Sunday, October 31, 2010

FOTD: Halloween Makeup LIGHT

Yesterday I went to some Halloween party at a club, turned out it was a goth party and my and my friend dressed in all white laboratory coats XD Under the coat I just wore a mini dress and high heels and my makeup looked like this:

I kind of wish I could just wear funny clothes and do crazy makeup if  I feel like it every day... :D
Then I added circle lens and come cut up fake lashes, I also did makeup on my friend, putting tons of fake lashes on him was sooo much fun xD But anyway, just went in for a couple hours, spent some time and went home early - going home today, to see parents. 

I really like small curls :D

 I used She Who Dares MAC Mineralized eye shadow for the eye line, and Urban Decay`s glitter liners.
 After homing home it was still all in place
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

INGLOT mini haul - lip gloss (swatches & review) and nail polish

Hello everybody!
Yesterday while waiting for a friend, I just went to kill some time in INGLOT and only get 1 (ONE) orange-red nail polish. Well, that was the plan anyway.... ;) 

After 15 minutes I came out with those new things. :D

Nail polishes * 3 and Lipglosses *2. 

All of those things were 19pln each, which is around 6,5USD each (when 1$ = 2,8pln). Here in Poland INGLOT is a really affordable brand with quite good quality. :) I hear especially their customised eye shadow palettes are popular, but I have yet to try them. For me, the best thing from INGLOT is definitely the nail polishes, great choice of color and great quality, they also come out with seasonal collections. Overay yay. :D The red one is the orange-red I wanted in the first place. It is red, but with orange undertones, not pink-red, red-red nor dark-red, orange-red, like a ripe tomato :D I am wearing it today and I love it. The pink one is just cute and the brown is from their new mini collection of 3 brown shades. Nice and autumn-ish, right? I will post swatches after I try all the colors on.

Those are INGLOT's lipglosses called "sleeks", in small, chemical laboratory like packaging. They have 6ml of products, a twist of top and a doe applicator. I would say those are MAC's cremesheen type glosses, glossy but also have a nice color payoff.

#97 and #96

#97on lips and my FOTD today

flash / no flash

Also I am wearing "My dark magic" from MAC's Maleficient, Venomous Villains collection on my eyes :D Sorry, I am so tired today... (=_=') I really love the eyeshadow, but it creases on me a lot :x Help?

OVERALL: I think the gloss is cheap, has funny packaging and a nice selection of colors. Color payoff is good, it smells great (like cotton candy!) and the color 97 one is a perfect strawberry milk kind of color for cute makeup, helps create a nudy lip like Tsubasa often has. I would say it is a cheaper alternative to Matsuwaka Tsubasa's new lipgloss line or MAC's Cremesheep glosses, and with the color 96 one you can achieve a look like this:
(images source: Matsuwaka Tsubasa's blog)
(Ah, so adorable~ I want long hair back too! ^^*)
One MINUS is definitely: it doesn't stay on lips too long, but with that nice smell reapplying is actually OK! (^_^*)/ So, this is my first time ever trying out INGLOT's lip gloss and for the price it is quite good. I like the cute candy colors and the smell and the price. (For example one MAC cremesheen gloss costs 5 times more than this INGLOT gloss here in Poland! (X_x'')) They could have better lasting power, but it's not that bad. I really want to try out Tsubasa's gloss line next though! :D Any reviews online??

*****   *****   *****   *****   *****

Some other things I saw recently for your viewing pleasure:
in a fruit/veg stand I pass on my way to work every day :D

Poniatowskiego bridge over Wisła river in Warsaw, I go from one side to the other everyday
Also in the background you can see the Warsaw National Stadium in construction for EURO2012! Cannot wait!

This is way down south the river in Warsaw. When I was visiting my friends. :D 
So autumn-y! We will have a  summer --> winter time change this weekend. I hope I don't forget!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FOTD, BLENDA and Saki Namba inspired!

So yesterday after work I felt like moderately active, so I cleaned my whole apartament (even scrubbed the bathroom floor!!lol), worked out (and if you want some crazy pain in your butt try doing this:

OMG, this woman is insane!!! XD Of course I wasn't able to do all the excercises, but I tried and then I did her other videos too. And gave myself a sore butt. XD Anyways.

After cleaning the apartament and doing pilates for 40 minutes, with my crazy cat (oh, did I write it here, I got a cat! :D) jumping all over me thinking I"m playing with him, I cut my bangs and today in the morning the good active mood was still ON and I put in my new circle lens (reviews coming up!) and even fake lashes, gave myself nice makeup and went to work! :D
So here's the FOTD!
Makeup is: face Missha Perfect Ciover bb cream in #21 mixed with some Revlon Photo-ready foundation (don't remember the color) and Missha powder to finish it. Then Revlon blush in #6 (orange, maybe naming here is different, cause I bought it in Japan, sorry).

Fake lashes are lashes like this, cheap from eBay, cut, so I only use the ends with more volume! Eyeshadow is MAC's Retrospeck and Woodwinked on Canmake Shimagelic Eyes #Sugar Milk Tea as base. The lipstick is MAC Viva Glad Cindi Lauper! :D

And the lens are GEO Wing in brown/olive (naming is different?). Without flash it looks more natural and I really like them! :D Good for green eyes too! :D

And since it is very cold, I wear a hat! It's a cheap H&M pink hat with a H&M feather accessory I added on a whim. :) What is your autumn style??

BTW, it is really autumn here in Poland now!

And presenting my cat, his sleeping positiong is... very strange... xDD His name is Noko. :D

Monday, October 18, 2010

M.A.C Venomous Villains collection! Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos rock!

I went to Sephora recently and omg! I want the Dior mascara base, it looks amazing~ Also the black/sparkly silver smoky eye palette looks amazing! (Even though it's nothing new or surprising, it just looks soooo pretty.... ahahah, I should not go to Sephora (=_=''))

But, dum dum dummm!!! MAC Venomous Villains went on sale in Poland!!! (3 weeks ago! LOL) I was just too busy to visit MAC. D:

I managed to get 2 MAC's Mineralized Eye Shadow Duos from Venomous Villains collection though! <333 I love them! :D I actually had no time to go to MAC even, so I asked my friend to get me those. But when she went, they only had My dark Magic left! Oh no! In an attack of madness, I quickly purchased the She who dares, blue/green one from eBay! eBay if more expensive than regular MAC price of course, but while the regular price for this in USA is 21$, here in Poland it's more like 30$! So paying around 32$ including shipping from USA through eBay did not seem that crazy to me. (Ecept that I should buy things I really need, not another cosmetic lololol)

direct sunlight

in (kind of) shadow

I got a very dark one with this one, too bad... but I still like it!
Overall, they are well pigmented, look amazing applied wet (so intensive) and are great for a smoky eye, or I use them as bottom eyeliner :D I will be uplaoding eye looks with those soon!

I also repurchased Vitacreme B12 and I love it so much, life saver.It really makes skin look and feel much better in 1-2 days! I really recommend it!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WELEDA skin care: Skin Food cream and IRIS moisturising cream

Some pics from my life recently:
went to karaoke and korean/japanese restaurant with friends, I love sashimi, so I had 회덮밥 (huetoppab) a.k.a. raw fish and vegetables (salad, cucumber, etc.) to which you add rice and hot sauce  and mix it all and eat it! Yumyum! This is my 회덮밥 before mixing it with rice and sauce :) If you want to get hungry google the korean name of the dish!

Random coffe around midnight, perfect time for a coffe, right?

In the ceter of Warsaw, I spotted a weird egg-shaped object. When you look inside it has some animated scenes and it seems to be sth about ecology and natural energy living. But people squatting and looking into the little holes in the egg look just really funny xD Like they are asking to get slapped on their behinds ;)

In cosme news, I repurchased the loved and hated WELEDA Skin Food cream (75ml). And while I was at it, I also got another WELEDA cream, Iris Moisturising cream (30ml).

I was surprised at the size of the Iris cream, because it was more expensive than the bigger Skin Food cream and I haven't read the auction description good enough, apparently. It was $14.25. The Skin food cream was $11.07. I got them from eBay and they arrived very fast (3 days) by airmail from UK. :)

What I like about the Skin Food cream is:
-all natural ingriedients, organic, never tested on animals, no parabens, etc.
-simple packaging
-I can use it to soften my hands and feet and elbows, but it also works great on face, I can put a really thick layer of this of this cream on my face at night and in the morning my face looks just healthy and nice
What I don't like:

- THE WEIRD SMELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It smells like citrus-y, kindof like grapefruits, but the smell is soooo so strong :X I can deal with it, because the cream works nice, but I really don't like it. At least it could be less harsh, more delacte, but no, it is real strong and pretty terrible D: oh well...

"how to use"

The Moisturising Iris cream is a different story. First of all, I was surprised, because it was more expensive than I expencted. (my bad) The smell is not so opressive, but there is still a smell. The cream is more watery and not as thick, absorbs really fast and well, skin just drinks it all up in second! I used it under my makeup today in the morning, and my face is not oily nor sticky, it feels quite good and works well with makeup. I will be using it and we'll see if I repurchase.



kinda small!! 30ml only! D:

Natural cosmetics, so tempting though....  Do you think about using natural cosmetics? Do you use Weleda myabe? Any opinions?

Friday, October 1, 2010

FOTD! Recent makeup!

Last saturday I had to go to my second work and I wanted to wear fake lashes - but I just put on bottom lashes :) So this was the FOTD. Nail polish is China Glaze from Poolside collection. The bottom lashes are Decorative Eyelash bottom lashes cut up into small pieces :)

But later after work and lunch I came back to my apartament and put on more makeup for a night out in Warsaw! :D I added eyelienr and MAC #7 lashes!

The eyeshadows are my recent purchases, MAC's retrospark and woodwinked :D The lipstick is MAC Lady Gaga.

And the coordinate! I wore black shorts and tights and heels.

And this is yesterday's FOTD.

And todays... soooo cold here (T_T)

And korean cookies at work :)
Does your makeup change a lot between everyday / night out makeup?

I am also trying my luck in this Giveaway @ Pearly N Kelly blog!
*fingers crossed!*