Thursday, April 12, 2012

long time no see: daily life update

Hello everyone!
I got into a blogging slump, sorry for that. But honestly I didn`t really buy a lot of new cosmetics and haven`t been very adventurous with my makeup neither. Recently I`m just working my job (which I really enjoy), feeling good, eating healthy and doing yoga! And that`s all.
I commited to eat more healthy (not go on a diet, just change my bad habits into better ones) and do just a little bit of any sport and I lost 6kg in 1,5 month! :DDD

new books
but I mostly use videos from here: 

I dyed half of my hair pink! (myself!)

and started buying spring clothes! 

I will try to post more often, but I want to keep this a beauty blog, so I don`t really want to post about my simple life. ;) What have you been upto? What kind of spring fashion trends are you most into? :DD
Take care!