Saturday, April 24, 2010

I want to do a give-away or swap! And I need new mascara! And waiting for new Missha cream! :D

Hey girls!
I am thinking I want to do a swap or a giveaway! Anyone would like to participate?? :3 This entry will be rather random about things I am waiting for or things I will or want to get! :D

Have you seen the new Superglass glosses from MAC preview at Temptalia?
OMG! I love Dazzleglasses, so I will definitely get some Superglasses as well! :D So sparkling :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*: I need them in my life, hahah.

I am also waiting for a package from my friend Mimi from Korea! I will be getting this cream from Missha!
みみ♡いつもありがとう(^人^) チュ
I actually got a sample of this cream with Missha BB cream I ordered from eBay and this cream was amazing! Thick and gritty, like natural honey, and it felt amazing on my skin! I will use it as a night cream :D Can`t wait!!! I think it`s a skin deep relaxing moisturising essence, with gold powder and wild korean ginseng! They list it as moisturising, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, nutritioning and whitening cream with elastin and keratin and tons of some herbs and ginsengs and who knows whats. xD But I tried in on my face before, and I was impressed! Estee Lauder for my eyes and this for my face! :D Goodbye premature wrinkles, yes\yes? :D
And it comes with half size try out lotion and milk from Misa (美思) series and something else too... (on the right in the box)? Lol, actually if someone can translate some info for me from korean, I would be very grateful! xDDD Missha also makes their pages in image files, so I can`t even use online translator... :I

super excited! :D

Anywhoo, I`m also running out of mascara. Recently I`ve been using Etude house mascara base and Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara (very good and so cheap!) and then Majolica Majorca Frame Expander mascara on top of Rimmel. I love huge dramatic lashes! I had problems removing the Majolica mascara, even though it looks gorgeous and makes lashes soooo long (fibers!), it is impossible to remove! ((>д<)) But I finally found out how to remove majolica mascara! When I layer it over another mascara (I have Sexy Curves in regular, not waterproof version), it comes off easily! I guess it`s the extra layer between lashes and the super strong mascara, that makes it all come off easily. :D 
I am running out of all of those and wondering what mascara to get next. I really like those two together, but I was looking at Helena Rubinstein mascaras and they look really nice~ ♡ Should I get this one instead? Helena Rubinstein Feline Blacks, the packaging is super cute, I think I was looking at a different version of this in Sephora, the brush was a tiny bit rubber like, instead of a regular brush and it`s waterproof.. looks really tempting! Opinions?

After payday I will be also finally getting my Missha Deep Cleansing Oil and maybe also Kanebo Blanchir Superior face washing soap
I always wash my face 2 or 3 times morning and night. 
(Actually I was asked to post about how I clean my face, by Pati☆, and I will try to make a post about that, but generally, I wash my face 3 times - and that counts as one session of removing makeup and washing my face. First I remove makeup (oil or other makeup remover), then optional scrub wash and then a face wash, sometimes I do step 1 and 3 two times, just to make sure I really washed my face clean! :D And since I have very dry skin now I practically never exfoliate now, maybe once a month with a very soft scrub.) 

What do you want to get or are getting soon?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

march/april favorites! :D Ulubione rzeczy marca i kwietnia!

First of all, I had 10,000 visits!!!!! Thank you so much! :D
I thought I would post about my march and april favorites, so here it is! It will also be a short review of some stuff I`ve ben using and now have and opinion. But since this post is faves, you can predict what the opinion is. xD Here are my favorites:

You can click on the links to see my previous posts about those items! ^^*
OK, I came to really like it, even though it does not give 100% coverage, it works really well and feels like I have nothing on my skin, maybe I got used to it. The color matches my skin perfectly and I really like the fluid to powder finish, but it doesn`t look dry, even around the eyes. I actually use it every day, with bb cream or the Mineralize SPF15 foundation I recently got on impulse. If you have good or I dunno, half good skin, try this! I`m afraid it might not work for bad skin though, by bad I mean deep scars, very dark discoloration, big acne scars, etc. For that try something else!
I`ve been using this every night and day. I think that after 2-3 days there was a visible change in my dark circles, they became much lighter and definitely less puffy! When I apply it, there is a little bit if tingly sensation and it feels warm/hot too, but it`s nothing unpleasant and I don`t think it`s alergic - I`m alergic to nothing so far. Also the little funny applicator that came with it is a great idea! To think I laughed at it when I saw it first... ashamed now, hahah...
3. Etude House nail polish (GR601)
I bought it last summer in Seoul, after being surprised how soooo many korean girls wore green and blue manicure and pedicure! And not even pretty blue or green, more like dirty, mossy, muddy shades of those colors. I guess in Europe it would be just weird and ugly at that time, but it looked soo good on Korean girls, especially with their black hair and light skin :D So I bought this (and a green nail polish too) and I`ve been using it ever since, but since spring has come, I feel like wearing it more now! It`s a beautiful color! <3 (And btw, colors like this are appearing more in non asian countries too, MAC`s Birds and Berries collection nail polish anyone?)
4. INGLOT nail hardening polish (15 diamond top coat)
I just works great as a base and top coat and my super dry weak nails are starting to grow a little bit again. It also helps nail polish to dry faster when used as top coat! INGLOT girl told me there is something-something from diamonds in it, uhmm... well, it works! xD
5. MAC dazzleglasses (moth to flame, baby sparks)
I looooooooooove dazzleglass lipglosses! If you love sparkle and don`t mind a sticky gloss, you will love it! Actually many people complain that they are too sticky, but I disagree. They must be sticky to stay on the lips longer! And they look gorgeous on lipsticks or on their own. I predict more dazzleglasses coming my way for sure!
It`s so soft I couldn`t believe it!! Also feels so funny when wet, being washed! It helps applying brush in a more delicate, natural way, feels so soft on skin, it`s just great. If you must get just one brush, get this one!
7. SIGMA flat foundation brush
I am a big fan of applying makeup with a brush and I have two flat foundation brushes now, this one from SIGMA and one from MISSHA, which I got in Seoul. The fibers feel basically the same, both are soft and great, but I think the handle on the SIGMA brush is more balanced and a better shape to fit in my hand and the brush fibers are just a little bit shorter than on the MISSHA one, which kind of requires a little bit more time to apply, but at the same time leaves less brush streaks/marks on applied foundation, I like it just a little bit more than the korean one! I also use this to pat in concealer and apply cream brush sometimes, all in one makeup.
I bought it to test it. And just in case I wouldn`t like it, I bought two tubes to sell the second one and get some of my money back, just in case. But... I definitely won`t be selling it! I feel like the first tube really helped remove (!!) some blemishes and red acne marks and my whole face has a more even, better tone now, after using Vitacreme B12 for 1,5 months! I will be ordering more! I also gave myself a curling iron burn on my cheek (clever, I know!) and put a thick layer of Vitacreme on the burn mark and  it heals fast. I also had a dry skin rash on tops of my hands, so I decided to treat it (it was sth like a super dry skin to the point where it cracks like a dry ground and is easily irritated by anything and has red spots, terrible) with Vitacreme, and after 3-4 days it disappeared completely and my hands are as good as new since then! Amazing! Plus I got used to the granny/rose smell, and the pink color just makes me smile. :D
!!creepy fact: I carry the almost used up tube in my bag everyday and have secret urges to apply it to my coworkers` faces, just to make them more beautiful... xDD I don`t want to say they are ugly, but I just want to make them feel better and look better! Is that bad? But sudden cream application would be awkward. XD

Random zoom, you can see the sparkles in dazzleglasses well here! :D

And to finish this post, a photo comparison on my two flat foundation brushes! Sorry they are not dirty, it`s just the zoom option catching every small finger mark...! I wiped them right after taking those photos. Oh, and the Sigma one is wet in those photos as I just washed it. :D So far the Sigma brush is the winner by 0,05% xD

the SIGMA brush is just slightly smaller and shorter

the more regular SIGMA handle feels better in my hand ^^
And please forgive less posts. I will try. I didn`t buy anything since last time though. I am planning to buy a lot in may after payday though. I also want to try MSF Natural for shading. OR should I go for a blush for shading? Help!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

pink lips! INGLOT & MAC lipsticks comparison and review

Hey guys! Sorry for lack of new posts recently! I am a bit overwhelmed by work and suddenly slow internet at home... Spring is here and it`s so beautiful! :) The nice weather and all makes me need some romance... xD
Did you hear Ayumi`s new album yet? I like Sexy little things and Don`t look back, the songs and the videos are amazing! The rest of the album is so-so, but those two totally make it worth it! See yourself! Ayu!!!

 Anywhoo, I went shopping with my sister last week and randomly tested an INGLOT lipstick and I really liked it! I went and bought it the next day. Here a comparison and review of:
- INGLOT 418 lipstick (matte finish)
- MAC Viva Glam, Lady Gaga lipstick (lustre finish)

The lipstick looks like this.

I think it`s darker and more neon pastel-neon (wow that makes no sense xD) in real life.

Next to Lady Gaga. :)

left: INGLOT, right: MAC, in artificial light

in sunlight, top MAC, bottom INGLOT 

So this is an INGLOT lipstick comes from their matte lipsticks lineup, it`s number 418. Honestly, I can`t believe how thick and pigmented this is!! As you can see in the photo above, it`s almost chalky in texture, it`s crazy! I found a good way to apply it, is applying lip balm first, then just tapping the lipstick into your lips, not applyingi it like normal lipstick, you will have too much on your lips - it will still give lots of color - and then applying the lip balm on top again - and then lip gloss if you want to. I looooove this with Baby Sparks! (*_*) The lipstick stays on the lips for hours, the color is so bright and vivid! :D Because it`s not really creamy, but more chalky and super pigmented, I think it might work pretty well as an eyeshadow too! And the price is... only 20pln (around 7usd)!!!
The MAC lipstick, which is completely diferent in texture and finish, (I am just showing them together because of the similar color), was 80pln, four times as much. :O OMG. I am shocked how people from USA say INGLOT is about same price range as MAC, because here in Poland, INGLOT is 2-3 and sometimes even 4 times cheaper than MAC, but comparable quality! 

I really like it and will definitely be playing with it a lot, I even wore it to work (my dress code is very free there)! Once I played with it and just created something insane, but you can see how it looks on eyes too! :D The brows and everything is over the top, but I was just playing around and not being precise, so forgive and enjoy. ;D
Crazy, I know. xD Super her makeup. xD I am wearing this lipstick on eyes, lips and cheeks in this pic.

And a proof of spring from my garden.
I started jogging! Wish me cosistensy and luck! :) 
Take care!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

tutorial: super fast & effective fake lashes look AND fake lashes 411 о(ж>▽<)y ☆

It may sound silly, but I think I am well educated in fake lashes, after one year of intensive fiddling with them... ;D So in this post, I`ll give you some lash advice, like where to buy and my opinion on cheap lashes! :D But first, a tutorial for a look like this:

Finished look with circle lens (nudy gray)

I just went shopping with my sister on saturday, and had 30 minutes before leaving house, so I thought I would finally put my new DUO lash glue to use and doll up! I already had base makeup on (MAC`s mineralize SPF15 foundation in nc25 and eyebrows and some blush) done, so I just did my eyes and lips, put in lenses and was ready to go. :) I used the great lashes from eBay on top and Decorative eyeleshes from Rakuten on bottom. Here is the tutorial:

For the bottom lashes, I used exactly a half of decorative eyelashes on each eye and then just a little piece from another pair of the same lashes, like in the 3rd photo. I really like the effect I got, the bottom lashes were so full, but thanks to that one separate piece looked natural and separated :D

Here is the finished look without lenses and still in my room wear. ;) (I have the INGLOT nail polish on, yay) I used the KATE palette in BR-1, with the bottom cream shadow as base, second from bottom in inner corners (it doesn`t show white on skin, more like natural cream), then 3rd and 4th shadow mixed together on top eyelid and the top, 5th, shadow on bottom lash line. Simple and super fast yet the effects look great (the base gives a wonderful shimmer from within! :D) and they stay on all day, no creasing, just perfect! I need to get more, the same color and then a golden one!

On my lips I used my new Peachstock lipstick (looove it love it love it!) and Moth to Flame dazzleglass gloss. :D Of course you don`t have to use MAC. Small rant: I really like some MAC things, but refuse to become MAC addict and advertise everything MAC for everyone :P Even though their "collections" stategy is very good for catching victims customers and making them think "omg I need to buy this or it will sell out and I will regret". Very smart MAC! ( ̄□ ̄;)!! Anywhoo... 

Hope you liked this tutorial and it inspired you to do your makeup! :D
Now a couple words about getting lashes!

I use "the cheap lashes from eBay", but if you don`t know which ones I`m reffering to, let me tell You! v(^-^)v  Go to, search "fake lashes", order the result "price + shipping: lowest first" and check the "buy it now" box on the left. You will get a lot of "10 pairs" lashes in white cardboard boxes, for 2,29usd including shipping. THOSE ARE THE ONES I HAVE! When I was buying them I thought they are so cheap they probably won`t be very good and I won`t regret tossing them too, but.... I was wrong! They are very good, the band is soft and so easy to glue on and you can`t really argue with that price! See the lashes I have:

click to enlarge! each box 2,29usd only including shipping! :o

↑ simple cross type, I used in this tutorial

↑ cross & straight mix, they have the right length and volume, I used them in today`s tutorial and I LOVE them

↑ the most dramatic ones! I cut them in half and use in outer corners for a cat eye effect! :3

comparison of all 3 designs!

The lashes are really great and amazingly cheap. The only complain I can come up with, they can be a little bit shiny, like in the pic above. But you can make them more matte if you want to. Honestly... I don`t mind it and it only shows in the super volume-y type lashes.
For bottom lashes, I use ones from Japan, I asked a friend to get them for me from - you can just got there and search "decorative eyelash" and a couple types of lashes from this maker will surely show up. I have those, they are called "short cross" type and they are the best. They are usually around 1,000yen per box plus shipping. If you don`t have friends that could get them for you, you can use a shopipng service, like my favourite i-tm4u. ^^ I used the lashes in today`s tutorial too. Here`s my own pic, click to enlarge:

decorative eyelash: cross short bottom lashes

As for lash glue, I tried the famous eyelash fixer glue they use in 小悪魔Ageha and it was very good, but it`s small and dries out in the tube rather fast, it also rather expensive for the amount and hard to get outside Japan. I used double eyelid glue as eyelash glue and that`s a very good choice too, pretty water/sweat proof (who sweats on their eyelids anyway?!lol) and lasts long too and is easy to buy from eBay and cheap. Then my most recent buy, DUO eyelash glue - I love it. There is so much of it I just put it on my hand and dip the lash band in it and wipe the left overs from the hand without regrets. It dries invisible and the lashes stay on all day long. I got it from INGLOT store for 23pln! I can recommend all of those as glues, but get the one that is the cheapest, as they are all comparable and if you can`t get the eyelash fixer where you live, you will be perfectly fine with double eyelid glue or DUO as well. 
Oh, and remember to clean your lashes, store them in a clean closed box where they will be save from dust and stuff and don`t be afraid to wash them! Soaking your lashes in water overnight will make it super easy to clean all the glue and makeup lef ton them. I found that the DUO glue is the easiest to clean off from used lashes. You can buy an eyelash case or make your own from an empty box
Take care! :D

Saturday, April 10, 2010

haul: magazines and EGG Beauty preview!

 got all my ordered magazines! Jelly april and may, Happie Nuts may, Scawaii and BLENDA with Kato Miliyah on the covers and EGG Beauty spring 2010! :D

That`s not all, I let my coworker have 2 for the weekend!
There were some freebies! A mini bag-shaped pouch with Vivi and Hello Kitty fake lashes box with Scawaii. :D

Hello Kitty fake lashes case from SCawaii magazine. Pretty cute and has a good mirror inside!

The bag from Vivi:

I tried to arrange it with a quilting bag like in Vivi :D

Ahhh, I am sooo happy with my magazines! :D Since there is a shitstorm in the media I want to ignore as much as possible, I will be reading them all day long~ :D I love my japanese magazines, zomg! After reading them carefully I`m going shopping! :3 BTW, here are some previews from EGG Beauty. I would definitely recommend it if you like gyaru or makeup, their makeup is pretty extreme, but you can use it as inspiration even if you don`t do gyaru makeup or it would be perfect for party makeup! :DD Here are some snaps, enjoy!

left EGG Beauty spring 2010, right EGG Beauty autumn 2009

Romihi in a questionable coordinate xD

Sakamoto Remi, she looks like a Bambi, very cuuute, everything! :)

Aina looks pretty too ^^

The "monster teeth" Nemoyayo. She OK, but.... sigh

Kanako is shopped right too! XD

And it of course has tons of super detailed makeup instruction, a very nice skin care section, hair section, some fashion, GAL DEBUT section where they help out beginners to get into the style (want translations??) and over all it`s a great magazine if you like gyaru and beauty!! See a couple more random pages and hope you enjoy!
hair section

Romihi and Kanako special

Link people back to this post if you reblog please! ^^

Thursday, April 8, 2010

new: MAC Peachstock lipstick!! :D & busy me

So I thought I will post pics of the new Peachstock lipstick, honestly I LOVE IT. It's ligther than Siss, which can look too brown-ish on me when I apply too much, and more natural than Myth, which looks great, but sometimes, like when I don't have a really defined eye makeup, I want more natural looking nudy lips. Momoeri was right for loving this lipstick, I love it too, such a great nudy one~

The Liberty of London colabo packaging is sooo cute! I cut up the case on the left and decorated my drawer with it ;D
The white packagind is cute!!! 胸キュン!!!

I will take a better pic one day... xD but you can see my bare lips and then Peachstock on half of my lips. It's a satin finish MAC lipstick, so it means it comes out pretty opaque and matte. Which means you can work any gloss you like on top! I love it with my Etude House glosses or Myth dazzleglass from mac. :D (Oh and sorry for my disgusting zoom up skin, no makeup :o I dunno, maybe don"t click the photo... lol)
Also, please forgive me rare updates recently. Since I got the job I don't have most of the day to bum around and take photos of everything like I used to... xD But here's me one day leaving for work at 8am! :D Yay, nerdy glasses and Gilfy bag! I'm also wearing some Gaga on my lips and oriental herbs Missha BB cream and Azalea Blossom blush. :D PS. Part of my magazines came today, BLENDA, JELLies, Happie Nuts, SCawaii with Hello Kitty eyelash case, zomg... I'm loving it. :D And HM has a special on diets too, love reading them, execution is harder... bawwww xD

I will work on more posts soon! In the mean time, you must check out this blog! She's a super talented polish girl posting amazing makeup tutorials in english!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

haul: recent shopping!

I did some shopping recently and here`s what I got all together! There is a list of all the things I got below the photo. Some things I needed because of beef with sister (lol) and some I was lusting after for over 1,5 year!! :O And then just some I needed/wanted atm. Guess which is what? ;D 

- DUO eyelash glue (sold at Inglot) / 23pln
- Mac mineralize spf15 foundation, I got color NC25, a bit darker for sunny weather. I wanted to try it for a while and decided to get it after payday! (^0^) / 130pln
- Mac gel eyeliner (blacktrack), because I was sharing one with my sister and we got some beef so I decided to get my own :P and eyeliner brush 209 /66pln
- Estee Lauder eye cream I already wrote about, I like it lots, it feels a little  bit tingling and warm after application, but it`s nothing unpleasant, I feel like it`s working nice.
- Mac Peachstock lipstick released with Liberty of London collection! Aaah, I waited sooo long for this!! After reading in 小悪魔Ageha that Momoeri wears this lipstick I had to have it, but couldn`t because it is a pro color, so when it came out I grabbed it right away >:D / 80pln
- Inglot`s nr 11 base coat and/or conditioner and a looovely nude nail polish nr 874, it`s like weak coffe with lots of milk, such a pretty beige color! / 18pln each
I will post about each of those with photos and reviews soon! :3

I also learned that Inglot`s nail polishes do not contain harmful chemicals that are in most other nail polishes and have lots of vitamins. Accidentally, nail polishes are the only thing from Inglot I use, maybe I should try sth else? The MAs there have terrible makeup that scares me though xD

I got the mini nail polish remover for 2pln as a promo. It smells nice and removes polish well and... I think I want a full size bottle of this! :o The conditioner is made especially for weak peeling nails, which I have. (=_=`) I already had weak nails, but after going on Izotek treatment (anti ance) and having my skin dry out dramatically they just became a disaster D: I hope it works!
The color nail polish is best, very excited about it, but it on impulse :D

Pretty!! Those are two layers. Got to remember to apply very thin layers, because the brush picks up a lot of nail polish, but it dries quickly and doesn`t chip off. I used the conditioner on top too. Oh, btw, one Inglot nail polish is 18pln in Poland. It`s a very affordable brand here. :D I love it and I want more nail polishes!!!! (*^u^)v