Tuesday, February 15, 2011

REVIEW: Diamond Lash - Gorgeous eye ダイアモンドラッシュ ☆ ゴージャス eye

さて!I am wearing Diamond Lashes in Gorgeous eye today and I decided, if I'm going to do this, write the rpoper reviews I mean, I should do this now, before sth else distracts me!
\(o ̄∇ ̄o)/ふあー I was woken up soooo early today by my cat, who wants to play at 5:30 am and thinks my moving foot is the most exciting toy ever... (=_=') I wasn't really able to fall asleep after that, watched an episode of "An idiot abroad" (the brazil episode, hilarious!!) and ate breakfast (unusual, woke up hungry, lol).
Now I'm at work, but it's super slow today, so I might as well spend 15 minutes writing a nice review. :D

ミ☆  ミ★  REVIEW: Diamond Lash (first series) - Gorgeous eye   ★彡  ☆彡
(ダイアモンドラッシュ  ゴージャス eye レビュー)

The producent's photo - the lash bone is clear in reality, I dunno why they made it look black in the stock photo?

The lashes in the box ( ̄ー ̄)v ブイ!My own photo! That's more like it! 
They look crazy long n the box, and very curly too!

ミ☆  ミ★ REVIEW  ★彡  ☆彡 Those lashes are super light, the lash band is clear and soft. The lashes themselves are soft but not too soft, sturdy enough, very wispy and super looooong. They are easy to glue on (I always use both hands to place the lashes correctly and close to my lash line - but not on the lashes, ugh, lashes glued too high or on the lashes, my pet peeves!). There is not much volume, so if you want volume, you will need to layer another pair of lashes with those. They create length and long visible wisps! It gives a really dolly effect in my opinion! Also those lashes, when worn really remind me of MAC #7 lashes! Overall, they are great lashes, they have a nice strong curl and are very long and wispy. And the price is reasonable! You get 5 pairs of reusable lashes for the price of more less 1 (one) pair of MAC lashes!! (prices around the world differ, but in Poland one pair of MAC lashes id 55pln).

Now photos of the lashes worn! Taken today! せ~の (o ̄▽ ̄o) わ~い \( ̄▽ ̄o)/Natural light!
looking up - they are almost twice the lenght of my natural lashes, lol!!

looking straight at the camera - there is a really nice curve

looking down - as you can see, not really much volume, only the lenght and the wispy look, which I think is more than enough for daily looks and would be perfect for a night out as well - I'm not a big fan of crazy volume Brigitte Bardot type lashes honestly
(this was before I went over the lash bone with black liner, don't worry ;))

And both eyes! With flash this time. 
To show the lashes better I kept the eye liner and eye shadow minimal. ^^*

I am wearing MAC Tempting on my bottom lash line! (*´▽`*)

More less looking at my eye level... (* ̄∇ ̄*)エヘヘ

So, to sum it up again, those are really great lashes! Less crazy than I expected them to be just from the way they look in the box. Main charm points are: length & wipsy lashes & curl! Very similar to MAC #7, but more reasonably priced (well, but I still think that MAC #7 lashes are definitely worth the price!! It's just that with those you get really same quality, very similar lashes, in a similar price, but you get 5 pairs in a box!) (^▽^喜)Overall, if you like this type of lashes and have a change, deeeeefinitely buy those!

And as requested, more of the cat, Noko.
That is all! Bye bye for now, my dear readers! 


  1. Oh wow, they're seriously amazing. I must definitely consider buying a pair or two.

  2. great review! i really want to try these lashes too! :)

  3. great review!!! I need to get these as well :D

  4. Your lash reviews are ridiculously good. So detailed! And your cat Noko is so cute!

  5. Beautifull, that's awesome but i prefer the last eyelashes ;) <3

  6. love these!! i wear the fairy ones!

  7. how old is Noko? I've always wanted to keep a cat :) maybe when I move out with my bf :3!

  8. I love your lash reviews!!! You are so efficient!! :D Awww, Noko!!!!!! Really adorable. I have a cat who likes to look out the window too! :p

  9. do you wear falsies everyday Magda?

  10. THank for the comments everybody :D

    Jennifer, Noko is around 1 year old and I only wear fake lashes when I feel like it! Sometimes 5 days of the week, sometimes 0. Usually I put them on for parties or nights out :) I just enjoy it, but my lashes on their own are OK too. :)