Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Princess Mimi Sesame Gray (Tsubasa Bambi series): circle lens review (on green eyes)

Hello dear visitors!
I am finally posting the final, 3rd review of Tsubasa`s Bambi series circle lens. The last pair is Sesame Gray!

Princess Mimi Sesame Gray (Tsubasa Bambi series)
Princess Mimi Sesame Gray (Tsubasa Bambi series)
Diameter : 15mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal
Got them from PINKY PARADISE (my own purchase)
Shop review:  Very big lens selection and good service. I really recommend that store. ^^* 

One lens in, one lens out. You can see the nelargement is big! The color is gray, but it is blue-ish. It blends nice with my natural eye color, but the color change is least noticable out of all 3 pairs of Bambi lens. I think they really stand out and look amazing on dark eyes though! On light eyes, they are not so dramatic

Both lenses in my eyes, in daylight. You can see some halo effect, blends good, looks OK.

Both lenses in, photo with flash. They only look as vibrant as in the ads when you photograph them with flash.

Overall: 8 / 10 I really do like those lenses! But I gave them less points than Apple Green and Chocolate Brown, because they don`t stand out as much as the others do. I think they would look fantastic on really dark eyes though! On my light green/gray eyes, they look not super dramatic and not natural neither. 
Enlargement:  10/10 ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ あははぁ Well, same as the other 2 pairs! XD
Comfort: 7 / 10 I think this pair is the least comfortable of all. I even wonder if maybe I got a faulty lens? I am considering repurchasing this model later, because I dunno, they are comfortable, but one eye gets blurry all the time. (O_o) I have absolutely no problems with Green and Brown Bambi lenses, so I am thinking I just have one bad lens here by accident. Your pair should be fine and I really recommend those lenses!!! ^^*

What I used: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (#21), MAC gel eyeliner, MAC Dangerous Cuvee paintpot, MAC black matte eyeshadow, Maybelline mascara, MAC Siss lipstick & Canmake lipgloss&sun protector, MAC Porcelain Pink mineralize skin finish, Canmake higlighter

I hope you enjoyed my reviews and that they were helpful! I don`t post very often, I am busy, I have a lot of things on my head right now and I just want to post bigger, better posts with lots of good photos and information rather than post small, off topic post everyday. I hope you can understand that!

A do moich Polskich czytelniczek: Bardzo dziekuje za odwiedzanie mojego bloga!! Komentujcie smialo i zostawiajcie linki do swoich blogow, na pewno odwiedze! ^^* Jesli macie jakies pytania, smialo pytajcie. ^^* Buziaki.


  1. These look gorgeous on you ♥ Actually quite natural!

  2. Thank You! :D I think they look super stunning on dark eyes though, you would look great in them! :D

  3. Wow! They looks good on your eyes!!! Beautiful colour <3

  4. Tifuani
    Thank You~ I think they look extra stunning on dark eyes though! :D

  5. Yep your review was really helpful plus those lenses looks wonderful on you <3

  6. Tommy, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! :) Are you getting them? :D

  7. i rarely comment on other's blog but i have to when i saw your eyes.
    your natural eye color is so prettyyyyyy~! <3
    i have almost black/ dark brown asian eyes and they're just meh..

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