Monday, December 6, 2010

Recommend me blogs to read! And random entry!

Hello hello! ┌(・。・)┘♪└(・。・)┐♪┌(・。・)┘

The winter is here guys, sooo much snow, everyday around minus -10C degrees and so on... but it is lovely.
On friday I met with my best friend Gosia and we went to eat mexican, but that's how the streets looked! 

Everybody is all zipped up and dressed warm, good thing I bought a big and warm ZARA down jacket last saturday, I would die without it... But with it, I can even wear thin clothing, because once I put on the down jacket, I AM WARM! (≧∇≦)ぶぁっはっはっ!!Take that winter, lol

Just some random deko in from of a restaurant, soooo pretty~ The only people getting excited over this was a 3 years old kid and me and my friend (26yo), lol.... (* ̄∇ ̄*) エヘヘ Kinda retarded, I know, but we were just so happy to meet up after such a long time! Me and my BFF now both work, so meeting up is really hard! 

Alos, my Salus order came and the hat-scart-ears-gloves thingy also came!! XD Honestly I won't wear it with my down jacket though, because then there's too much volume, making me look gigantic (=_=') But here's a small preview! When my other shopping comes, I'll post all of it! :D

lol [壁]*ノノ) キャ~ ハズカシー

Also my stupid cat's favorite place ever: the sink (followed by bathtub D:)

Also recently I came across this brand called LAZY OAF from London and I ordered 3 things from them, it just looks soooo cute and cozy, couldn't resist it... <3 They also have a blog here, I like their funky and humorous style :) I"ll show you my purchases when they arrive! For now, a preview of their style:

Hahahah, isn't that cute? ;D
Anyways, that's all today, please recommend me some good blogs to follow! <3


  1. awwwwwww I love that scarf with cat ears!! where did u buy it??? *_____*

  2. oeps I failed :p hopefully all links work now

    self promotion xD
    Cotton Candy (my blog)

    Also you should check Sara Mari's link list: links

    And just a small collection I that is always readable (as in: interesting old posts)
    Doe Deere Blogazine(you like make up and she is the founder of a makeup line)
    Girly style memo (tsilli)(girly pictures = always nice)
    Hyperbole and a half(it's funny especially the moving/dog story xD)
    Violet le Beaux (she is sweet and cute tutorials) related but even interesting if you don't like the style)

    (I was working on my links list XD)
    And the rest of interesting blog you already have in your blog list :p

  3. Aww, you look so cute with cat ears!
    Hmm, what kind of blogs are you looking for?
    If you like crazy colorful B-gal posts from time to time, here:
    It´s like going to Anap, the on-line version.

    And self-pimping XD

  4. you look so cute as usual <3!! I'd want some recommendations for fashion blogs :P!

  5. Hiki☆
    I ordered it from SALUS ( with the help of the lovely shopping service - it4-u (! If you can, find more fluffy ones from japanese gyaru brands! :D

    Ooooh, so many links!! Thank you so much! I will go throught them tomorrow at work as my home internet is rather slow recently! And of course I will be following your blog too! :D I`m already following Mitsu and SaraMari (her link list should be interesting too)!
    <3 Thanks!

    Sooooo not age appropriate though... xD I`m not kawaii enough for this, dayum. xD Anyway, it is rather funny and I enjoy it ;D I will definitely check out any blog You find interesting <3333 And I`m already following You, and everyone loving great style should!

    Thanks! Check out the blogs I`m following and then lets see all the blogs other lovely commenters post :)

  6. Aww your cat is so cute. chch :3

    hmhm...I'll look what you may like. :>
    - You know violet? I think she makes awesome tutorials and has a great style! *~*
    - She does very nice experimental make-ups, good for an inspiration!
    - full of cute things<3~
    and this is my livejournal: :P

  7. hi! I can see that you love Kawaii style. May I know your ethnicity? You look really cute with your current hair really. I have a blog too~

    have you checked she's a beautiful korean!

  8. nettemarmelade☆
    Thank you for many links! :D I will be checking them out! :D Thank you for the comment!

    I live in Poland and as far as I know my family is all polish, I am caucasian! XD I will check out the blog you recommended and read yours too! :) Thank you for the comment!

  9. oeps sorry xD I missed Mitsu in your linklist :p
    and I saw you follow Sara Mari, but I wasn't sure you knew about her link list. That would be the first place I would look if I needed new blogs haha.. its huuuuuugeeee and I know lots of ladies I follow are in that list ;)

    and thank you for following :D *happy*

  10. yeahhhh i have just orderer the same scarf in beige at Makiko shop. ^^ That's so cuuuuuuute <3

    Then I follow too much blogs i don't know where to start...xD

  11. Your hat-ear-scarf thing is sooo cute. XD I've seen it around a lot... I want one now. :(

  12. you can check out mine,
    i just stumbled upon your blog and cant stop browsing haha
    love ur make up reviews and all the other news !