Thursday, February 21, 2013

Product warning: farba do włosów L'OREAL Preference Ombre

Hiya! Just a quick warning post tbh. I usually write positive reviews about things I like, but this stuff was just so bad I thought I have to warn You about it. :O

So a while ago I was trying to lighten my hair - I cut it and tried permanent blonde hair colors just to lighten my dark blonde hair, but if course it didn`t work at all (because of my original color and lack of bleaching). My hair was already thin and damaged, it couldn have been a big factor too. But I found this at Rossman:

L'OREAL Preference Ombre (I used the middle one):

It`s a permanent hair color product supposed to give you an ombre (gradual change of tone/color) effect. WELL. Don`t do it. I applied it just like the instructions said and there was no ombre effect - my hair where the product was just got bleached to an awful organge-yellow color. And there was no gradation, it was just like a part of my natural hair STRAIGHT (some places irregular) LINE and bleached super ugly color. :O When I saw it I LAUGHED, lol. It was terrible. ;)

I don`t know how skilled you have to be to apply it and get the effect on the box... But my advice is - if you are not a pro - just spare yourself the embarassment and don`t do it. Later of course I had to get an asap hair dresser appointment to try to even out my hair color and I did get lighter blond and cut my hair even more, but the change in color is still visible - it`s not as sad though, can pass as "ok looking" if you don`t know how it came to be. XDD 

So, a big NAY. Dangerous stuff people.
No photos because of the shame. XD

PL: Zdecydowanie nie polecam stosowania tej farby. Nałożyłam ją na włosy według instrukcji, starając się robić schodki, tak aby powstał efekt ombre, ale nic z tego! Wszędzie gdzie była farba moje włosy zostały po prostu utlenione na tragiczny żółto pomarańczowy kolor. (._. `) Nie było żadnego stopniowego przejścia koloru, tylko wyraźnie odcięty inny kolor - tragedia. Oczywiście musiałam pilnie iść do fryzjera ratować głowę, z tym co "stworzyłam" nie dało się wyjść do ludzi... XD Tak wiec, serdecznie nie polecam. Lepiej iść do fryzjera i mieć spokój. Ja i tak po farbie i tak musiałam iść do fryzjera wiec trochę bez sensu ze się w ogóle w to bawiłam. :) Zwykle pisze pozytywne wpisy, ale uznałam, ze chcę i muszę uchronić wasze głowy od tego bałaganu ~ :3
That is all! \(^____^ *)/

Saturday, February 9, 2013

What do I want to wear in spring 2013...?「(°ヘ°)

あぁ~困っています~ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ”
It started snowing here again and there is a lot of wet snow everywhere, as the temperature is around zero, but.... I can`t stop thinking about spring already! I am not the type to complain about weather, but I love spring and summer and warm/hot weather and can`t wait for it to come! And change of season calls for change of fashion, right? But! I have no idea what to wear in spring... So I`m looking for inspiration. Recently my fashion was super lazy and lacking, I know I was slacking and wearing the most comfortable things without really thinking about how it looks... XD Compared to how I used to chose looks over everything else (comfort, season, rational thinking, lol) I got into the if it`s not super comfy I`m not wearing it phase that led to just wear whatever as long as it`s soft and loose phase, which you know is bad... I just changed with age and prefer more compromise clothing (cute AND comfy), but I`d hate to just become a plain, boring dressed lazy looking woman. :P Also cold winter and lots of snow are not friends with fashion. :/
Spring to the rescue! ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ
I`m getting inspired to get back in the game! 8D

I already have a couple trends I like for spring outfits:
- incorporating white / light beige / airy / tulle shirts and dresses
- using monotone maxi skirts and dresses in my coordinates!
- mixing in sports wear style items, like sweats, sneakers, beaniest-shirts
- using neon as point color!

Now looking for more inspiration! Super cute casual style outfits (from runway-ch street snap):


edit: my feb 10th OOTD! :D

And inspiration pics, found online!
( 1 ) lace and light airy, flowing style


( 2 ) maxi

( 3 ) sports

( 4 ) neon

That`s my inspiration board for spring 2013!! :D 
I hope to show you some coordinates and OOTDs later this year. :D
What are you planning to wear this spring? Please tell me~ ヾ(☆▽☆)