Sunday, April 11, 2010

tutorial: super fast & effective fake lashes look AND fake lashes 411 о(ж>▽<)y ☆

It may sound silly, but I think I am well educated in fake lashes, after one year of intensive fiddling with them... ;D So in this post, I`ll give you some lash advice, like where to buy and my opinion on cheap lashes! :D But first, a tutorial for a look like this:

Finished look with circle lens (nudy gray)

I just went shopping with my sister on saturday, and had 30 minutes before leaving house, so I thought I would finally put my new DUO lash glue to use and doll up! I already had base makeup on (MAC`s mineralize SPF15 foundation in nc25 and eyebrows and some blush) done, so I just did my eyes and lips, put in lenses and was ready to go. :) I used the great lashes from eBay on top and Decorative eyeleshes from Rakuten on bottom. Here is the tutorial:

For the bottom lashes, I used exactly a half of decorative eyelashes on each eye and then just a little piece from another pair of the same lashes, like in the 3rd photo. I really like the effect I got, the bottom lashes were so full, but thanks to that one separate piece looked natural and separated :D

Here is the finished look without lenses and still in my room wear. ;) (I have the INGLOT nail polish on, yay) I used the KATE palette in BR-1, with the bottom cream shadow as base, second from bottom in inner corners (it doesn`t show white on skin, more like natural cream), then 3rd and 4th shadow mixed together on top eyelid and the top, 5th, shadow on bottom lash line. Simple and super fast yet the effects look great (the base gives a wonderful shimmer from within! :D) and they stay on all day, no creasing, just perfect! I need to get more, the same color and then a golden one!

On my lips I used my new Peachstock lipstick (looove it love it love it!) and Moth to Flame dazzleglass gloss. :D Of course you don`t have to use MAC. Small rant: I really like some MAC things, but refuse to become MAC addict and advertise everything MAC for everyone :P Even though their "collections" stategy is very good for catching victims customers and making them think "omg I need to buy this or it will sell out and I will regret". Very smart MAC! ( ̄□ ̄;)!! Anywhoo... 

Hope you liked this tutorial and it inspired you to do your makeup! :D
Now a couple words about getting lashes!

I use "the cheap lashes from eBay", but if you don`t know which ones I`m reffering to, let me tell You! v(^-^)v  Go to, search "fake lashes", order the result "price + shipping: lowest first" and check the "buy it now" box on the left. You will get a lot of "10 pairs" lashes in white cardboard boxes, for 2,29usd including shipping. THOSE ARE THE ONES I HAVE! When I was buying them I thought they are so cheap they probably won`t be very good and I won`t regret tossing them too, but.... I was wrong! They are very good, the band is soft and so easy to glue on and you can`t really argue with that price! See the lashes I have:

click to enlarge! each box 2,29usd only including shipping! :o

↑ simple cross type, I used in this tutorial

↑ cross & straight mix, they have the right length and volume, I used them in today`s tutorial and I LOVE them

↑ the most dramatic ones! I cut them in half and use in outer corners for a cat eye effect! :3

comparison of all 3 designs!

The lashes are really great and amazingly cheap. The only complain I can come up with, they can be a little bit shiny, like in the pic above. But you can make them more matte if you want to. Honestly... I don`t mind it and it only shows in the super volume-y type lashes.
For bottom lashes, I use ones from Japan, I asked a friend to get them for me from - you can just got there and search "decorative eyelash" and a couple types of lashes from this maker will surely show up. I have those, they are called "short cross" type and they are the best. They are usually around 1,000yen per box plus shipping. If you don`t have friends that could get them for you, you can use a shopipng service, like my favourite i-tm4u. ^^ I used the lashes in today`s tutorial too. Here`s my own pic, click to enlarge:

decorative eyelash: cross short bottom lashes

As for lash glue, I tried the famous eyelash fixer glue they use in 小悪魔Ageha and it was very good, but it`s small and dries out in the tube rather fast, it also rather expensive for the amount and hard to get outside Japan. I used double eyelid glue as eyelash glue and that`s a very good choice too, pretty water/sweat proof (who sweats on their eyelids anyway?!lol) and lasts long too and is easy to buy from eBay and cheap. Then my most recent buy, DUO eyelash glue - I love it. There is so much of it I just put it on my hand and dip the lash band in it and wipe the left overs from the hand without regrets. It dries invisible and the lashes stay on all day long. I got it from INGLOT store for 23pln! I can recommend all of those as glues, but get the one that is the cheapest, as they are all comparable and if you can`t get the eyelash fixer where you live, you will be perfectly fine with double eyelid glue or DUO as well. 
Oh, and remember to clean your lashes, store them in a clean closed box where they will be save from dust and stuff and don`t be afraid to wash them! Soaking your lashes in water overnight will make it super easy to clean all the glue and makeup lef ton them. I found that the DUO glue is the easiest to clean off from used lashes. You can buy an eyelash case or make your own from an empty box
Take care! :D


  1. this is perfect, thank you! i'm gunna buy these now and get started!!! XD

  2. what brand eyeliner do you use?

  3. Bianca,
    thanks and good luck :)

    this time I applied MAC blacktrack gel (or is it cream?) eyeliner with a brush :) sometimes I also use a pencil eyeliner with fluid eyeliner over it.

  4. ahaha ebay!! i bought a couple of those boxes as soon as i read this~ omg i never thought of buying cheap lashes on ebay because i'm sort of a newbie at lashes...but aaah this is perfect~ and i LOVE that look you did. so sweet~

  5. I'm so glad you showed up examples of the lashes on eBay! I've been told to look there but I never know how good the lashes are. Now I'm definitely going to pick some up. Thanks! :D

  6. Yay! :D I'm gonna pick some up now! Thanks!!

  7. Wow I want this lashes!!

    Jeśli można wiedzieć jak je kupujesz? Drogie są?

  8. Thanks for recommending the lashes! It's really helpful~
    Also, the make-up is nice, although I'm not really sure if it's suitable for me, because I look best with more havily emphasized lower eyelid ^^

  9. Thanks for the comments everyone! :DD

    kupuje te rzesy z eBay, podalam instrikcje: wejdz na miedzynarodowy ebay, wyszukaj "fake lashes", wybierz opcje najpierw najtansze i zaznacz "tylko kup teraz". Wtedy pojawia sie te rzesy ktore ja mam, one kosztuja 2,39$ (7zl?) za pudelko z 10cioma parami i to zawiera koszty wysylki!!!! :O A rzesy sa super, polecam! :D

  10. sooo awesome!!! wahhh which decorative eyelash box is that on the bottom??

    your soo good at makeup <3

    thank you for sharing :D

  11. I linked it in the post too, but I use this exact type:
    Of course other rakuten stores also carry them, this is just an example link :3

    And I'm not really that good xD
    Just have a steady hand for eyeliner,t hat's all xD

  12. LOVE the straight and cross look! I'm going to have to hunt some down when I have some spare cash.

  13. Dzięki Magda :*


    I just wanted to say that your blog have been in my favorites list.

    Here you have my word about you!


  14. Super tutorial. I will definitely try some of your tips--really in-depth and very helpful. Love this!

    I am linking this in my weekly wrapup. I seriously need to put you on my blogroll! Would you like to do an exchange? You always have quality posts!

    Hana @ Finding Tokyo

  15. Yet again another amazing make-up tutorial.

    First of all, you're gorgeous and then you add to that gorgeous with expert skills.

    I am shocked by those lashes! They don't look shiny fake at all, which is my instant no-no for cheap lashes.

    Wow you in Nudy Greys really doesn't hide your blue eyecolor. They really suit you. I felt my eyecolor was a bit hidden when I used them (now use the Wonder Nudys and feel the same way).

  16. I also bought a bunch of these lashes.. but didn't see the cross& straight mix! ?They look awesome!