Sunday, February 28, 2010

new: MAC blush ombre

On friday I went to Warsaw and decided to get one thing from the SPRING FORECAST collection at MAC, which was launched in Poland on thursday (18.02). I know MAC has a lot of fans who buy tons of new things with every collection, but I only want to buy things I will really use a lot and basically the only thing that caught my eye from the start was the blush ombre in Ripe Peach!  It is a super cute coral colors mix. *^^* 

night time, desk lamp

night time, desk lamp (click to enlarge!)

morning, with flash, pretty true to color, byuuuutiful ;D

MAC website says "A powder blush featuring a shade wave of gentle ombre hues. Ultra-fine formula provides the cheeks with flawless, medium-buildable coverage and lightly pearled, natural-looking radiance. Limited edition.9 g / 0.31 US OZ" It is 25$ in USA and 113pln here (which equals 38$, expensive!). It`s Limited Edition so I figured - even if I didn`t like it after trying it I could always swap it for something else (it seems sold out in most of USA and people still want it), but no way am I parting with this baby! (*^0^)/

Actually, I bought 4 of them!! Azalea Blossom, Vintage Grape and Ripe Peach times 2 - but actually only one Ripe Peach was for me. The rest was me shopping for someone else. *^^* How nice of me! (lol) Recently I`ve developed a weird case of loving mostly cheek products, and guys, I really like Ripe Peach! :D It has a peachy pearly/frosty finish (but it`s way finer than MSFs!) and the 3 colors (orange, coral and both of them mixed) are really flattering on light skin like mine and I imagine it must look just perfect on a tanned or dark skin~ I will use it heavily in summer... ;D Well done MAC! I actually liked the Springshine blush ombre too, in person! I think it would be an amazing bronzer! :D And I`m now thinking if I should get Azalea Blossom too... :o Should I get Azalea Blossom too? (I am going to do a no buy march, wish me luck)!

Ripe Peach - blush ombre from MAC

They are pearly, so they light up the whole face~ So happy I bought it after all. ^^*
Here is a nice post about all the colors! And another one. Damn the color fade in ombres is pretty! (*_*)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

China Glaze - Recycle (nail polish)

Matte and gray nail polishes appeared a lot in magazines some time ago, and I really liked then, but somehow never had a chance to get one! It doesn`t help they weren`t too popular here in Poland neither. But recently I got the one I wanted from eBay ;) It`s China Glaze nail polish in Recycle!


no flash

I feel like this color is darker in reality, and it has some blue-ish undertones and just looks hm, muddy! And all this sums up to a very interesting color I enjoy everyday recently. Even my mom said it`s a cute color, and it was quite surprising, that my older mom aproves and even likes a color like this for nails. Yay for my mom & yay for china glaze`s recycle! 
I am so getting their Pool Side nail polishes! >:D

Friday, February 26, 2010

`Canmake cream cheek` swatches (#1 and #4)

It`s the swatches and pre-review time for Canmake cream blushes! ;D (It`s a pre-review, because I got just got them and we`ll see if I use them a lot and like them.) So lets get down to the business, photos and my notes.

Canmake Cream Blush #1 and #4

Desk lamp at night, the plastic wrap (for safety) has cute heart deco. It claims ポッと発色 ツヤツヤほっぺ♡ とろけてさらさら仕上げ, which is bright color (shows well on skin), shiny cheeks & it melts and creates a smooth finish. I would say all of this is true - it`s a cream cheek blush with little and rather subtle sparkling glitter in it (though the orange one had more of those, the pink one less), and after application it feels like it turns into a powder, so it looks smooth and shiny at the same time. ^^* Well done. I think it could be applied with a brush too, for  a more even color.

Desk lamp at night, click on the photo and see the glitter.

Bright daylight on a winter morning (colors are a bit washed out), vitamin orange is really orange xD and the pink is a bit peachy baby pink. Adorbs! 

On fingers - see it`s pretty pigmented, but it blends out well, don`t worry. ^^

Swatched on my wrist. The colors are a little bit washed out because of the bright cold daylight. It could be blended out more for  a more delicate effect, but I wanted the swatches to show on camera. They are pretty pigmented, and I guess younger japanese girls love it - they are all about a dolly look, they apply lots of baby pink blush to the very center of their cheeks. (A super nice girl working at Chika Ikkai club in Osaka for example.) Of course this is not suitable for work, but it`s popular among younger girls. ^^

And same swatches with a flash! See how sparkly they are? Personally I like sparkly shiny makeup, so I don`t mind, but if you are a 100% matte type of girl I guess you wouldn`t like the orange - it has more glitter. You would maybe like the pink. But if you don`t mind shine on your cheeks, you`d love these. Again, you could blend them more, use less, for a more subtle effect, those are just swatches, I think I would apply less on my cheeks anyway.
Overall, I`m excited to play with it! :DD Sparkly ans cute, just looking at it makes me smile. ^^* I am wearing the orange one right now and it does not look crazy on cheeks, it`s very delicate and super cute, I think it would look amazing on women of color and tanned skin, but I`m pretty pale and it looks cute. If you wanted you could of course apply it all opaque and extra carrot xD but generally it is really useable and so cheap too. ;D It really melts into skin and looks natral and healthy. Loves it. :3
It`s cheap and cute, I think I might buy other colors too and/or backups for those colors. :D It seems like a perfect product for summer, to just throw in your bag and go anywhere with it :D

BTW, Tsubasa Matsuwaka produced a brand called Candy Doll, and their new products for this spring are orange blush and warm peach beige highlighter, the difference is her orange blush is powder blush and I don`t think it`s that shiny. They put up instructions about where to apply the blush and here they are:

And she recommends to just pat the blush in the center of your cheeks. I still need to experiment and find my favorite way to apply it of course. ^^* There is also a very helpful page in latest Ray magazine on applying blush different for specific colors, which I LOVED so much I had to share it with you all:

I think this is soooooooo helpful, will definitely listen to this good advice! ☆ 
Hope the swatches were helpful and tell me your current blush and how you apply it! 
(BTW, I am thinking of getting Sigma face set makeup brushes! Need more!)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tiny Sephora and Canmake haul *^^* Canmake Cream Cheek intro

Hi guys! (Czesc Gosia ;D)

Yesterday a small letter arrived from Japan and inside were my 2 Canmake cream blushers! I ordered colors #1 and #4 from ichibankao and as always they arrived safe and quickly. And since I went to Warsaw to meet up with my dear girl friends and get updates yesterday♡, I bought a lipstick brush at Sephora too. It`s not retractable, but it is very soft and looks well made, all black and sleek and it was affordable - 25pln only (8,45usd)! I will look for a retractable lipstick brush too at another time, yesterday I also went to look at drug stores (none) and INGLOT too, but it was 65pln. I didn`t even go to MAC, because it would be even more expensive I guess... I wasn`t ready to spend this much on a lip brush, since first I want to see if I will even use it regularly; If I do, I will invest in a good retractable one I can carry around too. BTW, the shop girls in Sephora were so nice yesterday, I`m impressed. Good service is 60% of success. ;) 

BTW, they are having this promotion on Sephora makeup in march - with a purchase over 59pln you get a 10pln discount (Sephora brand items only). I also got a tester (smoothing primer), I used this once and quite liked it when I had mixed skin, but I`m not sure if it will work for my dry skin now..? And I`m not a big fan of this silicone-y film feeling on skin neither. D: Here`s my tiny haul:

My VW hand towel is a nice background, eh? ; )

Ichibankao also sent me a generous sample of Kanebo Blanchir Superior cream soap, yay! Whitening face cleanser, how did they know the things I want to invest in next are 1) a good eye cream 2) whitening skin care? lol (And I mean invest, I`m looking into Estee Lauder eye creams and serums, got to save up!) The Blanchir Superior soap is super creamy and foams up like crazy, the foam feels really soft and nice and when I washed it of my face was literally squeaky clean. Also feels like 15ml will go a long way! So, thank You ichibankao, I`ll enjoy it. ^^ Who doesn`t love freebies and testers! ☆

My EOTD yesterday! I cut up volume-type lashes and glued on 3 cut up pieces on outer corner of each eye. I used MAC gel eyeliner, Rimmel sexy curves mascara, Visee palette in A-2 and CHANEL ombre d`eau in white as my base. On brows, KATE eyebrow palette, BiBo eyebrow pencil and Palty eyebrow mascara. ^^ Missha Oriental Herbs BB cream and MAC select moisture cover in NC20, no powder (skin too dry and the bb cream has a powdery finish alredy)

I think I will make a separate entry about the blushes, they are so cute! The diamond-like polished boxed are cute and light, the blushes look sparkly (#1 the pink one is not as sparkly as #4 the orange one). They are cream blushes, but after applying and massaging into skin they turn into powder consistency. They spread easily and sparkle delicately, it just looks like a natural flush, healthy... and the orange color is a challenge! xD I also think they would work great as eyeshadows and lipstick because they are creamy yet powdery after application! (I applied the pink one to my lips, it was 100% covering and matte, such a pretty baby pink color too~ I topped it with a KATE pink sparkly gloss and wow, was I surprised :o Looked so nice! And stayed on really well too.)

Canmake cream cheek #4 and #1.

BTW, I have a new phone, Samsung Avila, it came free with my 2y contract. ^^* It`s a touch screen phone (plays music well and you can watch movies on it too). I`m still getting used to it, but it has a triple screen so I had to use all my favorite JELLY girls as wallpaper! :D

Recently I`m on a big Kato Miliyah kick, looove her voice, lyrics and fashion style! ☆ マジで可愛い過ぎますね♡ If you don`t know her, here`s a sample:

Monday, February 22, 2010

FOTD & trying to organise cosmetics more

Hey guys! 
Lovely weather here, around 0 to 3-4 degrees here and tons of sun! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
I am spending the day at home writing my paper (ノω・、) and doing some small shopping in my town, so today my makeup is very light and natural, breathable and feels like I have almost nothing on! Here`s the face and what I used! What kind of makeup do you do when you don`t go out other than grocery shopping, etc?

FOTD. (the flash whitened everything out a bit, but I hope you can see ^^`) After washing and toning my face I used Embryolisse cream and after my skin absorbed it all I used Laura Mercier hydrating primer and Missha Oriental Herbs BB cream (the lighter color). Now, I wanted to make the BB cream a bit darker, so I used the Max Factor powder in medium beige (my moms) all over my face to slightly darken my skin. On cheeks I used REVLON perfectly natural blush in #204 (apricot glow), which is orange-ish and I love it (^ε^*)♪ Added a bit of MSF Porcelain Pink on top of my cheek bones! For eyebrows (mine are invisible, so little hair =.=`) I used KATE eyebrow palette (the lighter one) and Palty eyebrow mascara in Milk Tea brown and on eyes just Telescopic mascara and CHANEL Ombre D`eau eyeshadow in white, it brightens up eyes and is just lovely. Just balm on lips because they are too dry for anything. (;_;`) See the cosmetics I used below. I also used MAC select moisturecover in NC20, which is not in the photo, same as the Chanel fluid eyeshadow.

And about the little organising I did, when I went shopping, I actually bought two small containers and organised my primers, concealers and 2 most used bb creams in one box; and powders and blushes in the other one. I need a place to buy nice containers, preferably small plastic cabinets with shelves, so that my stuff is safe from dust and organised! Maybe they have something like I need in IKEA? *wonders* I put those boxes in my big shelf for now.

Also, I ordered so much stuff this month... D: I decided to put a note on my desktop and write down everything I bought with the price, so it will stop me from going crazy with spending money. xDD I don`t buy a lot at the same time, but when you buy 1 or 2 things every couple days after a whole month you get sooooo much stuff! Just this month, I already bought or ordered a lot of sheet masks, lots of other small stuff, china glaze nail polish in recycle, Creme Cup from Mac, the BB cream, Canmake blushes and Visee palette and on top of that 2 lip tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.... 8DDDDD Can`t wait for it all to arrive~ 
That`s all! ♡

Sunday, February 21, 2010

INGLOT shop in NYC!?

OMG, so I didn`t even know about it, but Inglot, which is a really well known (in Poland) Polish cosmetics brand, opened a big store in NYC! I don`t really know much about the cosmetics, because I haven`t used them in a couple years, but I looove their nail polishes! You must try their nail products, cheap and really good :)
I actually went to their store at a big shopping center in Warsaw recently and looked around curious, soooo many products to chose from it`s almost overwhelming. Everything is out for people to try though, arranged by product and color, the women in the store I visited were helpful too...! but the woman who assisted me, her makeup was hmm.... not my taste. Imagine guidette kind of tan/black hair/makeup, zomg no thank you! xD please change to more professional looking people :o lol!
Anyway, lots of highly pigmented colors, give it a try I guess! ;) 

Here`s a nice tour of the shop from youtube from EnKore Makeup chanel!

Maybe I should try more Inglot products! Try their nail polish, it`s really good. And just generally proud of a polish company making international career! Yay! Apparently the brand is pretty popular in Dubai and Australia! :o They have 60 boutiques all around the world.

Friday, February 19, 2010

2010 Spring cheek colors (*^o^*)

Spring is coming! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
(it`s hard to believe with sooo much snow everywhere posted introductions for spring cheek colors from many different brands! Pink is always popular, but this spring, the new trend is orange and other vivid , "happy" colors, sparkly violet from MAC mineralize series, "orange carrot" from Candy Doll, Matsuwaka Tsubasa`s colabo cosmetics line, pastel and baby pinks and oranges from CanMake cream blushers~ It just looks so colorful, healthy and happy! ♡

BTW, did you know that CanMake cream blushers are recently always in the top 3 in ranking! For a long time it was no1 too, now they are no2 after Jill Stuart blush. ^^*

Anyway, today I ordered 2 colors, #1 peach dream☆ and #4 vitamin orange☆. Reviews say this blush has tiny pieces of glitter in it, how exciting, can`t wait for them to arrive so I can test them and review them here. Doesn`t the name vitamin orange sound so good? :D

When they come I will make a post with all my blushes - I have 2 from Revlon, 1 Canmake powder blush, 1 Canmake bronzer/highlighter set, MAC mineralize skinfinish in porcelain pink and I sometimes use my Dior lipstick in Rose Energie as cream blush, as it`s it rather sheer and looks nice on cheeks too. *^^* BTW, did any of You notice, that Revlon blushes are different in Japan and rest of the world? The blushes Revlon sells in Japan have tiny pieces of glitter and it looks so cute on skin, but when I got a Revlon blush in USA a long time ago is was matte and didn`t show up on skin at all and I threw it away... (O_o`) But the Revlon blushes I got in Japan? Love them! 
What`s up with that?

spring collection blushes fron CanMake, RMK, MAC (photos from

So, are you getting any new blushes for spring? If so, what colors? What do you thin about orange or violet for cheeks? ☆ Thanks for reading~♡ 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

JELLY & Happie Nuts april issues

Those magazines are in bookstores and conbini from Feb 17th! Love the covers! ♡
Also can you see how there are both orange (Jelly) and pink (Happie) blushes used on cover models? (Who are Koda Kumi and Sayoko Ozaki btw).

JELLY 2010.04 cover

Happie Nuts 2010.04 cover!
originally uploaded to

It`s silly though, that the issues released in february are april issues! It would make more sense if they were march issues, since they are released on 17th each month, but april... Anyway, I will probably get both those magazines but in a month, when may issues are released too, so I can get april and may HM and JELLY, all 4 issues together. *^^* Yay!

new: Kose Visee eyeshadow palette

After seeing the 2009 cosmetics ranking in JELLY (see here translated by me!) I decided to get my first Kose Visee eye shadow palette, it made 3rd place! ☆ I wanted one for a long time now, but somehow never bought it. Since I like JELLY, I decided to get the exact same shade they listed, A-2 from Brilliance Forming Eyes series. ^^* I already have the KATE palette in BR-1 (1st place with BR-3) and I really like it, and my sister also has the KATE Reflect Mirror Eyes palette (2nd place, only ours is pink) and it`s way to glittery for my taste and has little pigmentation. I don`t really know if I even want to get MAC eye shadows (4th place), they are expensive and I already have similar colors in palettes~ And Bourjois (5th place), for some reason that palette does not appeal to me at all... I know they have good products, but most of them smell like "your mom`s perfume" kind of way... maybe it`s just me? (O_o`)
But anyway, want to see photos and hear what I think about my new baby?

Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes A-2 (brown系) by KOSE

What surprised me most about this was the adorable crocodile skin pattern on the box! :D I expected it to be flat and was pleasantly surprised, it`s shiny and cute!

The colors in the palette are simple and usable, but let me get into each of them.♪ Bottom-left is the cream base, it`s very glittery, but when you put other shadows on it, it just looks really pretty and gives depth to your makeup, it doesn`t look circus kind of glittery. 笑 Top-left is a highlight color, very very sheer looking light golden-beige, I put it under my brow and in inner corner of the eye, but it`s so delicate it hardly shows, but I think it still does the job of brightening the eye, it`s just very subtle. Top-right is a really nice golden-ish and a bit orage-ish medium brown! It looks really pretty applied all over the moving part of the eyelid. *^^* It is sparkly! (I guess if you want matte finish don`t buy this palette.) Bottom-right looks really deep and nice applied above eyeliner and under bottom lashes, I think I like this color best, a bit shimmery medium brown with no orange in it, like brown mixed with ash, really lovely!
There`s also a chip to apply the eyeshadows, but I never use it, except for when I draw eyeliner like lines witht he darkest shadow - for thin lines a thin chip is better than a brush, because the shadow won`t fall off to your cheeks from a chip. (You could also use a very short brush, which I sometimes do, but both methods are good really.)

From left to right: bottom-right, top-right, top-left, bottom-left

example of makeup, I actually used just a little eyeshadow, wanted to emphasize fake fashes :D
lashes from ebay on top, customized (layered 2 pairs) and decorative eyelash on bottom :3

Re-uploaded swatch photo. ^^* See, the base color and the highlighter hardly show! (And that`s not because of my photo, they are like this in real life too).

There is a lot of product in the palette, the packaging is cute and simple (no mirror, and who uses mirrors in eyeshadow palettes anyway), 4 colors that go well together and are shimmery/glittery and quite pigmented. I would definitely love to try more Visee eyeshadows!
Do you have anything from Visee?

PS. I added a mp3 player application to this blog, so check out my favourite songs! \(^_^*)/ I love Towa Tei, m-flo and Shinichi Osawa ♡ 

Monday, February 15, 2010

☆ About me!  ☆

I added a mp3 playing application to this blog, so check out my favourite songs!
So, this is my blog about cosmetics, not about me, but I thought it would be only good manners to introduce myself to everyone who comes here to read my ramblings and follows this blog (thank you so much!). So here is a not really flattering pic of me from yesterday (the top one) and then some others:

went grocery shopping and look rather neck-less xDD

me about 20y ago, and my new hair curled with a 19mm curling iron :D

me (on the left) and my sister and friend clubbing in Seoul, summer 2009, I QUIT SMOKING btw :D

visiting Jesus Diamante in Umeda and my true dorky nature I guess xD

I don`t know what you`d want to know about me, so ask in comments if you want to. Here are some basics: 
I live in Poland, my name is Magdalena (nickname Mada), I am 25yo! I have traveled a bit around Europe, and also went to NYC, Holland, Korea and Japan, where I actually lived for 1 year as well (scholarship, I studied japanese studies @ Uni). I really like japanese and korean cosmetics as result of all this. xD I love travelling and experiencing other cultures! I like gyaru fashion and magazines, and japanese magazines are my drug of choice, but I wouldn`t really classify myself as gyaru or anything else, I`m just me. I get inspiration from many things. ☆ I can speak Polish, English, Japanese and some Korean. Right now I`m still kind of studying xD I`d like to be a translator some day.

Recently I cut my hair from very long (you can see in some photos) to a bob inspired by Mori Maya. (first and third photo^^*) I love it!

Oh, and I buy everything I review here myself and I am NOT sponsored and all the things I write here are my honest opinions. Of course it`s all my personal experience, so the cosmetics might work differently for you, don`t trust blindly everything I say, but give some things I write about a try! :) My skin type is dry (before it was mixed type), and I`m pretty light skinned (but not as light as the picture, it`s because of all the snow making me look so white), but I`m not super pale, just light natural I guess. My natural hair color is light brown or very dark blonde, it had a reddish shine in sunlight and currently I color it natural honey blonde.

I guess that`s it. I hope you enjoy my blog! ♡ All the comment and followers make me happy and give me motivation to write more, and I feel like someone is reading my blog, thank you! 
And this post is everything I will post about myself here, so rest assured, so me-me-me spamming on this blog. xDD

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Skin care advice from Frey-ja Barker! (via Pixiwoo)

Here are very interesting and informative videos, uploaded by Pixiwoo youtube chanel. Enjoy!
I want to try that Shu Uemura cleansing oil! I`m no pro, but I couldn`t agree more, cleansing and moisturizing are the most important for good skin, even for makeup, because if you have beautiful skin your makeup will also look better obviously. I try to get better all the time, no pain no gain, huh?

Too bad the cosmetics she recommends are crazy expensive, but ih well, still good advice. ;)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Laura Mercier foundation primer ・ hydrating ☆

With all the natural makeup hype everywhere I ran into new (new to me) brands! (and if you are over 20+ and done experimenting with founations that cover everything up, lol, it just looks better to look super natural, right?!) Recently the brand that I got really interested in is Laura Mercier. I want to try brands that advertise as natural makeup companies, like Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown and bb creams are also a part of the natural trend (but only for light skin unfortunately). I already have foundation, so I decided to try Laura Mercier foundation primer in hydrating version.

I don`t remember for how much I got it, but sth around 35usd. It has 50ml (or 1.70 fl. oz)in a cute simple tube and the primer itself is light pink and has a smell, but it`s not too strong and I don`t mind it. (Usually I prefer non scented cosmetics, but if they have some medicine scent of sth, I don`t mind.) The package says "Perfect for all skin types, laura mercier hydrating foundation primer creates a smooth and invisible layer to prepare and protect the skin. Your foundation will stay fresh all day. Smooth on Hydrating Primer by gently massaging into the surface of your skin. Can be applied over moisturizer or on a clean face before concealer of foundation."

Shelf life 6 months... short! D: Got to use it use quickly ;3
Like the description says, it is smooth and invisible, but feels soooo nice massaged into skin, and spreads so well! Honestly it feels more like a moisturizing lotion cream, than makeup! After I apply it to my face there is no difference in the way it looks, but make up does go on smoother and I think the best thing about it is, it really does feel hydrating, like it locks all the skin care I put on before makeup in my skin. Make up stays all day long and I think it looks a bit smoother than without laura mercier primer. I also think I can see brightening from under my foundation (bb cream). It`s a bit pricey, but I definitely like it a lot and want to get either tinted moisturizer (for summer) or Silk Creme foundation next!

So, to sum up.
Things I like about it:
★ I feel it`s indeed hydrating, my skin feels more relaxed! ★ makeup looks smooth and it stays on fine ★ it looks very natural, there is no fakeish matte, like with heavily silicone based primers ★ feels great when I apply it :D ★ it makes skin look brighter and you can see a delicate brightening up effect from under foundation :o ★ I lovethe packaging and the primer is pink xD
Things I don`t like about it:
☆ it`s expensive! ☆ wth, there is no Laura Mercier store in my country, so I have to order online and it`s harder to choose tight color if buying color cosmetics D: ☆ I wonder if I`ll be able to squeeze out all the product from the tube in the end?
If my review is not enough for you, there`s this kind of hilarious review on youtube: click ;DDD

Overall, I really really like it. It feels so good on my skin and I definitely want to try more Laura Mercier :D 7.5/10 ★★★★★★★⋆☆☆  Do you use any Laura Mercier products?! If you do please share opinions! :D

PS. I placed an order for the mysterious Vitacreme B12 cream! :O I hope it comes fast! (BTW, the prices for it are CRAZY, it actually is more economic for me to order from Japan! WTH!

Friday, February 12, 2010

MAC nudy lipstick: Creme Cup (and Myth and Siss)

I got paid yesterday and went i do a little shopping! ☆ I got MAC Creme Cup lipstick!

Since last summer, I started getting nudy lipsticks from MAC, because I saw them on gyaru all the time, and since my (now cured) addiction to 小悪魔Ageha said MAC lippies are good I went and bought Myth! Actually, it`s a funny story, I convinced my sister to get me Myth as a present, when we were in Seoul, Korea. Then I bought myself Siss in Kyoto, Japan. And yesterday I got Creme Cup from MAC in Warsaw, Poland. xD What international lipstick collection! xD Anyway, here are my nudy lipsticks from MAC:

from left Myth, Creme Cup, Siss

from left Creme Cup, Myth, Siss

Myth is pretty much almost my skin color, with a bit of very light powdery pink-beige color, if you are going for a very strong eye makeup, it works best, with a sparkling gloss over it (sth like dazzleglass from MAC) it looks great! ♡ Siss is a darker nudy beige, I use it when I want to wear natural brown/beige tones on my eyes and lips and I use orange-ish blush with it, it looks really nice and kind of "grown up" IMO. And then Creme Cup is a super cute baby pink color! :D It would look lovely with pretty much any makeup, also with natural style. For gyaru makeup it would create a cute baby face like this. Well, maybe... xD

MAC lipsticks so far have been great for me! Actually I only used gloss `till I stumbled upon those, and they made me change my mind! The quality is great, there are many different kinds of finish to try. I only tried Satin - Myth, Siss and Cremesheen - Creme Cup, Satin is a full coverage matte finish and Cremesheen is also full coverage, but more creamy and has a bit of gloss to it, really cute and moisturising. ^^* All MAC lipsticks smell like vanilla, and I don`t even like vanilla scent, but those lipsticks are OK for me! Also, MAC lipsticks are 3 g / 0.1 oz and retails for 14usd in USA! (Of course they are more expensive where I live, around 25usd... `OTL)

Anyway, get a MAC lipstick! You will not regret it! v(*^o^*)/

Coming up shopping from MAC? Definitely Viva Glam lipsticks (swatches from temptalia)! Colabo between MAC and Cindi Lauper and Lady Gaga! I want them both! :DDDD And the campaign it promotes is a good one too, safe sex and beautiful lipsticks, there`s only happiness in that mix :)
(Oh, btw, I cured my addiction to Ageha, but now I got addicted to JELLY *fail*)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

my new Missha Oriental Herbs BB cream ♪

ATTENTION: New post about this BB cream from spring 2011 is HERE!! :D 
You can read both :DDD

Guys, I love bb creams!!! Bb creams were the biggest hit for me in 2009, especially because there were tons of them around to test and buy! 笑 Unfortunately my skin has turned super dry now, but still bb creams really help, they help keep the moisture from cream in my skin and smooth it out and are one of the few foundation/foundation bases that don`t get stuck in open pores, but cover them! For oily skin, they might now take care of the shine, but with some powder, it should be fine. (the best one for oily skin was missha perfect cover for me!)

Unfortunately bb creams usually come in one or two shades, and the lighter one is really light, and the darker one is too ochre for me, it`s more suited to asian tanned skin I guess... `OTL But actually the lighter color is still okay for me and even bb creams from the same maker have completely different shades, so you can stil try till you get a good match! And the most important, they are made to blend with your natural skin color! So if you have light skin, give bb cream a try! I am sorry to all the dark skinned girls, hopefully korean brands will make a dark bb cream too, but since it`s marketed for korean women... don`t know about that. :/
Anyway, I plan to use bb cream in summer too! It looked quite good on my tanned skin as well :) Or you can use it as a base and then put darker foundation on it and tadaa~ ☆

Actually I have a couple bb creams at home:
MISSHA M Pertect Cover Blemish Balm BB Cream #21 (red tube)
MISSHA M Original BB Blemish Balm Multi Function Cream (silver tube)
MISSHA M VITA Sun Care & BB Multi Function Cream (golden tube - this broke me out!! but my sister is okay :/)
Missha M B.B BB Boomer Primer Cream
MISSHA M Shiny B.B BB (SPF27 PA++) Cream (darkest of them all)
Missha Oriental Herb Medicine Gold Care BB Cream #1 (my newest one and a bit of a splurge actually :3)

My newest baby is Oriental Herbs bb cream and I loooove it!
It`s also know as Choboyan series or 美思 line. This line also had very herbal smelling skin care products, a full line up, and from the testers, I really like it! Recently I got a tester of the Choboyan cream in the dark blue container and it was just amazing!!! It was like thick honey in consistency :ooo But back on topic ;)

It is advertised as packed full of oriental herbs and has lots of patented solutions and ingredients. That definitely appeals to me. It`s supposed to work as anti-wrinkle and whitening care and has 30 PA++ sunblock! Also has anti-aging, anti-trouble (patented) and anti-oxydation (patented) ingredients. The ingredients Missha advertises most are wild korean ginseng, gold powder, antlers extract and them tons of oriental herbs. :3 Honestly, this makes me feel a bit luxurious. ;D This bb cream feels more like foundation than bb cream! I don`t think I would use it as a foundation base, like I did with other bb creams. It has very good buildable coverage and matte finish. Personally I like bb creams for this healthy shine they give, and this one could have more of that, but oh well, can`t have everything I guess! (Or can I..?? :3 Always looking for the perfect thing! lol) I still think it makes my skin look smooth and healthy and hmm... I think elegant too!
Other things, I love the packaging, it`s sooo pretty, with the pattern and golden-brown gradation! :D There is 50ml, but if feels like there`s less... or maybe I`m just being cheap, cause it was the most expensive bb cream I ever bought. xD Including shipping it should cost you a little bit less than 30usd, don`t overpay!! Other bb creams I have are from 10usd up! Look at eBay. :)

This year it`s Missha`s 10th anniversary and they released new products, Signature line, with a new bb cream: Missha M Signature real complete BB cream. It looks similar to Perfect cover bb cream, but has lots more healthy stuff inside and is paraben free, non-chemical free, mineral oil free, GMO free, triclosan free, benzophenone free and alcohol free. Dunno, sounds impressive, but for now I`m good with my oriental herbs ♡ Happy anniversary to Missha! They started out as a small internet base brand and grew taking advice from customers and asking question online, what a great story. :)

If someone is interested I can do side by side comparison of my bb creams! Sorry I only have Missha, it`s the brand that appealed to me most. :D If I was buying another bb cream I would try Banilla bb cream! :D