Monday, May 31, 2010

mini haul - MAC #7 lashes and Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass gloss

I went shopping with mom and got her some late Mother`s Day presents too, here in Poland Mother`s Day is May 26th, btw. For myself I got ZARA shorts and Vero Moda striped long tshirt and a cute cropped short jacket! And in MAC finally the famous #7 lashes and Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass lipgloss. ^^* I really like dazzleglasses on their own or on top of lipsticks! :D Me and mom ate delicious food in Bali themed restaurant, yummmm! 

Very curled! They look so natural on my eyes, I was surprised :o only the outer corners show :O Very subtle - IMO. ;D I like the MAC container though. My first MAC lashes, they ar 50pln a pair here. Zomg. 

And my other dazzleglasses, sugarrimmed, moth to flame and babysparks. LOVE THEM ALL!
Guh, it`s monday, but I can not wait for the weekend already... (=_=`)
It`s already June.... can`t believe how fast time goes by...
Soon it will be hot, I guess, but now it`s just raining like crazy and we actually have a bad flood in some regions of Poland (not where I live though) and I will introduce a good antiperspirant, noone like being sweaty right? :3

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Extravaganza mascara - review and photo presentation

Hello girls!  How`s life? I`m looking for something to occupy me, because apart from work I am at home sleeping, which is no fun really. Any sudgestions? I was thinking yoga classes maybe, I love yoga~ 

But, I thought I will do a review of this mascara I got recently. It is Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Extravaganza mascara in the black packaging, meaning it is NOT waterproof. See how it works!

Bare eye looking straight and from above - as you can see, the lashes are there and are rather long, but they are soooo thin and light, they are hard to notice without mascara. They are more visible in real life than those washed out photos actually xD But you can see you I like to use mascara and why I want it to make my lashes thick! (I feel like lenght is already there).

Now those are top lashes with ONE layer of HR  Lash Queen Feline Extravaganza mascara on. As you can see, there is a big difference in color and thickness! I look like I have lashes finally! xD View from the front and looking up - as you can see there are no clumps and the brush, even thought it feels big to me, separates lashes well. ^^* When I add more layers, some clumps appear, but not many and they are easy to brush out with the macara brush. Works really well.

Bottom lashes done.
Like I said before, the brush is a bit big, I almost always make some mess, but take it off with a cotton swab and it comes off easily. Besides usually I have some eyeshadow and\or eyeliner and even if I make some mess it is really easy to remove or just blend into the dark eyeshadow surrounding my lashes. ^^v (<-cheat!)

comparison, top lashes on right eye done, one layer of mascara, no curling, (lol, looks so freaky... my natural lashes are nice, but super thin and light colored!!)

comparison, right eye top and bottom lashes, one layer of mascara

both eyes done, one layer of mascara only

So, to sum it up with a small review, I really really like this mascara
PROs: it gives really great volume, blackness and makes lashes look longer too / overall great volumising mascara / I love the packaging meow / the brush although big, works really well / never had a problem with it smudging or falling of.
CONs: kind of expensive / is not waterproof (but there is also waterproof version I just got the regular one lol) / big brush can be a con too for some people.
My thoughts: I think this will work perfectly for people who have medium/long lashes and need volume and oompf! effect. As you can see, just one layer of mascara can make such a big difference! But if you have very short lashes or short and thick lashes, it won`t make them look much longer, just thicker... I am not sure if there are fibers in it, but it won`t lengthen your lashes like some other mascaras (fiber wig or those crazy chinese mascaras). This works wonders for volume though!! Other than than, the packaging is love! The price differs depending on where you buy it, but it is in the 20-30$ range (in Poland at least). One layer looks much better than any Maybelline, etc. drugstore brand mascara I ever used, even better than L`oreal Telescopic, which is my drugstore favourite. ^^ 

Oh, and because I`m a dork I made a mistake in naming the pictures, this mascara is of course Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Extravaganza. (not another brand). Overall, I really like it and will definitely think about repurchasing it, maybe in the waterproof version this time. I hope my review helped!
Take care! <3

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

nail polish haul: China Glaze - Poolside collection

My China Glaze, Poolside collection, nail polishes arrived! Yay!Maybe I was busy with something else, but I thought they arrived really fast!? (^_^*\) I ordered them from Js Beauty Shop on eBay and the prices and shipping cost were very affordable (a bargain even, especially to Europe). I plan to get one more nail polish soon, this Chanel nail polish dupe called "for Audrey". But anyway.... the Poolside colleciton is REALLY NEON. (*0*)

OMG, the photos don`t show it at all, those colors are so neon they literally POKE you in the eyes if you look a second too long! xD Crazy! I feel like they are safer for pedicure, because my toenails are further away from my eyes than my finger nails, so the eye poking won`t be so strong (I think, but I`m no rocket scientists, lol). The finish of those nail polishes is matte and they are really really crazy bright neon colors, the photos don`t show that at all. Imagine what you see in the photos but brightness times 3. :o

The color names are cute too, this is bright neon pink, called Pool Party. The most obvious color, super bright neon pink. Would look really great with darker skin tones too~ (*_*)

Flip Flop Fantasy, which is a super bright coral/orange color, kind of makes me think of that "toxic, do not touch" warning color? I have it on my nails now and I literally feel like it can be seen from 100 meters away... So bright it`s crazy! 

Towel Boy Toy, love the name, the least neon of all those colors, also has a bit of pearl shine to it. Not as bright as the first too, but still bright and cute!

Oh, looks completely different than this photo (=_=) It`s much brighter and neon! this is called Kiwi Cool-ada and I will be definitely using it a lot!

This color is called Sun Worshiper and it`s a neon yellowish orange, very pretty and original color! I will give it a try. I didn`t order the 6th one from this collection because it is too yellow for me and I rarely wear yellow on my nails, I jsut don`t like it too much. But this is tangerine color, so I`ll give it a try!

I have the Flip Flop Fantasy on my nails now, with a top coat from INGLOT and so far it lasted a day and a half without any chipping or problems. I think those colors would be great for pedicures! And if you keep your outfit monotone, like I often do, it would also look great as a point color on your nails! And if you like neon, you must get this, I cannot stress how crazy neon those are. xD I find that 2 layers are enough and they are opaque, 3 layers would also work.

love it or hate it, they are neon and I can not capture it in photos :/

And I feel rather poop-y recently, but here`s a mobile phone photo of me:
Why exactly are those wide t-shirts with funky sleeves called dollman t-shirts? If that also the name for them in english? I am wearing a cool black and white t-shirt like that from a nice korean brand Codes Combine. This was me leaving for work around 8am!

Monday, May 24, 2010

MAC "To the Beach" pages and cover / Vivi 2010.07

First of all, I got a formspring account: You can ask me (almost) anything you are curious about there. ^^* It is also linked permanently in the right column.

And now onto the entry. I really like japanese magazines! There are many reasons... I was once asked if I like them, because I want to look like the models (asian), which is NOT the case. ;) I am 100% happy with my caucasian features. ;) I can appreciate beauty of all races and colors though, but it doesn't mean I hate on mine - a problem so common among young people nowadays. : /
Anywhoo, if you were wondering, I like japanese magazines because:
1) the fashion is ADORABLEEEEE and the page layout is packed full of coordinates, but easy to navigate - there is much more content than in western magazines!
2) the makeup and fashion advice is MUCH MORE detailed, which is great! It often irks me, how in western magazines they show only before and after face and you are left to guess how to draw the lines and apply everything with a few lackluster sentences (>_>?) Pointless!
3) each magazine has a distinct and unique style, which makes it easy to be inspired in the style YOU like. If you like colorful young gyaru style, go for EGG or Ranzuki, if you prefer celeb-style get Vivi or JELLY, if you like koakuma and sexy styles, Happie nuts and Ageha is for you. And for the most casual and toned down, but trendy gal fashion, get BLENDA or Scawaii. The variety is amazing! :D
4) they are just full of "KAWAII", cuteness overload, just looking at them makes me feel happier ^^*

This is the most recent cover of Vivi magazine (2010.07) So many models on the cover - my favourite is Marie! There is a super cute layout on MAC's To The Beach collection (Japan always gets MAC collections very late). I love how they photographed the cosmetics! The shell on the cover casts a shadow on the pans... adorable~ And speaking of TTB, I don't really want anything from this collection except the green eyeshadow, called Sweet and Punchy. Will I get it??? We'll see. So that's all and enjoy the scans!

BTW, today I wore fake lashes for the first time in forever! Of course I didn't have time to apply them in the morning, but I used my Hello Kitty fake lashes case and took DUO glue with me. At home I cut up one pair of simple cross-type into 2 pieces and then at work glued on one half to each eye. It is a very natural and subtle effect (you probably wouldn't be able to tell I'm wearing fake lashes), but it makes me feel so much better. And lashes are like kind of a shield. Make me feel stronger and happier. Who cares about trouble and stress. My fake lashes will blow it all away! ;) (or so I hope)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

ebay shopping: Missha Perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil!

Another nice thing came in the mail~ Finally I repurchased my favourite makeup remover - Missha cleansing oil! It just feels so soft and fresh on skin, smells wonderful, so fruity and good but not too strong (like grapefruits?). It removes my makeup perfectly, even bb cream, eyeliner, all kinds of mascaras and I can massage my face while I clean it. :) After this oil I use the Hadalabo Gokujun face wash I got recently, or some other face wash. ^^* W-washing! 

I got some Missha samples and a cute letter from the eBay seller, I got it from Bello-girl @ eBay. She warned me the shipping might take longer because of the trouble cause by the volcanic ash over Europe, but it got here in about a week. The service was very good and I am happy I could finally get my cleansing oil... Honestly, the two things I like most about makeup is applying it and removing it. xDD Wearing it is like a bonus, applying and removing is the real fun. And then skincare~ <3

So yeah, if you are looking for a new, good thing to remove your makeup, I definitely recommend this Missha oil!! <33 I love it and  it`s a repurchase for me. ^^* What do you use to remove makeup now?? *curious*

Saturday at work was unexpectedly tough for many reasons, mainly the 6th day at work in a week and other stuff. After talking to people for 5h, my tongue just started boycotting me and I couldn`t talk. Taking it slow today though. Made a spinach & blue cheese pasta. Tried to get some tan on my legs (with filters!). And just trying to relax more...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ichibankao skincare haul ^^*

I reened to buy refils for my skincare routine, so I ordered from Ichibankao! The products I ordered re not on their website, but they are easily available in every japanese drugstore, so I asked them for a quote, they replied and I ordered my stuff! :D Their service is really great! And since I was already ordering from another continent I decided to get a tiny bit of color cosmetics too.

I got Hadalabo Gokujun series milk, toner, sheet masks (not in this photo) and face wash!
And the extra cosmetics are Kanebo KATE Gradical Eyes palette in GD-1 and a new product from Canmake, called Shimagelic Eyes (lol) in 02 sugar milk tea. It`s basically a gel glittery eyeshadow/eyeshadow base. The color of the container is the color you get (it said so on the container).
I already have the KATE palette in BR-1 and I looooove it, it`s so long lasting, the color payoff is great and they are shimmery and just look great, and for the great price you get a shimmery cream base and 4 eyeshadow colors! :D But, if I understand corectly, recently the line was remodeled and the eyeshadows are a bit different, this GD-1 palette is definitely different than my BR-1 and I don`t know if it`s because it`s a different color or if it`s because of the line renewal. One big diference is the text on the box and the cream base is not as shimmery. Still nice though! I want all of the colors from this (*_*)

It looks shimmery and pretty on eyelids! I like shimmery and glittery stuff, so for me this is subtle... ;) It has multicolored smal glitter pieces and the cream is light warm beige, well, like sugar milk tea indeed, with a lot of milk! It says it`s waterproof, I apply it and blend it in with my finger and apply some eyeshadows on top (beige/brown nudy ones mostly). It lasts all day. :D

The palette is nice, really golden/yellow, especially the golden eyeshadow. The white and the browns are regular and pretty, warm and not too strong.

Those are the shadows only, without the cream base. Really pretty colors! :D Pigmented too. And shimmery. :) It`s recommended. I think i would recommend BR-1 more than this, but if you like yellon/golden shades more than rather nudy natural lovely browns, then go for GD-1! :)

I have to work saturday this week, so that`s all for now and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rain, rain, go away.... and my simple makeup life recently ;)

(on the left it`s is me just before leaving for work on hmmm thursday? I also applied MAC Creme Cup after taking this photo, which I`ve been using all week long and enjoying it lots ;) I need to cut my fringe! D:)
Recently I am just using the things I bought recently and not buying new things, except a couple nail polishes (China Glaze - Poolside collection! :D) and buying refills for my skincare routine (Hadalabo Gokujun series toner, milk and also sheet face masks and face wash for the first time :D). I am waiting for those things to arrive.
I keep my everyday makeup rather simple too, as always I like very well defined lashes and winged eyeliner, but I don`t have enough time to wear fake lashes before work, too bad, I love fake lashes! ;D 

The only possibly partially exciting thing I`ve been doing is wearing light moss green or light lily colored eyeshadow instead of my usual golden/beinge/brown nudy eyeshadows. I am using THE FACE SHOP (korean brand) pigment Shiny Green for green eyeshadow, and MAC`s Lovely Lily pigment for the lily/purple look. I should take photos of those shadows... I also used Push The Edge purple pigment for bottom lash line :D The purple eyeshadows look really good with green eyes. ^^* Tried to snap some pics for you:

THE FACE SHOP shiny green pigment!

MAC lovely lily and push the edge pigments, applied dry

I also repurchased this, in bigger size this time, 500ml:
I really like this BIODERMA Sensibio micelle solution! It never irritates, it feels like clean water, but it  removes all kinds of makeup! Even my mascara (but it is not a waterproof mascara though). When I get home after work and just want to have my face clean, but don`t feel like washing it and getting my hair wet (somehow it always happens lol), so I just use 2 cotton pads and Sensibio micelle solution, and all makeup is gone and my face feels clean and fresh! :D I love it!! I think I should buy a small plastic container, like the ones Sephora offers, and carry this around with me, so that if I stay overnight somewhere, I have all I need to remove makeup in my bag, in one small bottle. :D How convenient would that be! 

Talking about nails. This is my manicure now, China Glaze Recycle with INGOT`s holographic blue on top (sorry for the blurry pic). Looks kind of nice and fits the weather too, it`s been raining all may long in Poland!! D: Can we have nice summery weather already please? It`s been literally raining every day, it`s so gloom and everyone`s sleepy... In anticipation of warmer days, I ordered the whole Poolside collection, except Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, because I would never wear yellow on my nails anyway, makes me somehow think of reptiles?? xD See swatches here! NEON! <3 Hope they arrive soon! :D

Ah, it just started raining again! (T__T) Where are you summer? (O_o?)

I am finishing watchin Spartacus: Blood and Sand in the mean time, and I am loving it! So brutal though! But a great drama overall. <3

Saturday, May 8, 2010

haul: Sephora brush, MUFEconcealer, MAC MSF natural & HR mascara!

Before I go to the post, let me say thank You to beautiful Hana, Alanna and Mitsu for mentioning my blog! I looove your blogs too! And my blog was supposed to be a place to write about my makeup and I am happy and surprised that people actually like to read it. Thank you all so very much! <3 I will do my best to come up with good reviews and more tutorials! :D So and read their blogs, they are the best. :)

So, I`ve gone shopping recently after work, to hunt down a much needed new mascara, concealer and mineral powders I was thinking about for a couple months now. First I went to Sephora to get the mascara I saw there last time, Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Blacks Mascara. It doesn`t say it`s waterproof, but it doesn`t smudge, crumble or fall off my lashes in any way and it really gives them this oomphf! volume :D I really like it, and it`s easy to remove too, comes off with Sensibio micelle solution for example, very glad I bought it. The only minus for me would be the big brush, which  I`m not used to, but I can learn to work with it. Diorshow mascara brush, on the other hand, was too huge for me and I wasn`t even able to use it, lol. I got spoiled by the little flexible silicone brushes that are so easy to use! (You must try L`oreal Telescopic if you haven`t!) And the other obvious minus would be it`s not waterproof - but there is also a waterproof version, the golden one, I just picked this because I liked the packaging and I`m not going scuba divin wearing mascara anyway. 

Then I also went to see their brushes, and since I was thinking about getting mineralize skinfinish natural powder from MAC, I went ahead and got the Sephora retractable powder brush, to carry around in my bag. :D The brush is soft and thick and it`s OK. It`s good quality for the money - it was not expensive. There were also sephora lip liners on sale for 5pln (less than 2$) so I took a nude pink one too. 

Then another day, I went shopping again, to finally give mineralize skinfinish natural a try and I also went to check what`s in other stores and also went to another Sephora again to think look at concealers. My coworkers, with typical to their nationality (not polish) delicacy, ask me everyday "have you been crying?! because your eyes look like you were", ummm.... No I haven`t, I just have deep set green eyes and heavy lids, can I live?! xD LOL, but anyway, I was running out of MAC select moisturecover, so I was thinking about getting the famous YSL concealer, but the MA at Sephora said that if I want coverage too, not only brightening, I should try this Makeup Forever concealer, and she showed it it me, and I bought it! ;D So my haul from the second day looks like this:

The concealer has original packaging, the MA tried to convince me this is more hygienic than a brush dispender, but I don`t really see how. Oh, and it`s paraben free btw, so that`s good. Using it now and will let you know how I like it in a moment. I got it in color 315. I found a quote about this concealer from MUFE makeup artist: “It has a silicone tip to make it gentler to use.  For makeup artists, all they need to do is to disinfect it with 99% alcohol and it’s ready to use for the next person. The product is  always fresh and clean as it does not get exposed to air until it comes out of the hole on the tip. The concealer is very hydrating and won’t creep and crease :)

Now, I got 2 of MAC`s mineralize skin finish natural, because I saw them being used for finishing face and shading (or just this instead of foundation even!) in Happie Nuts makeup section once. 

I like this sculpted effect! I wanted to get sth for shading for a while now and I heard mineralize skinfinish natural is good~ I was suggested medium and medium deep colors and I got them and they are about right, medium could be a tiny bit lighter for my taste, but I mean, it looks very natural on me. Mineralize skin finish natural is a "luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day." according to MAC website. I did`t really use powder to set my makeup recently, because my skin is dry, but recently it started to get better and anyway I had the idea of using this more like a foundation than a powder. I touched up my face with this yesterday in the evening after work and before drinks and it looked great, like I reapplied my whole makeup again, skin just looks smooth and photoshopped after it! (btw, I don`t photoshop my pictures because I`m too lazy! xD) It`s a very nice mineral powder. I can be also used wet of you fancy that. ;) I got a darker one too for shading, below is my FOTD when I bought them, I applied just a tiny bit of it and blended well :D They look a little bit shimmery in the pan, but they are natural matte applied. Doesn`t the skin in this photo look photoshopped almost?! 

(btw, I was testing the darker shade on my decolte, can you see? the lighter one is the same color as my skin)
I have on: missha oriental herbs bb cream shade #1, MUFE concealer in 315 under eyes, MAC mineralize skinfinish natural in medium and medium deep, MAC blacktrack get eyeliner, kanebo KATE gradical eyes BR-1 eyeshadows, Helena Rubinstein Feline Black mascara, sephora lip liner and MAC Creme Cup on top, KATE eyebrow powder.... that`s all I guess?
This is me after work I just put on the MSFN to try it out and it looked pretty good! :D

Will make a review later when I use all this for a while too. Bye and hugs! :)