Sunday, February 20, 2011

REVIEW: Diamond Lash - Girly eye ダイアモンドラッシュ ☆ ガーリー eye

Second Diamond Lash review is here! I just took those photos and I am wearing those lashes right now and also going out in the evening to a concert wearing them. This will be a review of Diamond Lashes in Girly, from the "Pure series", aka "light pink tray" series. 

ミ☆  ミ★  REVIEW: Diamond Lash (Pure series) - Girly eye   ★彡  ☆彡
(ダイアモンドラッシュ  ガーリー eye レビュー)

Stock photo - looks like the real thing, but looks different on Yuuki`s eye than it does in reality! Why? It it not so low volume in reality!

The lashes in the tray. The inner lashes are very short and then they start to get longer and more dense and they have a cat-eye effect. The outer corner has a lot of volume! The lash bone lenght is not long at all - like other Diamond lashes I put them on easily without cutting anything off - the lash bone is shorter than my eye width - and my eye is not really long or anything.

Close up. The outer lashes are very long.
 And now close up photos on the eye:
(flash) lol at my photoshopped eyeliner (=_=')

ミ☆  ミ★ REVIEW  ★彡  ☆彡 Like other Diamond lashes, those are very light and comfortable to wear, easy to glue on, because the lash bone is soft. But I did have problems gluing it on - the outer lashes are sooo dramatic and even if you glue it a little bit uneven, IT WILL SHOW. You can see I couldn`t glue them on evenly on my eyes, right and left are a bit different... OTL But, oh well! Also I tried gluing them closer to my inside eye corner, but the outer lashes are so long and volume-y and then suddenly end, so the outer lashes look weird, especially when I look down, if you can understand what I`m trying to say here, it`s hard to phrase for me... (X=x`) And if you glue it closer to your outer eye corner, you will get a droopy cat-eye effect, and you will get lots of it! So you decide, positioning them is kinda hard, in my opinion. The gluing on is easy, just as other Diamond Lashes. Also they look scary in the "looking down" photos, in person they are a bit more natural looking, but I don`t think they are natural lashes, definitely closer to dramatic lashes! Paired with bottom lashes they would create a super cute, girly look I think! :D

So lets see photo of DL Girly worn!
Looking down - no flash - they do look a bit freaky, don`t you think? See what I meant? The outer side lashes  end so suddenly, I dunno, maybe it`s just me? XD (After wearing them all day, I must say I got used to that look, but I was feeling self concious, thinking they are too much for daily makeup.)

But, looking straight - no flash, they look way more natural, see? I actually glued them on without moving past my natural lash line, I even left a couple of milimeters between the lash bone end and my outside eye corner - the lashes are just soooo long they wing out outside my eye lenght anyway! :O

Another shot. You can see I wasn`t able to glue them perfectly even OTL

Looking down with flash - they are a little bit shiny with flash, but it`s not bad.

Not all that dramatic, huh? But also not really natural... something in between!

The curl is very strong and nice.

Soooo... my overall thoughts? They are very long, on the outside corners!! Very cat-eye like and winged and curled really nicely - if you want an elongated eye effect, a droopy eye effect, cat eye, and so on, you should get those, they would be perfect for that! The have no wispy look and neither are they natural looking in my opinion, but the fact that they wing out only at the outer corner doesn`t make them super dramatic as well. Somwhere between natural and dramatic. More of a "volume" type lashes, but since the volume starts to build up from the center, they are OK even for me, for I am not a bit fan of heavy volume type lashes. Also, good value for the money. Hmmm... but I definitely think they are NOT easy to position on the eye, so maybe I wouldn`t advice fake lashes beginners to get those as their first lashes? unless you really want them, of course :DDDDDDD
I don`t think I will be wearing them a lot, from the 3 types Diamond Lashes I got recently (Fairy, Gorgeous & Girly, those ones - Girly - are my least favorite... But I will still try to glue them on in different ways and have fun with them! :D (I am thinking now they would look suuuper cute moved outside my real lash line and glued going down, for an extreme droopy (tare-me) effect! :O

The dark circles under my eyes.... (=_=) 
This is a fan with hand painted wonderful ink art of a Dharma with a wise sentence made especially for me by Sung Seop Joung, artistic nickname Hyunrim (玄林). A Korean painter. ^^*
I will try to add single eye photos later, like in the other review.
Take care! :*


  1. love how fluffy the lashes are ^_^!!

  2. Wow beautifull!!! <3

  3. Zawsze chciałam mieć Diamond Lash *_*
    Wyglądasz ślicznie !
    Gdzie je kupiłaś ????

  4. Indeed, they really are long :x They do seem to be difficult to "handle" properly (positioning etc), not a good idea for me then ;_; *total beginner*

  5. these look really pretty on your eyes! :3

  6. Oh I definitly one those!
    I love the cat-eye effect! *putting these on my wishlist*

    I just wished that they were just a little more natural.. :)

    (also: "I definitely think they are easy to position" I think that you forgot the word "not" right?)

  7. these look fabulous on you!

    I don't think I'll get these since I'm really clumsy with gluing eyelashes haha

  8. Jennifer
    Fluffy :3 Yes, they are! Do you wear lashes often??

    I am glad you like them! :D

    Dzieki! Rzesy pomogla mi kupic przemila D-tan z bloga - ona ma niedaleko domu sklep z azjatyckimi kosmetykami i jesli ja poprosisz, na pewno kupi co to co chcesz i wysle z USA. Koszt przesylku to kilka dolarow, mozesz jej zaplacic przez PayPal. :) Polecam! Warto!

    You should get Diamond Lash Fairy - they are my favorite so far! :D

    Sugar Sugar
    Thank you & thank you for reading and commenting! ^^*

    Oh, grammar police - thank you for catching that!! xD I always make sooo many spelling mistakes and don`t spell check to make things worse D: I am sorry for this, I hope all english speaking readers will forgive me... (T=T)
    I think those would look amazing on you big eyes!! (*_*) The rough outer end makes them look a bit dramatic, but still nice! :)

    A little practice and everyone can master it! XD I think by now I can even put on fake lashes in a moving car, no problem. XD I also quit using tweezers, I position the lash with both hands, holding eash end with 2 fingers. I only use tweezers if the lashes are too short to hold with fingers (bottom lashes for example) :)

  9. The Girly eye looks wonderful on you!

  10. it looks really nice on you ^.^
    mine just arrived and i cant wait to try it :)

    p.s can u follow my blog pls i only just created it today~~

  11. These are really pretty! I just bought the glamourous ones, because everyone seems to love them. I might try these ones next later. I love false lashes. They are so much quicker to apply than piling on mascara lol