to wear in spring 2013...?「(°ヘ°)

あぁ~困っています~ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ”
It started snowing here again and there is a lot of wet snow everywhere, as the temperature is around zero, but.... I can`t stop thinking about spring already! I am not the type to complain about weather, but I love spring and summer and warm/hot weather and can`t wait for it to come! And change of season calls for change of fashion, right? But! I have no idea what to wear in spring... So I`m looking for inspiration. Recently my fashion was super lazy and lacking, I know I was slacking and wearing the most comfortable things without really thinking about how it looks... XD Compared to how I used to chose looks over everything else (comfort, season, rational thinking, lol) I got into the if it`s not super comfy I`m not wearing it phase that led to just wear whatever as long as it`s soft and loose phase, which you know is bad... I just changed with age and prefer more compromise clothing (cute AND comfy), but I`d hate to just become a plain, boring dressed lazy looking woman. :P Also cold winter and lots of snow are not friends with fashion. :/
Spring to the rescue! ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ
I`m getting inspired to get back in the game! 8D

I already have a couple trends I like for spring outfits:
- incorporating white / light beige / airy / tulle shirts and dresses
- using monotone maxi skirts and dresses in my coordinates!
- mixing in sports wear style items, like sweats, sneakers, beaniest-shirts
- using neon as point color!

Now looking for more inspiration! Super cute casual style outfits (from runway-ch street snap):


edit: my feb 10th OOTD! :D

And inspiration pics, found online!
( 1 ) lace and light airy, flowing style


( 2 ) maxi

( 3 ) sports

( 4 ) neon

That`s my inspiration board for spring 2013!! :D 
I hope to show you some coordinates and OOTDs later this year. :D
What are you planning to wear this spring? Please tell me~ ヾ(☆▽☆)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

My healthy lifestyle change~ `what I eat 編`

Time for the second post about my lifestyle change.
Maybe it sounds a bit pompous or funny, but IDK how to call it, that`s just what it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I don`t want to preach, most of those things are not my original ideas, I learned them along the way and read on the internet and so on. And I am not claiming I am 100% right. I`m just writing out my idea of healthy eating and generally what I put into my head and live by now. So take it or leave it, those are just my beliefs and I`m no expert and so on.

I assume it`s obvious that when you eat healthy you would want to quit junk food, sweets, soda and processed food and simple carbs as much as you can. Well, that wasn`t a big issue for me, bc for a good couple years now I wasn`t drinking any soda or eating junk food (from chain restaurants) at all and I don`t even like sweets that much (well, with some exceptions) so I don`t get sweets craving. I never used sugar in tea/coffee and I don`t like the flavor. I admit, I also love to cook, live on my own and have a lot of free time, so limiting processed food and generally eating what I want is relatively easy for me. I`m very lucky with this, I know many of you probably live with your family, don`t have a separate fridge or maybe can`t even buy your own food bc you don`t have the money or just parents take care of that. In that case, I hope your family will support your decision to eat more healthy and help you with it. Calm rational discussion should work and just give them some time to think about it. From my experience parents get really stubborn if you try to push your ideas on them, make them think it`s their own idea and that it`s great if you can... XD

And you know what, we`re just human. If you want to eat chocolate or pizza or whatever - just eat it! Treat yourself! Don`t go on guilt trips and restrict. Just think on a bigger scale - remember your goal, to eat healthy and be good to yourself and know that one bad day won`t ruin the whole effort and your hard work. It won`t! So if your your boss has a bad tantrum/bf dumped you, drink that bottle of wine and eat cookies with your friends! XD Sometimes it`s okay, just don`t fall into bad habits again. Moderation is the key. If you want chocolate eat it, but eat 2 small pieces, not the whole block. And make the better choice, go for 90% cocoa bitter chocolate with ingredients you can pronounce rather than something that`s mostly sugar and you don`t even know what it is.

Oh, and start reading labels!!!! Some of them are like good horror stories, let me tell you. XD Generally if there are things that don`t even sound like food and too many unknown ingredients, I don`t buy it. Like I said - I limit processed food to minimum and always read the ingredients. I try to eat organic and cruelty free. I was a pescetarian, but I quit fish in December and am limiting milk consumption. (But I will always love eggs - I`m not lying to myself about that - but I buy the expensive eggs at the farmers` market, from "happy" hens, that eat good food and run around outside whenever they want, from small farmers. I just think that those mass produced, caged chickens are just so poor and just mentally ill from all the torture. :/ ) I am vegetarian and often eat vegan for periods of time, but yeah I`m not vegan and I`m not really into labels that much, so eat what you feel like eating generally. But for me going vegetarian (pescetarian), over 10 years ago, was the obvious choice. :D But to each his own.

Anyway, I`ll go through my meals and just tell you what they consist of most of the time.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

THE FACE SHOP Chia Seeds Skin Care


Here`s something I got in Korea last summer and I`ve been using it since and now I`m ready for a review.
(●´∀`●) When I was in Korea I already knew I will be sight-seeing at the cosmetics/makeup stores a lot. XD And I did, I bought quite a lot, but this is the best purchase I made in my opinion. *(*´∀`*)☆

THE FACE SHOP Chia Seed skincare series! 

I don`t know why I even bought this, as I was happy with my hialuronic acid and natural oils mix routine... wait, I know why! (*´・v・) They got my attention with the "chia seed" use and also with their "natural cosmetics" brand politics! Their brand`s tagline is "natural story" and their cosmetics don`t have the 7 not so cool additives: no parabens, no benzophenone, no mineral oil, no artificial color, no animal ingredients, no alcohol and no triethanolamine! Sounds great, doesn`t it!

Breand`s musings: 
A refreshing water drop that busts the moment it touches the skin fully hydrates the skin and moisturizes the inside of the skin for an extended period. Immediate hydration and a comfortable protective film Chia seed, which carries moisture 10 times its own weight, and chamomile provide immediate hydration and soothe dry and reddened skin quickly. Contains 100% chia seeds water instead of water Chia seeds water is extracted within 24 hours via the Fresh method, instead of water delivers the vitality of the highly pure chia seeds. 
ヽ(;^o^ヽ) OK bro.

I love the healthy chia seeds and I already eat them with cereal and put them in water, so why not also use them on my face? XD I was sold! 

I got the spray toner, lotion, serum and cream. The actually have 2 types of toner - regular pump bottle packaging and spray type bottle! I got the later, I though I could use it as face mist - but I actually don`t, really. (゜▽゜;) I use it as reagular toner, to prep my face for more skin care products in the morning. 
The series feels really moisturising, watery, not oily. The cream is light and watery. The cosmetics do leave a veil on my skin - but it`s a good feeling! It does feel a bit sticky but I don`t mind it personally and it has a strong fragrance, but luckily it disappears soon after application. The moisturising is good, but it`s not enough under my eyes, I guess I`m getting older and I need something thicker for my eyes. The serum has tiny capsules with chia seeds essence and you should gently pat it into your skin~ The lotion is my favorite from the whole series. If you don`t apply makeup over the cream you will really get the "dewy" skin look the Korean and Japanese cosmetics promise. The series gave me no breakouts and I really like it overall!! 

I am super happy with it and if you want to try it, but aren`t going to Korea anytime soon, you can get all the products from this series on eBay in reasonable prices! I am too much in love with my natural oils/hialuronic acid skincare routine so I won`t repurchase, but I will test another THE FACE SHOP cream, with mango seed butter. It seems to be more oily and thick and I imagine it smells amazing~~~