Tuesday, August 16, 2011

日焼け止め ~②~ Sunscreen and UVA/UVB protection ~②~

Hello my dears!
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Are you using sunscreen this summer...? *frown* I hope you are! ;D I got myself 3 products this year. I already introduced 2 in another post, HERE

Here are the 3 sun protectors that I currently have & use:
1. 美白 UV プロテクター / Shiseido Anessa Whitening UV Protector (60ml)  from Strawberrynet.com, SPF32・PA+++
2. パーフェクトパーリーサンスクリーンAA / Shiseido Anessa Perfect Pearly Sunscreen AA (25ml) from Ichibankao.com, SPF50+・PA+++
3. La Roche-Posay, Anthelios XL 50+ Melt-in cream, from a local pharmacy ^^ (official site: http://www.anthelios.com/)

First, the two Anessa sunscreens. First of all, I was surprised how TINY they are! The 25ml Pearly Sunscreen seriously looks like a sample... XD The 60ml Whitening Protector is a bit better, but anyway, they are both compact, small and hand bag friendly! Also the packaging is really cute~

REVIEW: パーフェクトパーリーサンスクリーンAA / Shiseido Anessa Perfect Pearly Sunscreen AA (25ml)
This sunscreen needs a good shake before you open the bottle, because it is a double consistency sunscreen (with some oils that need mixing) and it does have little pearly particles in it when you look at the 3rd photo, but applied on face (or hand, like below) they don`t really show and the effect is very very subtle and definitely no glitter-bomb on you face visible. Very natural and nice finish. It dried fast it very light (like milk, not cream), but I thought it feels a little bit oily? And I think I broke out a little bit after using it, so unfortunately this one wasn`t the best match for my skin. (;_;) Other than that, I think it`s really nice, although a bit expensive. RATING: 6 / 10 (I am disappointed that it doesn`t go well with my skin :<)


REVIEW: 美白 UV プロテクター / Shiseido Anessa Whitening UV Protector (60ml) 
This one is my favorite of the 3 sunscreens! I love it! It is light, like milk, not a cream, very easy to apply, feels moisturizing and is a great base for makeup. This one doesn`t need shaking, so don`t shake it, otherwise it will explode and you`ll get too much product! XD It has a very weak pleasant smell, sets into skin very fast and is a pleasure to apply. I had no skin problems after using it, I did not get a tan nor sunburn, the packaging is perfect size to put in a bag and I think it`s the best daily sunscreen I have tried so far. I did not notice any whitening after using it, but I didn`t really buy it for whitening purposes. 
The minus? It is quite expensive for such a small bottle.... But then again, it is very easy to apply and a little bit is enough for my whole face and neck, so it will last a long time! I think if you have the money, this is a very good investment! RATING: 9 / 10 (-1 for the price)

REVIEW:  La Roche-Posay, Anthelios XL 50+ Melt-in cream
This one was the cheapest of the 3, I got it from a local pharmacy/drug store, as La Roche Posay Anthelios is only sold in pharmacies where I live. It came in a gift set - with after sun protection cream (Posthelios, it`s OK but I wouldn`t buy it for full price) and a cosmetic pouch. This one is definitely not a fluid/milk, but a really thick cream consistency. It says it`s a "melt-in cream" and it kinda does absorb well, but you can definitely say it`s a rich creamy CREAM. XD You can use it as a daily sunscreen I guess, but I think it`s too rich and thick for everyday for my taste. And I think definitely too heavy for mixed/oily skin. Maybe normal/dry skin (and sun allergy delicate skin) will like it better. Actually I quite like it, but I kind of think it`s a more beach/forest/swimming/outdoor activities sunscreen, not city/daily/under makeup sunscreen, BUT you can use it like that as well, if you don`t have oily skin. So allergic reaction or break outs, it takes a while to absorb into skin, but then it`s okay and my makeup stays on fine. I must say I quite like it, but I should have gotten an Anthelios sunscreen in milk consistency, not cream, because it`s easier to use daily! So I think I just should have bought another products from the Anthelios series, but Anthelios XL 50+ Melt-in cream is a very good sunscreen, tho rich and creamy, while I wanted more of a lotion-type sunscreen. My bad! :) The price is OK, and I like the product, but I like Anessa nr 2 better! :D I will definitely use this when I go bike riding/hiking, etc though, more economic! XD RATING: 8 / 10.

creamy cream type! ; D

So that is all for today. I hope my review was helpful! Please use sunscreen, even if you like to tan! I`m on a roll, two post in one month!!! XD More is coming, I hope to post something fun soon. Big hugs & love~
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

[sister reports!] Report from rainy Seoul, Republic of Korea!

So, my younger sister is spending her summer holidays in Korea right now and I hear she is having a great time everyday! She will be also attending a language course soon, study hard! I thought, a travelling report would be nice and asked her, to send me some photos, and she did! So here comes a current report from Seoul for You! ^^* (I will keep the picture size small, so your computer doesn't die if You have a slower connection, but you can click on each photo and see bigger size! ^^*)

First of all, meet my younger sister, G. She is 2 years younger, but over 10cm taller than me, what gives?? Gimme 5cm, You!!! XD

She made friends with a popular blogger in Seoul, Noona, too! Yay! 
Bloggers are just normal, nice people, you know. ;D

Of course going to Korea means buying lots of cosmetics and reporting back to older sis (aka ME) about what interesting things are on display in stores. :)
My sister is seriously a nail art master, I'm jelly. 

*Grabby hands!*

If you go to Korea you don't even have to think hard about what to bring back as presents, just grab lots of sheet masks and soju and soju related gadgets (like soju bottle shaped earrings) and you're done! Also, Missha Cleansing Oil aka. MY FAVOURITE oil cleanser out there!!! Get it!


My sister went to some party and saw her idols, GD and T.O.P. (or however their names are spelled! XD). She also goes clubbing a lot, I hear, and I would really love to go to our favorite club in Gangnam, club MASS! 

LOL, I think those 2 photos sum up what foreigners live on while visiting Korea, beer+soju and mayo, ketchup and soy sauce, and other than that it's just grabbing some food in bars and restaurants, since it all so cheap and delicious! ;D

Bye bye, rainy Seoul!
So that's the end of the Korea trip report from my younger sister! I hope you enjoyed it and are also having wonderful summer holidays! Unfortunately I can't go anywhere this year, but I did treat myself to one super fun event.... can you tell who I saw from the photo below... ;D (Oh, I loved him so much in high school and I still do, my idol! It was wonderful and I cried. (;_;)ILU)

Of course I went to see GACKT & YFC concert in Warsaw!!!!!!

I wore Tick shoes and fake lashes and all for Mr. Gackt, I hope he noticed me from the stage <333 *weak laugh* I am not joking. I was sending him love-filled looks, but at first I was too intimidated to look Him straight in the eyes, omg, lol! XD Anyway it was WONDERFUL and I am glad I met Elluin there too. :)

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