Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Got presents! And some FOTDs! And SNOW!

I spend this weekend in a slow and relaxed way. First I went to work - because I work mon-fri and also have another job on wednesday evenings and on SATURDAYS every week... (haa... I truly must love working... =_=') Then I went to a biiiig shopping center in Warsaw to buy a winter jacket and 2 pairs of comfortable flat boots and then my parents who met me there took me home with them, to my hometown, where I spent the whole Sunday too. I bought a ZARA winter down jacket and I did well - just as we were leaving the shopping ceter, it was starting to snow like crazy and now all Warsaw is completely covered with snow - it looks so pretty!

FOTD #1.
Since I was spending a slow sunday at home, my makeup is minimal. Usually I don't even wear makeup at home, but we were going grocery shopping and for a walk, cream and makeup keeps my skin safe from the cold. I used a sample of MAC's Pro Long Wear Foundation in NC20, I am wondering whether I should buy it, I am running out of foundation... Also only eyeliner and mascara. Anway, here you can also see how GEO ANGEL BLUE lenses look in different light! 

Overall, in flash photos, they look unnatural, but in artificial light like... office or any other place that does not have super bright lights (think cosmetics store), but regular lights, they look pretty dark and not that unnatural. Unless you look really close, which most people don't... (O_o)
Oh, also Dazzleglass in Sugarrimed on my lips.

So, that's GEO ANGEL BLUE! Super comfortable btw, my full review is here!

Also, my coworker came back from Korea and gave me my omiyage I asked for, Missha Deep Cleansing Oil! <3333 I looooove this oil! Also I really love removing my makeup with cleansing oils and then just to be sure my makeup is off and my face is clean I double wash it (with La Roche-Possay EFFACLAR cleansing gel). I think removing makeup is sooo super important and also removing bb creams, since they have so much silicones and all that not really great stuff in then, sometimes regular makeup removers don't cut it! So I really recommend using makeup removing oil, this one from Missha is VERY good, smells lovely too! 
I want to get Shu Uemura cleansing oil, but they are soo expensive... Already bought boots and jacket and ahve to buy some presents... maybe next month... (=_=')

Also - got a failed Xmas present already!!! XD
By failed I don't mean the present is bad... it was supposed to be under the Xmas tree for me, from my younger sister, but.. she failed!I didn't even know what she bought for me, but when I went home on Sunday she said "don't bother me, go to my room and just wait there for me!" when I wanted sth from her. So I did, I st by her desk, went online ,got bored, and there in the middle of her desk was this lovely OPI 2 nail polishes and glittery bronzer set! I though "Oooh, pretty!" and looked at it. Then she came into the room and she went a bit mad - at herself mostly - because turns out it was the present for me! XDDD What fail... I'm sorry sister, but I did nothing wring in this situation! 
Anyway, I took it home since I already know... I will put it under the Xmas tree anyway... lol

SHOW IT AND GLOW IT and LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU (a lovely deep cherry rep with fine red glitter)

And to finish this entru, my FOTD today!
I used MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow and I also am wearing Geo Angel Blue circle lens again. Here are photos without and with circle lens. My hair cut is terrible and has NO VOLUME (T_T) So sad... but in the morning leaving for work I don't really have time to do much styling, what should I do? I was thinking about gettinghot curlers!

Cheeks: MAC Dainty
Lips: MAC Peachstock
Eyes: Visee A-2 palette glitter and MAC Woodwinked EYEBROWS: KATE palette
Lashes: Kanebo SENSAI 38 mascara (hand em down from older sister, I love how watrproof it is)
Face: Missha Perfect Cover BB cream mixed with REVLON Photo Ready foundation, finished with MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural (#medium)

And some pics of all the lovely snow here, today leaving for work:

And from my home town, Sunday.

How pretty.... <33333

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Weeeeeell... I promised GEO Nudy Gray review first, but my sister showed up with her pink lens... sooooo.... younger sister guest appearance!!!!!!!! v(^_^*) Here come MAX PURE PINK circle lens review!

These circle lens are ordered by my younger sister from Pinky Paradise, so I'm just writing down what she tells me. They arrived in about a week to Poland. The seller provides this info:

Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams

Stock: Stock available

Brand : Others
Diameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 42%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal

And they come with prescription!
Price: 25.90$
Stock photo:

Real life photos ON GREEN EYES!:
by the window in daylight, the pink/purple is slightly visible

photo with flash and super wide eyes... xD

indoors, away from direct sun light or artificial light

with flash!

and daylight again!

She says they are very comfortable and the pink color is very subtle, people don't even realize she is wearing circle lens (REALY?? people don't know better!), even thought the black rim in quite thick and makes eyes pop. She is very happy with them and since they have prescription they help her see. She says she usually wears them all day - sometimes even 12 hours, and they are comfortable even after such a long time. She uses moisturising eye drops though, that`s just our healthy habit while wearing lens.

NOW MY THOUGHTS. xD Because it`s my blog you know? ;) First of all I'm not completely sold on the idea of pink lenses.... harumpf... why would I want to have pink eyes? (O_o') I can't really get that, to be honest. But that aside, those are very subtle lenses, mostly with black rim, but since it's not super opaque and looks "pixelated" it looks rather natural, but then comes in the pink color.... Hmmm... I think on light brown eyes it might look really lovely, but (in my opinion) it looks very curious on green or blue eyes. Somehow in my head the two ideas 1. subtle natural rim lenses and 2. pink lenses do not match! XD
But it looks quite nice in person and does not scream fake eyes at all! 
So I think those would look better on dark eyes, but they are okay for bright eyes as well, if you're into pink lenses! :)

And also another gues appearance by my sister's nails - this time the theme is Tiramisu!
On top of some beige nail polish from H&M, the applied another H&M polish, using a sponge, to get that nice effect. It would be perfect to top it off with a cake deco, don't you think? :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gal Model news: Sun Wei health problems!

So, most of you guys probably know Sun Wei/Son I/Wei Son (孫イー), Pop Sister model, right? Her blog is here: http://yaplog.jp/lp-sonii/ and her twitter is here: http://twitter.com/#!/sunwei1013
Recently she is posting alarming tweets also after getting many worried tweets from followers explained more on her blog. Here is the twitter post:

最強に体調がわるい。30分あればできる事を、歩けなくて動けなくて2時間かけた。 骨が浮き出てる自分の裸みるとこのまま消えるんじゃないかと最近思う。体重計見て唖然。また痩せてる。自慢とかでなく、 本当、やばい。あ、拒食症じゃないよ、違う病です

Translation: "My condition is at it`s worst. A thing I can do in 30 minutes, took 2 hours, because I can`t move and can`t walk. When I saw my naked body with bones sticking out, I thought it looks like it`s going to just disappear soon. I was shocked when I saw my weight. I lost weight again. I`m not saying this to show off, it is really scary. Oh, but it`s not anorexia, it`s a different sickness."

大変じゃないですか!!ヽ(・_・;)ノ ドッヒャー
So of course a tweet like this will get many fans nervous about her!

She next wrote more in her blog (
(all translations by me)

from yesterday my condition has gone worse again (T_T)

Again it was during shooting time for Popsister and I caused a lot of trouble....(>_<)

I got tomorrow`s shoot rescheduled for another day and tomorrow I got a day off m(__)m

To all staff members, I am so sorry!!!

Thank you very much

It`s not a kind of sickness that can be cured just by going to hospital (>_<)

But I don`t know what was the reason for this worsening...

I think I must take more nutrition and anyway I will eat a lot!!! (haha)

To everybody who sent me warm comments over twitter or blog

To my closest friends
I feel saved by everyone`s word again and again...

For always supporting me and giving me POWER,

Really really Thank You.

OMG!!! So of course I have no idea what`s her sickness, but it sure sounds serious and worries me too, even though I am not really a fan, I just know her from magazines... She says it is not anorexia, but sounds like some eating disorder or lack of nutrients, maybe anemia? Anyway, since I am not feeling my best neither recently, I really feel for her. :/ Even though she is getting more and more popular, she has health problems... Lets hope she gets better soon! 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Collection: my current MAC collection!

Like I said before, I do like MAC products, but not all of them and I am definitely not a MAC-only girl. But if I think I'll like sth, I buy it! I already did a post about MAC collection in march 2010. And here is my updated MAC collection!

Blushes etc... omg, my Ripe Peach blush broken...(T_T)

Mineralize SPF15 compact foundation - which I didn't like much at all :P And Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powders, which I looove and use everyday for finishing and shading! Also concealer in NC20.

My latest additions to the collection, Venomous Villains mineralize eyeshadow duos and single eyeshadows I put in a palette, Phloof!, Fresh Water, Retrospeck and Woodwinked!

Lipsticks and lipglosses, most of the dazzleglasses completely empty.

Superslick liquid eyeliner in black, black gel eyeliner and two MAC brushes I have, top one is for eyeliner, the bottom one.. I regret buying, kind of. I wanted to apply eyeshadow to bottom lashline with it, but it's too small and short. :/

Waaaaaah~ My Ripe Peach blush which I LOVE broke into pieces and I don't even know why?! I never dropped it, it just started with a little crack and now it looks like this... (Y_Y) I always store it horizontally and rarely touch it, yet it keeps crumbling... (T___T')

And here's my MAC lipstick collection! :D I have 6, mostly nude shades, I must say I really love Peachstock the most!!! It is also Momoeri's favourite nude lipstick! I like Myth too, Siss is a bit dark, Cremecup is almost my natural lipcolor and I broke it in summer when it was really hot... ;) I love Lady Gaga and Cindi convinced me I CAN wear red lipsticks! :D I think lipsticks are one of the best MAC products to get, so if yuo want to start with MAC I recommend lipstick!

with flash

 lipstick swatches on arm, no flash

swatches with flash

OK, that is all! It's not so big, but it grew much larger since march... Next up, GEO Nudy Gray circle lens review! ^^*

Sunday, November 21, 2010


It`s time for the next circle lens review! Last time I reviewed GEO Honey Wing, this time it`s GEO Angel Blue! Please click on all photos to see bigger size and comment and let me know what you think about those lenses and the review!
Those I also ordered from http://www.honeycolor.com/ and I got those two cute animal lens containers and free shipping too. (They had a free shipping promotion). Their service was correct and it was great shopping with them!

GEO Angel Blue are the bottom-right ones! 
They were 19,90$ and free shipping and they come with prescription!

Product Specification
(from http://www.honeycolor.com/geo-angel-blue.html)
Usage Modality:  One Year Disposable
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.0 mm
Water content:  38%
Package include:  Free contact lens case

Bare eye - no makeup, by the window

No makeup - with the lens, by the window.

The lens are dark blue, if you are looking for bright and light blue, skip those! But if you are OK with dark blue, those will be great! They have a quite thick black rim and they are visibly bigger than my natural iris, so there is a noticeable enlarging effect! 
Also, sometimes they give a slight halo effect, like in this photo!

This is the whole face + makeup view and a cute Rialkkuma travel lens case!

This is with MAC Venomous Villains She Who Dares blue eyeshadow! Photo in daylight, no flash!

With She Who Dares EOTD in daylight.

With She Who Dares with flash!

Overall: They make a big difference in eye color and size, in bright daylight or flash photos, they will not blend with your natural eye color (no matter what eye color you have IMO), on green eyes like mine, the hole in the middle is rather visible, but as you can see in the daylight photos, it`s not super dramatic and in dim daylight it might pass as "OK blending with natural eye color". As for comfort, those are more comfortable than GEO Honey Wings!! Very very comfortable, non drying, I wore them to a halloween party and forgot I even had lenses in. (Also photos of me wearing those here.) My opinion on the color? It is very dark! It@s more like navy than blue, or deep ocean blue. They are good for dramatic Sakurina-like makeup with tons of eyeliner and lashes and then they really make your eyes look big! But I think, those are more suited for darker irises - but even on darker eyes they will look unnatural. But you know, you don`t get lenses like this if you care about looking super natural. :P 
Overall, I really like them, more for special nights out than everyday makeup, but I do like them. ^^*

PS. My younger sister got some circle lenses recently, so I will take photos of her too and put them as reviews here! She even bought pink lenses! :o 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guest Appearance: My sister's nails

My sister is pretty nutty about nail designs, and this is her latest creation! Wow! Pink leopard design, how cool is that! :D When I had more I also used to play with designs on nails, but now she is far better than me!
You can follow her on twitter is you want to: http://twitter.com/#!/Mangosalata
She is a big korea and k-pop fan.

Do you like it? :D

Friday, November 12, 2010

CIRCLE LENS REVIEW: GEO Wing series Honey color

OK, I have a circle lens review coming up!
I find it hard chosing circle lens I`ll like, because I have gray & green eyes.... and all the reviews are on brown/black eyes... So, if you know someone with light eyes doing circle lens reviews, let me know! I know that Shmuberry does many great reviews on light eyes, also Bloomzy and Mitsu have some great reviews/photos of circle lens on green/blue eyes. I also really like Alanna`s reviews, even though she has gorgeous brown eyes.
But, if you know more light eyed reviewers, let me know! \(☆_☆)/

************** onto the review **************

Currently I have 3 pairs of cirlce lens at home. I ordered all from Honey Color, with my own money, so this is not a sponsored post! (I would like to do a sponsored post too, though, why not? :D). I think I will break the review up into 3 post, one for each pair I have. Here`s my tiny circle lens collection:

daylight - it gets dark arly here now (T-T)
The lenses are GEO Nudy (Gray), GEO Wing (Honey) and GEO Angel (Blue).

flash! Again: GEO Nudy (Gray), GEO Wing (Honey) and GEO Angel (Blue)

And daylight on my hand, top one is GEO Nudy (Gray), and the bottom left is GEO Wing (Honey) and bottom right is GEO Angel (Blue). As you can see, the GEO Angel BLue is completely opaque, while GEO Nusy looks almost see through and GEO Wing is 50% opaque.

I ordered all 3 pairs from Honey Color, the shipping was fast and I have no complaints - they changed their website and send out more notifications and the contact is much better than it was 1 year ago. I had only positive experience with them so far. With every order they send you a cute circle lens case too, and they offer those adorable travel cases (I got one with my beloved Rilakkuma!) and they also sell some fake lashes. Check them out. :)

************** GEO HONEY WING review **************
Promotion photo:

So I decided to post review for GEO Wing lenses in Honey (brown). The lenses can be used for 1 year and are original, made in Republic of Korea, approved by Korea Food & Drug Administration and have ISO 13485 certificate. Specs:
Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.0 mm
Water content:  38%
Those lenses also come with prescription available, which is great news to me, as I have -0,75 in one eye and -1,25 in the other (-_-`). I really really want to get GEO Wing in blue and green too, but they don`t come in optical power, ah sadness. I think I still want to get them, I almost never wear glasses and got used to seeing things a bit blurry anyway, lol. Onto the photos and more info:

This is my natural eye color in daylight, I have gray-green eyes, although in some light it looks a bit blue, but it`s not, really. Also, no makeup.

No makeup, natural daylight, GEO Honey Wing IN. There is no black rim around the lens, but it has a brown rim - it looks quite natural in person. More than dark strong brown, the color of Honey Wings is honey/warm yellowish brown, I find it very nice. Probably it would dark irises look brighter and really pretty. It gives me sth like natural light brown eyes. The inside of the color design on the lens is definitely desinged for darker eyes, but I still find them prety natural looking and they blend well with my eye color!

No makeup and flash. See how bright and light the color is? 

And the silly looking one in one out photo. YOU CAN CLICK ON ALL PHOTOS AND SEE BIGGER SIZE! This is with flash, in natural light they look more natural. As you can seethere is enlargement, but only slight, nothing too dramatic, but it makes your irises look bigger, therefore, your whole face and eyes cuter.

 And with makeup*:
Sometimes they give a really tiny halo effect, which I personally love.
*my makeup is just MAC Retroscpeck and Phloof! under eyebrow and Blacktrack gel eyeliner and L`oreal Telescopic mascara. ^^v

Oh yeah, I cut my fringe and have tiny pieces of hair all over my face (=_=``) Please ignore! 

And then whole face one in, one out, WITH FLASH:

Whole face, one in one out, no flash:
Daylight, it already started to get dark, sorry... BUT! See, it looks really natural! :)

GENERAL: I really really like those. They are very comfortable, I`d give them 8/10, sometimes I feel them, but I`ve worn them to work and going out, for the whole day and it was comfortable. I felt a bit uncomfortable at work, because I stare at a computer screen all the time and my eyes dry out fast, but otherwise, no problems. They give a small, natural enlargement and color. No thick black rim also makes them look more natural. The hole in the middle could be a little bit smaller or the blending more fitted to lighter eyes, but they still manage to look pretty natural in daylight/person. I would love to also get those in blue and green!!! <3
Overall, super cute circle lenses, definitely recommended if you want warm & cute brown eyes!
(On the left: GEO Honey Wing in candle light, lol! As I got a lot of IKEA candles that smell like vanilla cookies, nomnomnom... I prefer the candles over the cookies though!)

So, that is all!! I shall post reviews like this for GEO Angel Blue and GEO Nudy Gray soon. What photos should I add to my reviews? More info on sth would be nice? Let me know what you`d like to see in a good circle lens review and I`ll take it into consideration! ;))
Take care <333