Sunday, May 30, 2010

Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Extravaganza mascara - review and photo presentation

Hello girls!  How`s life? I`m looking for something to occupy me, because apart from work I am at home sleeping, which is no fun really. Any sudgestions? I was thinking yoga classes maybe, I love yoga~ 

But, I thought I will do a review of this mascara I got recently. It is Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Extravaganza mascara in the black packaging, meaning it is NOT waterproof. See how it works!

Bare eye looking straight and from above - as you can see, the lashes are there and are rather long, but they are soooo thin and light, they are hard to notice without mascara. They are more visible in real life than those washed out photos actually xD But you can see you I like to use mascara and why I want it to make my lashes thick! (I feel like lenght is already there).

Now those are top lashes with ONE layer of HR  Lash Queen Feline Extravaganza mascara on. As you can see, there is a big difference in color and thickness! I look like I have lashes finally! xD View from the front and looking up - as you can see there are no clumps and the brush, even thought it feels big to me, separates lashes well. ^^* When I add more layers, some clumps appear, but not many and they are easy to brush out with the macara brush. Works really well.

Bottom lashes done.
Like I said before, the brush is a bit big, I almost always make some mess, but take it off with a cotton swab and it comes off easily. Besides usually I have some eyeshadow and\or eyeliner and even if I make some mess it is really easy to remove or just blend into the dark eyeshadow surrounding my lashes. ^^v (<-cheat!)

comparison, top lashes on right eye done, one layer of mascara, no curling, (lol, looks so freaky... my natural lashes are nice, but super thin and light colored!!)

comparison, right eye top and bottom lashes, one layer of mascara

both eyes done, one layer of mascara only

So, to sum it up with a small review, I really really like this mascara
PROs: it gives really great volume, blackness and makes lashes look longer too / overall great volumising mascara / I love the packaging meow / the brush although big, works really well / never had a problem with it smudging or falling of.
CONs: kind of expensive / is not waterproof (but there is also waterproof version I just got the regular one lol) / big brush can be a con too for some people.
My thoughts: I think this will work perfectly for people who have medium/long lashes and need volume and oompf! effect. As you can see, just one layer of mascara can make such a big difference! But if you have very short lashes or short and thick lashes, it won`t make them look much longer, just thicker... I am not sure if there are fibers in it, but it won`t lengthen your lashes like some other mascaras (fiber wig or those crazy chinese mascaras). This works wonders for volume though!! Other than than, the packaging is love! The price differs depending on where you buy it, but it is in the 20-30$ range (in Poland at least). One layer looks much better than any Maybelline, etc. drugstore brand mascara I ever used, even better than L`oreal Telescopic, which is my drugstore favourite. ^^ 

Oh, and because I`m a dork I made a mistake in naming the pictures, this mascara is of course Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Feline Extravaganza. (not another brand). Overall, I really like it and will definitely think about repurchasing it, maybe in the waterproof version this time. I hope my review helped!
Take care! <3


  1. ooh wow, i have really similar eyelashes to you! mine are pretty decent on their own, they're just SO light. i'm jealous of people who have naturally black eyelashes~ haha

  2. Woooooow! That's unbeleivable! The lashes changed so much with only one layer. But you're right, it's a bit expensive...

  3. You always show such great pics! It makes reviews so much better!

    Only one layer, that's amazing! Although I really hate when my lashes stick together. If they didn't do that I'd be sold ♥

  4. What lenses are you wearing?

  5. gemieee: I am wearing GEO Nudy Gray :D I love them!