Monday, May 31, 2010

mini haul - MAC #7 lashes and Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass gloss

I went shopping with mom and got her some late Mother`s Day presents too, here in Poland Mother`s Day is May 26th, btw. For myself I got ZARA shorts and Vero Moda striped long tshirt and a cute cropped short jacket! And in MAC finally the famous #7 lashes and Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass lipgloss. ^^* I really like dazzleglasses on their own or on top of lipsticks! :D Me and mom ate delicious food in Bali themed restaurant, yummmm! 

Very curled! They look so natural on my eyes, I was surprised :o only the outer corners show :O Very subtle - IMO. ;D I like the MAC container though. My first MAC lashes, they ar 50pln a pair here. Zomg. 

And my other dazzleglasses, sugarrimmed, moth to flame and babysparks. LOVE THEM ALL!
Guh, it`s monday, but I can not wait for the weekend already... (=_=`)
It`s already June.... can`t believe how fast time goes by...
Soon it will be hot, I guess, but now it`s just raining like crazy and we actually have a bad flood in some regions of Poland (not where I live though) and I will introduce a good antiperspirant, noone like being sweaty right? :3


  1. Woooooow! You really like the dazzleglasses - yours look well-loved, used a lot. Mine isn't even used to the half. -_-"

    How do you think MAC lashes compare to cheap brands? I want to know if it's worth the plunge into spending more...

  2. love the lipglosses <3

    and the lashes as well <3

  3. I love the lashes ♥
    and I'm also a Dazzleglass lover :3

  4. Dazzlegloss looks amazing...but better than Juicy Tubes?

  5. Thank you for the comments everyone! ^^*

    Therese Jane, I think I might make a separate post about that, but so far, the main difference is the softness - the lashes and the lash band are all very soft and easy to glue on. They also look pretty natural. But over is there a huge difference? I don`t really think so! If you can find a similar style for less, don`t over pay! I was thinking about trying the Tsubasa lashes next :D

    I don`t know how to compare them xD I had a juicy tubes gloss ages ago and it had no glitter in it. If I remember correctly, Juicy tubes was not sticky and not glittery at all, this is sticky and very glittery and stays on lips very long and I love it 8D