Saturday, August 13, 2011

[sister reports!] Report from rainy Seoul, Republic of Korea!

So, my younger sister is spending her summer holidays in Korea right now and I hear she is having a great time everyday! She will be also attending a language course soon, study hard! I thought, a travelling report would be nice and asked her, to send me some photos, and she did! So here comes a current report from Seoul for You! ^^* (I will keep the picture size small, so your computer doesn't die if You have a slower connection, but you can click on each photo and see bigger size! ^^*)

First of all, meet my younger sister, G. She is 2 years younger, but over 10cm taller than me, what gives?? Gimme 5cm, You!!! XD

She made friends with a popular blogger in Seoul, Noona, too! Yay! 
Bloggers are just normal, nice people, you know. ;D

Of course going to Korea means buying lots of cosmetics and reporting back to older sis (aka ME) about what interesting things are on display in stores. :)
My sister is seriously a nail art master, I'm jelly. 

*Grabby hands!*

If you go to Korea you don't even have to think hard about what to bring back as presents, just grab lots of sheet masks and soju and soju related gadgets (like soju bottle shaped earrings) and you're done! Also, Missha Cleansing Oil aka. MY FAVOURITE oil cleanser out there!!! Get it!


My sister went to some party and saw her idols, GD and T.O.P. (or however their names are spelled! XD). She also goes clubbing a lot, I hear, and I would really love to go to our favorite club in Gangnam, club MASS! 

LOL, I think those 2 photos sum up what foreigners live on while visiting Korea, beer+soju and mayo, ketchup and soy sauce, and other than that it's just grabbing some food in bars and restaurants, since it all so cheap and delicious! ;D

Bye bye, rainy Seoul!
So that's the end of the Korea trip report from my younger sister! I hope you enjoyed it and are also having wonderful summer holidays! Unfortunately I can't go anywhere this year, but I did treat myself to one super fun event.... can you tell who I saw from the photo below... ;D (Oh, I loved him so much in high school and I still do, my idol! It was wonderful and I cried. (;_;)ILU)

Of course I went to see GACKT & YFC concert in Warsaw!!!!!!

I wore Tick shoes and fake lashes and all for Mr. Gackt, I hope he noticed me from the stage <333 *weak laugh* I am not joking. I was sending him love-filled looks, but at first I was too intimidated to look Him straight in the eyes, omg, lol! XD Anyway it was WONDERFUL and I am glad I met Elluin there too. :)

PS. I also created a FACEBOOK PAGE for my blog... I don't really know why?? xD But if you like my blog, please do feel free to cliks "I like" on the cosme411 FB page. ^^* Also you can contact me directly thru this page. ^^* Hugs & love.


  1. Looks like your sister is having a great time! ♥ I'm so jealous of all her clubbing adventures, haha! & her nails really are amazing~
    You look so gorgeous in that last photo though~ the Ticks look fab! ♥

  2. Ok I'm so jealous she saw GD and TOP! I love them! :D I hope I hear from her soon, she seems to be having a lot of fun! :D

  3. awee your sis got those EH moistfull collagen series, I love it too =D

    btw, Can I invite you to join my GIVEAWAY-Korean BB creams , thank you ^^

  4. Tori ( ̄ε ̄@)CHU-
    I loooved wearing Ticks to the concert, they mademe feel safe no matter what, and tall, I could see everything, what a change from everyday! XD But the crowd was very well mannered, no pushing, nothing. ^^* Also no tacks fell out from the shoes, so I am very happy. :)
    My sister loves spending time in Korea. :3

    Shmuberry ( ̄ε ̄@)CHU-
    There was some kind of free party, she found out about it through twitter or facebook? And Diplo was playing there too. :3 I bet she will tell you all about it when you meet up. ^^* I hope you do! <333

    Lina Kim ( ̄ε ̄@)CHU-
    Oh, is it good? I wonder what she bought me for my birthday :333333333 She said she has something 8D I will go and see what your bb cream giveaway is all about! ;f Thanks for inviting me. :)

  5. Yay, that concert was awesome! I've never supposed Gackt is so amazing guy *_*
    I was also happy I could met you there! I have to say I recognized you because of your shoes! xD they're so cool! And you're really nice and pretty girl IRL ♥

  6. omg! this makes me want to go to korea so much!!! XD

    also you look lovely in the last picture... and your shoes <3

  7. wow that's sound so great for your sis. She is so lucky!!! T_T

  8. Taguje Cie kochana .
    Tag to 30 pytan kosmetycznych:-)
    Zapraszam do wspolnej zabawy!!

  9. Elluin ( ̄ε ̄@)CHU-
    It was fun to talk to You and meet You! :D I was so nervous about seeing Gackt, I am sorry if I was a little jupmy xD The concert was amazing, I agree! My love for Gackt went thru the roof again

    Karisuma Gyaru ( ̄ε ̄@)CHU-
    You should, Korea has a lot of fun places and is cheap! Personally I loved Busan best! :D

    Isa ( ̄ε ̄@)CHU-
    Thank You for commenting dear! She worked hard for that trip and she is having a well deserved break & fun! :)

    Dzieki za komentarz! Postaram sie odpowiedziec na pytania - zdaje sie ze juz kiedys wypelnialam taka ankiete, tylko ze po angielsku. :3 Bede do Ciebie zagladac!

  10. I'm jelous as hell right now :) First of all- Seul ! I'd do everything to get there :) Second - T.O.P!! Oh God, life is so unfair sometimes.. ;) Anyway, hope you'll go somewhere nice next year! and I'm adding you to my watch list ;) xoxo from another polisz gerl :) (which is stuck in uk, damn.. :))

  11. your sisters nails really are amazing.
    And you are also looking gorgeous....