Thursday, February 9, 2012

MAC Dare You lipstick review & swatches

Hello again! I`m on a roll~ :D
Recently I really really love this one lipstick: DARE YOU from MAC! I got it because I had 6 empty containers from mac and decided I`ll get myself a dark lipstick. Didn`t decide on the color before, just went into the store and kept looking and comparing colors for 10 minutes and decided, THIS IS IT. And I was right, I LOOOOVE this lipstick!!

OK, lets just go straight to swatches and all.
Bare lips and lip balm.

Half applied - I didn`t use a lip liner, because I don`t even own one for this color. I read that MAC Brick would work good with this color? Any other recommendations?

Applied. It`s a bit messy, but I like to apply it a bit over my lip line and then just smudge it a bit with a finger or a q-tip. It`s that shiny because of the lip balm, but it has its own shine too~ I love the finish. It feels super comfortable and noisturising on lips.

Color in the tube and on the lips. :)

And my whole face with the lipstick.

I really recommend You go and try out a dark lipstick right now: dark red, dark violet/purple, brown-red colors, it looks soooo hot! Here I leave you with some dark lipstick inspiration! Ta-da!

Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick for Elle

Carmen Kass by Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia March 2011


Michelle Trachtenberg


  1. Amazing color! <3 it's super sexy :D

  2. It is GORGEOUS ♥ You wear it well!

  3. Piękny kolor i bardzo Ci pasuje. Ja też zauważyłam, że ciemne odcienie lepiej na mnie wyglądają niż jasne, szczególnie ciemne bordo i czerwień (w przeciwieństwie do jasnego koralu, brrr....)

  4. MAC lipsticks are my favorite!

    You look beyond stunning in the lipstick xx