Thursday, February 4, 2010

Micellar water, BIODERMA sensibio H2O makeup remover

Makeup removing product review! ☆ BIODERMA sensibio H2O micelle solution for sensitive skin

Recently I started really running out of my previous makeup remover, Missha`s M Perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil, which I loved!! You people in USA are so lucky to have Missha store there you don`t even know! I bought the 200ml Missha oil in august in Seoul and I used it practically everyday (if I wore makeup) and it just run out now! So it lasted me 4 months! :O Amazing and the product is just best quality and I definitely recomend it! But it`s 30+usd from eBay, which is a bit expensive... So I decided to look for something else to try out now. ^^
(But if you can run to the store and buy Missha deep cleansing oil and choboyan series, all of it!!)

OK. I don`t know if you`ve realized this yet, but I almost relugiously follow makeup/skin care advice from japanese fashion magazines, especially 小悪魔Ageha and JELLY. (^o^*)/ In latest march issue of JELLY, model Yamamoto Yuuki said all JELLY models use BIODERMA Sensibio H2O to clean their faces in between and after photo shoots. (factor 1)

love those magazines

Also, a couple days later, I saw that the amazing and lovely girls of Pixiwoo said it`s their favorite here. (factor 2) Then, I saw very good reviews on makeup alley, with 91% buy again rate (factor 3) and googled it on local auction service and it was muuuuch cheaper than Missha and available locally (factor 4 and 5) and I was sold! ;D

There are two sizes, 250ml and 500ml bottles. I bought the 250ml one and paid 11usd including local shipping, so it`s only 1/3 of Missha oil price and there`s 50ml more product! :o Prices might be different where you live, I bought it from online discount pharmacy. :) It comes in a plastic bottle with cute white and pink color scheme, it looked like glass at first, but it`s plastic, so it`s not heavy and good to ship safely.

sorry, that`s in Polish ;))

There are many micelle waters to chose from, I bought this one because of factors 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 (look up). ;) It looks just like water. I thought, "is this a hoax?". xD But I put some on a cotton pad and swiped it across my cheek and all my makeup was completely gone just in one swipe!! I continued with the rest of my face and eye makeup (needs more time, but it definitely works) and I was amazed. This is such a time saver and cleans really well! But, as I`ve learned, this will not do well with waterproof mascara. It remover all other waterproof makeup, but I had to use a lotion (or oil) based cleanser to get rid of wp mascara. (boohoo, I miss my Missha oil!) But it`s suitable for all kinds of skin, even my dry skin is OK with it - it doesn`t feel tight after removing makeup (shock), and it always does when I clean my face with water recently, I got to rush to put on moisturising products, but not with sensibio. Also, you can use it a makeup remover or to tone your face in the morning!

So, I`ve only been using this for a short while, but so far I really like it! It doesn`t irritate my dry skin, it doesn`t leave any residue and you can use just this one product for removing makeup and toning your face at night when you`re too tired and it will be okay... It`s affordable. Loos nice on my shelf. ;) So so far I give it 7.5/10 stars! ★★★★★★★⋆☆☆
Only thing I need to know now is how long it lasts! First time I put lots of it on the cotton pad, but I realized it was too much and now try to apply just alittle bit and see how it works. ;D

BTW, my makeup removing products that I liked ranking:
#1 Missha M Perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil 200ml
#2 BIODERMA sensibio H2O micelle solution for sensitive skin 250ml
#3 L’Oreal Dermo-Expertise Gentle Lip and Eye Makeup Remover For Waterproof Makeup (double formula)
I also used Lancome 2-phase makeup remover, but don`t even remember it well. ;)
Hope you enjoyed the review and I`d love to hear your thoughts and comments! Take care!


  1. I've never heard of this brand before, so this was a a new discovery for me! I wonder if I can get it in the US...

    Anyway, I'm also always interested to see what sort of skin care models use. Yuki seems to love La Mer products, which is a surprise to me because I can't stand Crème de La Mer at all! Have you ever used any La Mer products?

  2. I`m sure you can get it - there are lots of reviews on MUA from USA citiziens. :)

    I never tried De La Mer... it`s really expensive and I wonder if it`s really THAT good... doubt it kind of. Yuuki originally has gorgeous skin, so I don`t think DLM did something for her.. xD

  3. Thanks for the reviews!

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  5. I just bought this after the good review I've read: Its about 17euro's here in Belgium, and quite easy to get. ^_^