Monday, February 1, 2010

MAC & Missha concealer review

Welcome to my new blog, all about cosmetics I use/like/want and anything skin care related. I hope you enjoy and find my posts helpful! ♡ First post, yay!

This post will be a compare and review post for 2 concealers I use.
1) MAC select moisturecover concealer in NW15
2) Missha the style undereye brightener in light beige

I bought both from stores, Missha store and MAC store, you can buy both online, from respective brands` websites and eBay.

☆ Missha concealer is 5,99usd on american Missha webpage and I don`t know how many ml it is, but it`s very similiar to MAC, maybe it has around ~4ml of product. There are only 2 colors to choose from, light beige and medium beige, which is typical for korean brands... they even sell foundations (and bb creams) in one or two shades only).
☆ MAC select moisturecover is 16,50usd, so it`s almost 3 times as expensive as Missha concealer! It contains 5ml of product. There are 15 shades to choose from, so everyone should find their match easily. (Plus if you are lots, ask the sales person at MAC counter, they are all pros with MAC makeup and helpful).

Both concealers are in easy to use tubes with built-in doe-foot applicators, which are easy to use and sanitary. (Remember to never apply concealer directly to zits, if you have any!)

Tube bottom. Everything on Missha concealer is in korean... (=_=`) It says "light beige" only, and no expiration date or if you throw out the box you know nothing, like me now. 8D
OK, now onto the swatches!

Swatches on paper, left is MAC, right is Missha. Although they look almost the same in tubes, they look completely different on paper! MAC concealer is their moisturizing one, from many concealers they offer and it`s very watery in consistency. It sank right into the paper. Also the color is much brighter than Missha`s. Missha concealer is thick and offers good coverage, almost like a foundation, but I wouldn`t recommend using it as foundation, it`s too thick to cover your whole face with it. Also the color is darker and has yellow undertones, which is not a surprise, as Missha is an asian brand (korean). (On the other hand, I think MAC`s concealer could be used as a lightweight foundation for the whole face imo, it would work like a tinted moisturizer.)

Swatches on my wrist. (Please notice skin on my wrist is lighter than on my face ;) I have fair-medium skin with yellow undertones). As you can see Missha`s concealer is thick and covers my skin color completely without blending. MAC is watery and see through. Now lets`s blend them into my skin!

MAC concealer is very bright and has light coverage. I think the name they use for Missha`s product would suit it better than "concealer", it should be actually called "brightener" as the coverage is light and it mostly brightens up your skin and makes it more luminous. It doesn`t accentuate "wrinkles". Missha`s concealer completely covers the small green and purple veins on my wrist and doesn`t accentuate small "wrinkles" on my skin. It looks yellow, but on my face it actually perfectly blends with my skin tone, also I use less on my face than in the photo. MAC`s concealer looks too white (I think I might exchange it for a darker shade, I just bought it last week so I still have 14 days to exchange).

OK, so lets sum up the review! I only had the MAC concealer for a couple days, so I might change my mind later, but for now, here`s how I see it.

MAC select moisturecover concealer
price: 4/10 ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆
amount of product: 8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆
packaging: 10/10 ★★★★★★★★★★
coverage: 4/10 ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆
consistency: 5/10 ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
comments: this MAC concealer will not cover dark blemishes or undereye circles!! It`s watery and light coverage, you will like it if you want a very natural looking makeup and don`t have a lot to cover up. About it`s moisturizing properties, hmm... I don`t know if it has any. :p Also once I put it over fat moisturizing creme and it rolled into a hot mess and I had to redo my whole makeup :o
buy again? maybe, but don`t think so, want to try a darker shade
OVERALL: 5/10 ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆


MISSHA the style undereye brightener
price: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
amount of product: 7/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆
packaging: 10/10 ★★★★★★★★★★
coverage: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆
consistency: 8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆
comments: I really like this concealer! It covers my red blemishes and acne scars as well and my under eye shadows, which can be green, red or purple, but this concealer kills them all. ;) Also the consistency is fluid foundation like, but it only means you need very little of the product to cover and look natural! I`d buy it again, if I had a missha store close by...
buy again? would love to!
OVERALL: 8.5/10 ★★★★★★★★⋆☆☆

I hope you liked my review. Please follow this blog, comment and tell me about your favourite concealers! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ


  1. Thank you so much for this review!! I am looking for the perfect concealer and will definitely try out the Missha one.

  2. hi~ thank you for this review! i am always on the look out for something good to cover up the dark circles under my eyes....i wanna get missha so badly now~ haha

  3. OMG, my 2 first comments! :DD You girls made me so happy <3

    Definitely try Missha concealer, it`s good and cheap! Just make sure your skin is not super pale, it might be to yellow for You then, but otherwise I hope you like it! :)

  4. Hi Mada ~
    I actually need recommendations on concealers for very fair skin (my skin tends towards the lightest shade available). I have terrible under eye circles that no matter what I try to use, I cannot get them covered up. It's very disconcerting. Please help!

  5. Jessi <3 As you know I`m no pro, so I only recommend basing on what I heard, but maybe you will be able to find your color match at MAC? They have different type concealers in many colors to choose from.

    Also, I heard this concealer is good: it has 2 concealers and setting powder! Bobbi Brown concealer is also high rated... expensive, but if it`s good... why not!

    I hope you find the right one for You. Reading reviews at helps and def. go to a departament store and try out different brands! Ask for testers! And let me know how it went :D

  6. great to hear that the missha one suits you as its far much cheaper compare to the MAC one.

  7. Sizibelle, thank you for following me♡
    I regularly read your blog :)

    Missha concealer is very good for me and I generally like korean brands, they make good things! :3

  8. Missha was having a sale so I picked this up, along with a few other things. After reading your review, I'm really excited to try it. I'll definitely let you know if it works for me! :333

  9. Oh, lucky you~~~~~~~ Missha sales, those two words made me so jealous! xDDD I hope to read your review soon! I hoe it works for you too! It covers everything! For me the secret was moisturizing skin well before makeup and using a little bit if the concealer only. :)
    Did you get the cleansing oil??

  10. I've really been needing an undereye concealer good coverage. Normally a little darkness there doesn't bother me, but I started to notice that my liquid foundation was making the discoloration under my eyes look almost grey!

    Yup, I got the cleansing oil, concealer, two sheet masks, and some acne treatment patches. I was actually really lucky to get the cleansing oil when I did. It sold out again right after I placed my order. :OOO

    I'm really glad you like Missha products, too. Lately I've been going on the Korean and Japanese sites and and reading translated reviews of their products, lol. I could go on for hours, I swear!

    P.S. I found a site that sells Missha products—including the smaller size of the cleansing oil—for a reasonable price and ships worldwide:

    I've never shopped with them before, but maybe see what you can find out about their service. :333

  11. My friend also recommended me MAC concealers because it gives you an awesome finish. I was using a different brand of concealer for my eyes. I'll definitely buy one this weekend.

    Kentucky Cosmetology CE

  12. I just made my first purchase online at and all OK, fast and simple, however, without problems, I recommend

  13. Such a thorough review. Thank so much! I really needed something like this. I love Missha's BB Cream but thought something that's only $5 couldn't possibly be a good product but you just proved you can't judge makeup by its price tag ^^
    Off to purchase Missha's!

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