Thursday, July 29, 2010

Early birthday present for myself! Miss Dior Cherie perfume!

So it's my 26th birthday this Saturday and I decided to get myself a nice present a little bit early! This is what I got myself! :D OMG, it smells soooo sweet and intoxicating! I absolutely love it~

I got perfumes, 100ml. :) Also, since it is my birthday month, I got a gift coupon from Sephora saying if I make a purchase in my birthday month and show the soupon I will get two small eyeshadows and double-points for my purchase! :D Also I had a 10% off points on my card which I forgot about and bought this with an extra 10% discount and also got a Lancome freebie!! XD

The birthday coupon, two eyeshadows I got as a present, two perfume samples and a small Sephora bag. (I don't like those bags, they always give me paper cuts D: )

The eyeshadows are small, but not too small, the light beige one is matte, the dark brown one has a tiny little bit of shimmer to it. I think I will be using the brown one for my brows. 

Zoom and swatches, you can't really see the brown swatch though XD

And the freebie from Lancome:
It's a huge polyester bag, lol, I think I will use it for... moving. Or maybe beach bag, but when am I even going to go to the beach next, I dunno~

LOL, cracks me up. xD

See how huge it is? :o

Anyway, the most important part of this post is this:
I love the packaging and the smell... and the commercial!

just more pic spam!

and the happy owner!
The packaging is sooo cute!

I am sorry but it seems that somehow people were not able to comment on my previous post... :O I have no idea why! If you can't comment on this one too, let me know through tumblr or formspring please!
I also ordered my Estee Lauder eye cream yesterday, because I ran out of it and my eyes really miss it. I would say it is hydrating and redices dark circles and puffiness a lot. In other words, works very good, does what it promises. It is a repurchase! Since I ran out of it, the area under my eyes feels really dry and sore, I forgot that the delicate under eye skin could hurt while I was using it.... :/ I need it back on my eyes! XD

I also finished my Laura Mercier foundation primer (hydrating version), but I think I want to try CHANEL's primer this time. I don't know if I should buy it now though, I am moving to my own single apartament in a couple days, so we"ll see if I can support myself and still buy all those cosmetics... xD

Had some bad days recently, so sorry for rare updates, but I will write again whenever I buy/review something new. First it was soooo crazy hot in Warsaw and whole Poland, and now it's colder (around 20 degrees) and raining! :O Weird weather. Luckily it is supposed to be just perfect during the weekend. My birthday weekend! : )

And some music - it plays as BGM at my work:

I really recommend the cam, remixed Claziquai albums if you liked this!
Oh! Disclaimer!! I am not a kpop fan! XD I sometimes listen to it, but generally the kpop fast food music is not what I spend a lot of time on. xD No hard feelings!

PS. I also need to write a review about the WELEDA Skin Food cream! I use it everyday after initially hating it and I still hate it a little bit, but it works sooooo well though...! The smell is killing me, but the cream works really well... ah, love-hate relationship!!! Damn you WELEDA, why did you have to mane such a smelly cream :/

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FOTD & recent shopping at M.A.C. :D Mineralize blush and eyeshadow, Dainty Love Connection :)

OMG, it is soooo hot in Poland! :O Last saturday it was over 41C degrees..... OMG! Hotter than in Eypt, which is a popular destination of last minute trips...!! Last two days were cloudy and it rained a little bit and was much cooler, but from today we will be having another heat wave and this weekend will probably be the hottest this year! OMG!! In winter it was minus 30 and tons of snow, and now onver 40 and it feels like inside of an oven! xDD What is going on and how am I supposed to deal with those crazy temperatures! :o
I went to the lake region for the hottest weekend though, so it was fun and we were chilling in water ;))

And I did some shopping! I visited MAC, but the In The Groove collection didn't steal my heart and I am now fully living on my own and renting an apartament, so I try not to spend a lot (hahaha, well that's going great for me ;)). But I saw those two things from MAC's Mineralized line and needed them! (Some time ago I also bought a brush and Freshwater blue eyeshadow from MAC as well.)

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow "Love Connection" and Mineralize Blush "Dainty"!

This blush is a little bit sparkly and has a good color payoff and is the cutest shade of pink!It is kind of dolly-pink, but also natural at the same time! :D And you know me, I can not resist a little bit of shimmer in my makeup! 8DD Will be getting more of those, uhhh, do I need more blush...? Doesn't matter, will get it anyway! xDDD

Love Connection is a double eyeshadow with one golden-brown shadow, sparkly and gorgeous looking, can be sheer or super pigmented - applied wet and/or over a dark cream eyeshadow. The other shadow is a cute mixed shadow with light sky blue color, with light pink-gold and golden-brown veining. Absolutely gorgeous! So basically this double eyeshadow gives you 3 shades, the left on, the right one, and both of them mixed create a new color as well. But depending on which part of the blue part you take, you get different colors. So much fun! I definitely recommend mineralize duo eyeshadows if you like sparkly eyeshadows, but natural looking. I will definitely get another one of those :D New favourite!

This is the eyeshadow, applied dry on it's own in sunlight! Ah, so sparkly~I love it!

FOTD. I used Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream mixed with some MAC darker foundation (my mom's I think NW30?) to match to my tan :/ MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder in Medium - lightly all over face and Medium Deep as bronzer on cheeks with duo-fiber brush from Sigma. MAC Dainty Mineralize Blush on cheeks and Helena Rubinstein mascara with MAC's Mineralize Eyeshadow in Love Connection - the darker shade only. Phloof! as highlighter under eyebrows and MUFE HD concealer under eyes. Lady Gaga lipstick on lips! I also use a beige shadow from the 88 shadows palette as my eyebrow color everyday. Tadaaa~

I must say even though it is sooooo hot and sweaty outside, this makeup stays on all day and looks natural and I am enjoying it A LOT. I work with a place with effective air conditioning, aand now I only commute 15 minutes by tram to work, but it's like an oven, the tram... xD What's your favourite makeup for super hot days?

Monday, July 12, 2010 mini haul

The announced mini shopping haul from arrived and I went home to pick it up last weekend!
I got Visee Blackish Forming Eyes in color B-4 (ichibankao's price, includes shipping already, ¥1900), Candydoll Cheek Color Peach Pink (¥1900) and Rohto Lycee eyedrops for Contact Lens (¥1100). So together all that was ¥4,900, including shipping.

The Visee Blackish Forming Eyes palette is really nice! The colors work perfectly together and I will be definitely using it for a party look, with lots of eyeliner and lashes, or for day looks, just a little bit or top-right violet ot bottom-right plum-beige-y kind of violet instead of eyeliner, for example! The black is generic matte black, good for applying over your pencil eyeliner, to help it stay in place. The lightest shade has a lot of opacity and some sparkles and works really cute as a all over base or highlighter color. It could be just used as the main shadow as well!
Now, I myself was wondering too, as probably some of you have, what is the difference between Blackish Forming Eyes palettes and Brilliance Forming Eyes palettes from Visee. Well, the main difference is, in Blackish, the bottom left shadow is a matte, opaque black. In Brilliance palette, the bottom left is a cream eyeshadow - in shades of golden & beige and it is meant to use as a base to make your eye makeup look more sparkly! (Review and swatches of A-2 here.) Also, from the names of the series, Blackish is for creating a dark, dramatic look, and Brilliance for a light, day-time, sparkling eye! :D
(The 3 shades go toghether so perfectly! <33 They are not as much as spakly, but have a little bit of pearl iridescence to them. As always click and zoom in the photo, they are big!)
I kind of want all of the Brilliance palletes now... 8D

Now, I already have tons of blushes, but I talked myself into getting this one, because I didn't have a shade like that yet... right??? xD Well, buying this Candydoll Peach Pink blush was a great choice!!
It is sooooo light and at first I was applying it was going like "wth, where is it?!", but then I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and on my cheeks it looked like the perfect baby pink cheek that Matsuwaka tsubasa always wears! :D It looks like you were outside all day long and your cheeks are a little bit pink from the sun! OMG!! I love this blush! <3333333 Absolutely a must buy, and if you like Popteen or Popsister you will love it! My only complain is it seems a little bit small for the price. It is a powder blush, not cream blush, and I like super pink cheeks so I apply quite a lot I think, and I wonder how long it will last.... It will look amazing on darker skin colors <3 and it would create a porcelain doll look on pale girls! (I am currently around MAC's NC20-25 on my face)
So overall, LOVE IT, get it, share the love 8D

And last but not least, the eye drops, Rohto Lycee eyedrops for Contact Lens....
Weeeeellll..... xD I didn't know they were those menthol eye torturing eye drops you guys!!!! D: I hate those kind of drops! Damn! xD But! Since I bought them, I will try as much as I can to use them! xDD I must admit they are not that bad actually. On the "freshness" scale on the packaging it said they are around 3 out of 5, so they don't burn your eyes out imidiately. ;D And the fresh feeling is kind of nice. I will be definitely trying to use those drops after whole day of worl in front on my computer. Do you know those menthol eye drops? Love them or hate them? Ughh... I was hoping those will be just sth like candy scented cute eyedrops, not those suitable for a penalty game! xD lol

In other news. I moved, I am enjoying it a lot, going out a lot too, I was watchign all the semi-finals and the WORLD CUP finals yesterday, all in bars, which is a lot of fun, but I need to pick bars where there is air conditioning and preferably no smoking rule.... My eyeeeesss.. (T_T')
Anywhoo, congratulations to Spain, even though the final wasn't pretty and had so many fauls and the judge was crazy!!! D: Spanish goal keeper, Casillas, did an amazing job though! I still think it should be Germany though, I fell love with Die Mannschaft <3333333  And especially Özil, heeey~ xD (I find him super cute though, seriously 8D) But I love the whole team and not for their looks, but for how they play! And there are also so many Polish players, I love them! Podolski, Kloze, Trochowski are all of Polish descent! And they kick ass <3 And Muller is cute too, Schweinsteiger, omg! Amazing! I can't believe how young the players in Die Mannschaft are, but they played soooo well. Much love, World Cup was great and exciting! :D
(ah my babiess!! 8D) Football is a really great sport! Also all the crazy football tumblrs bring me sooo much LOL!!! xD Torres on Torres or David take me to your Villa... xD Lol forever!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

tempting products: Flourish Bath & Body / FOTD

Just a quickie post so I don`t forget and share with You guys. I jsut saw this delicious looking bath products and skin care cosmetics brand from! I found it through this polish beauty blogger Polish makeup bag , in this post here! The brand, Flourish Bath & Body seems to be a small private soap brand originally started at Etsy, by someone called Brooke. There a lot of natural moisturising ingredients in her products and the colors are so cute and the packaging is suitable for a present, as it is. So adorable! Some products that caught my eye are:

Flourish Sugar Cube Body Scrub, 9usd. "Smoothing, exfoliating scrub in easy to use single serving cubes". 
PINK SUGAR SCRUB IN CUBES, omg, wantwantwant! 8D It looks so delicious too~

Actually all the lip balms look delicious, I want to try some soon! <33 

I imagine this smells wonderful <33

looks soooo delicioussss....

So, mostly it is a small, home made soap shop, but what tempted me the most is the sugar scrubs and lip balms! I will definitely try to order some in near future. Do you like handmade soaps? What are your favourite bath products? Honestly I usually use things like DOVE or Nivea bath products, but using great looking, great smelling things like that is much more fun... Oh how I wish we had a LUSH store in Poland! (;_;*) Anyone tried this brand maybe? 
Anyway, have a great weekend and a great bath :)

PS. I love how we can buy everything from all over the world through internet. Internet, ILU. ;D

******************* ***************************** *********************
Also, here`s a FOTD from yesterday, first friday if July! I felt like a bold lip and I use my Obsessive Compulsive lip tar, I mixed two colors that I have, anime and hush to get this:

I got a huge smile and an approving nod from some woman on the train in the morning. xD
The flash make my face look so light, but it just looks natural in normal light, also the sun screens in Missha bb cream make the skin look whiter in photos, so please disregard that. ^^

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some recent shopping and music I like!

Sorry for not writing much - last two weeks at work were rather busy (workign saturdays too!!) and I went out more and more as well, and generally I have a lot going on right now xD I will be moving to my own apartament for the summer this saturday! Yay, can't wait. *^^* I did some shopping and will write reviews when everything arrives and I use it a couple times.

From I got:

Candydoll Cheek Color Peach Pink / ¥1900 JPY
I saw reviews on blogs, and I don't have wnything light like this one yet, so I went ahead and got it! (I already have those Canmake blushes for a while now and I really like them, especially the pink one!) I was of course super tempted to get some fake lashes too, but recently I rarely wear fakies and I have tons of them at home and the yen / polish zloty rate is ridiculous (!!!) so I passed on lashes this time.... Next time though... ;D

Kose Visee Blackish Forming Eyes / ¥1900 JPY
in B-4, violet! I already have Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes in A-2 - I just had to get it after seeing it in JELLY so much, and I like it a lot, all the colors are great and it's affordable and good quality! And I'vee been wantig a purple eyeshadow for a while now. (you can search my blog for older reviews, the A-2 palette review is here too, with photos ^^)

Rohto Lycee eyedrops for Contact Lens / ¥1100 JPY
I am on accutane-like acne treatment, and my eyes are what's killing me most, they are so dry, makes me want to scratch them out (Y^Y') Even when I wake up in the morning they are dry and won't open.... So uncomfortable... I have some regulat eye drops with hyaluronic acid (Hyal-Drop from Bausch&Lomb), but I think those will work better. Oh, and I am not wearing lenses of course. I wore them once in a while before, but I got a bigger medicine dose and the dryness is terrible. D:

From eBay I got this Weleda Skin Food cream, which is great according to this blog: (the entry is here)xD She is rather hilarious.
But back to the cream. The paraben-free and all natural ingriedients slogan convinced me! And my skin is dry (thank accutane! :P) and Embryolisse cream is nice (not moisturising enough for me currently though) and so hard to buy here... it's made in France, why can't it be distributed in Poland, UK, Germany, etc? Weleda Skin Food cream is also 75ml and cost me about 13$usd from eBay, from UK seller. I will test it and let you all know how it works. If I like it maybe I will try more Weleda products, looks like a nice skin care brand!
Active Ingredients:
Weleda Skin Food contains:Water, Sunflower Seed Oil, Lanolin, Sweet Almond oil, Alcohol, Beeswax, Glyceryl Linoleate, Hydrolyzed Beeswax, Viola Tricolor extract, Rosemary Leaf extract, Chamomile extract, Calendula extract, Cholesterol, Fragrance, Limonene*, Linalool*, Geraniol*, Citral*, Coumarin* (*from natural essential oils).

*****      *****     ******   *******
I also bought a blouse, button up knee lenght skirt and a white floral print maxi dress, all from ZARA. I will try to post photos of all that when I get back home today. Tried taking photos from ZARA website, but it's not working at all on this computer.

Also, one of my more casual work outfits:
Don't worry, I am wearing black shorts and this is not my room. xD I wore the high heeled black sandals from 2 entries earlier with this and a big gray Gilfy bag. :D My workplace is pretty lax about how I dress anyway, but I try to keep it simple and cute and OL appropriate. xD I love that jacket though, it is from VERO MODA. :) Leggins are Vivienne Westwood and the white top under H&M, white top on top, I don't know, maybe from Korea? Don't remember. :) It was such a comfortable coordinate! It's getting hot, close to around 30C here in Poland this week! :D
***** ***** ****** *******
Also, some music I like a lot recently! Try listening to Ratatat and Miike Snow! I love both bands! I am also listening to SIA's new album, We are born.

Other nice tunes:

Sunday Girl and Diplo!


Kid Cudi & Ratatat

***** ***** ****** *******
So, 'm moving on saturday, so next post will be from another place I guess! Wish me good luck! Have a great day everyone! <33333333333 Take care girls :)
PS. Also, to the person who asked me a stupid question at my formspring - hilarious. xDDD I will not gratify such stupid questions with an answer, tadah! None of your business anyway, geez, trolls everywhere! ;)