Monday, February 22, 2010

FOTD & trying to organise cosmetics more

Hey guys! 
Lovely weather here, around 0 to 3-4 degrees here and tons of sun! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
I am spending the day at home writing my paper (ノω・、) and doing some small shopping in my town, so today my makeup is very light and natural, breathable and feels like I have almost nothing on! Here`s the face and what I used! What kind of makeup do you do when you don`t go out other than grocery shopping, etc?

FOTD. (the flash whitened everything out a bit, but I hope you can see ^^`) After washing and toning my face I used Embryolisse cream and after my skin absorbed it all I used Laura Mercier hydrating primer and Missha Oriental Herbs BB cream (the lighter color). Now, I wanted to make the BB cream a bit darker, so I used the Max Factor powder in medium beige (my moms) all over my face to slightly darken my skin. On cheeks I used REVLON perfectly natural blush in #204 (apricot glow), which is orange-ish and I love it (^ε^*)♪ Added a bit of MSF Porcelain Pink on top of my cheek bones! For eyebrows (mine are invisible, so little hair =.=`) I used KATE eyebrow palette (the lighter one) and Palty eyebrow mascara in Milk Tea brown and on eyes just Telescopic mascara and CHANEL Ombre D`eau eyeshadow in white, it brightens up eyes and is just lovely. Just balm on lips because they are too dry for anything. (;_;`) See the cosmetics I used below. I also used MAC select moisturecover in NC20, which is not in the photo, same as the Chanel fluid eyeshadow.

And about the little organising I did, when I went shopping, I actually bought two small containers and organised my primers, concealers and 2 most used bb creams in one box; and powders and blushes in the other one. I need a place to buy nice containers, preferably small plastic cabinets with shelves, so that my stuff is safe from dust and organised! Maybe they have something like I need in IKEA? *wonders* I put those boxes in my big shelf for now.

Also, I ordered so much stuff this month... D: I decided to put a note on my desktop and write down everything I bought with the price, so it will stop me from going crazy with spending money. xDD I don`t buy a lot at the same time, but when you buy 1 or 2 things every couple days after a whole month you get sooooo much stuff! Just this month, I already bought or ordered a lot of sheet masks, lots of other small stuff, china glaze nail polish in recycle, Creme Cup from Mac, the BB cream, Canmake blushes and Visee palette and on top of that 2 lip tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.... 8DDDDD Can`t wait for it all to arrive~ 
That`s all! ♡


  1. O, jesteś blondynką? Zupełnie inaczej wyglądasz ^^

  2. Jestem juz praktycznie od wakacji ;D
    I do tego obcielam wlosy - nawet nie dotykaja ramion, a z tylu sa jeszcze krotsze. :3

    Uznam ze twoj komentarz to komplement xD

  3. Your so pretty and you make is very light and natural:)
    I suppose on my off days when Im not doing much,I always start with Embryolisse creamXD and I tend to wear basic so just concealer,powder,browns,eyeshadow,mascara and blush but that depends on if I can be bothered.I do go out without sometimes or with just concealer and powder.
    I would wear founadtion or a tinted moisteriser but my colourstay feels too heavy for my off days from work.So Im currently on the look out for a lighter coverage foundation,was thinking about Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer or maybe trying the Bb cream you use,is it pinkish at all?

    As for storage,they do have something like that at ikea:D I looked on there a couple of months back.

    Can't seem to find the one I was looking at before thou.

  4. Mada I love your Make up Blog ! There are so myn usefull Intformations, I hope you will post more and more ^^ Also maybe about how to clean your face after using all ( well not that much xD ) Make up.. I have always Problems with that.. but anyways, I need to buy new BB Cream >_<
    Keep on blogging :DDD

  5. Alanna☆
    Thanks for the links, I wanted to go to IKEA to look. ^^ Ususally when I know I will be home all day I just do skincare and let my skin rest from makeup, but sometime during the day I get bored and do some makuup... xD The BB cream is a bit pinkish, but it`s very light and the idea of bb cream is to use just a little bit and let it match your skin tone, so maybe it will word for You? There are soooo many bb creams to choose from :o

    Thanks! That means a lot to me. :D <333 I just write what I learned and worked for me, it might be different for others, but hearing advice and opinions is always good, right? ;3 About face cleansing I believe in double or triple cleansing!! xD Removing makeup and washing face (and sometimes exfoliating) are all very important and separate steps for me! :) I will work on a post about that. <3 Hugs

  6. thank you !!! that would be great !
    I think that´s a good advice, but sometimes I am so lazy to clean my face once.. or twice xD
    also posts about your eyebrows would be nice to read, they look so nice all the time :)
    *rehug* :333