Monday, April 11, 2011

Haul from

Hello! I got my lovely order from today, yaaay! Here's what I got.

The shipping options are either courier or standart sign on delivery shipping, which is a flat rate of 2$.  

I got: Blanchir Superior Cream Soap (125g), Blanchir Superior White Deep Clear Conditioner (special set with miniatures!), HADARABO whitening-moisturising face mask, JUJU AQUAMOIST Hyaluronic Acid Whitening & Moisture Milk, JUJU AQUAMOIST prime Q10 moisturising toner and B&C Makemania Curvy Lip Liquid lip gloss! :D I am already a fan of the Blanchir Superior line and I really recommend it for people who want moisturising but also whitening (removing blemishes faster) and anti-acne care, becasue I think it really works for acne! :D Then I got some more moisturising toners/lotions and sheet masks. And I really liked the red version of the lipgloss, so I got clear one too!! 

Moisturising toner with miniatures! Also ordered a full size face washing cream soap, which I loooove~ You can see it in the photo above, next to this set. I really like this product. And the whole series! If you have a chance, try it!

The lip gloss and Hadalabo sheet masks. :D


Talking about the B&C Makemania lipgloss - I really like it! But I am really crazy about lip glosses. :D This one has hyaluronic acid, grape seed oil and other moisturizing, good for your lips ingriedients! :D The other one I had was see through red, this one is clear with pearl colored sparkles, keeps lips moisturised and looking like vinyl-shiny. I like it (and the red one) on it's own (feel moisturising) and over lipstick. 

doe foot aplicator

How shiny is it? :D
Sorry for the hiatus. :D What did you buy recently?


  1. I have been hauling things from here and there haha! =) I have heard many good things about these brands. I'm not at all surprised that you got them. :)

  2. I think the only thing I bought this month was...a lot of nailpolish xD as for makeup...I dont actually think I've bought any since 2010 :D Just a ton of masks and polish ahha

  3. nice, but... aren't you worried about the face-whitening stuff? it's really not good for you!! :/

  4. nice haul! looking forward to your reviews on Blanchir and JUJU :D

  5. sugar sugar
    My skin was really dry so I got a couple of conditioners and moisturising stuff and the blanchir series is really nice - try it if you have a chance :D Hugs!

    Thank you for commenting :)

    InsideOut Elle
    Hahaha... omg, no makeup at all this year?!? I admit, being a bit of a skincare/makeup "Crazy" and reading all the blogs does make me want to buy buy buy, but I restrain myslef and I bought no makeup for 1 month or so already... but 4 months?! How were you able to do that!! XDD

    karisuma gyaru
    What do you mean it's not good for skin? Actually I think it is really good, moisturises and prevents blemishes (like redness after a zit or sth) from staying on my face for a long time. :D The whitening ingriedients are some natural extracts or vitaminC... I don't se anything bad in it, and since I started using the Blanchir superior series my skin got really better (no acne)! :)

    got it! I will work on that :D

  6. it's not the product itself that's not good for you, it's the whitening agents... i'm sure nothing will happen if you just use the one pot or whatnot, but if you use them for an extended period of time (years), it can make your skin look thinner, (and some other stuff that i forgot... not gonna pretend to be an expert but i'm sure there's info about it online if we were bothered to look for it :p) and it does change the color of your skin. i see it all the time on japanese ladies and their face is a different color than the rest of their skin (which is weird) and not only that, but the "white" has a slight purple tint to it... anyways, it looks super weird and ugly to me, i really dunno why they would want to do that to themselves. i also don't know what it would do to the skin of a caucasian person, since we don't use them, but i tend to stay away from them... also, don't know about you, but i really don't need to get any whiter!!

  7. カリスマギャル
    Huuummm... well, I see what you mean. I think if they use too much strong whitening products (whole series, not just one product) over many years period, skin will get a white, thin look, which you might not like. But that is not the case with me :D I don't use whole series, I don't use it a lot, I don't want to get whiter! :D Like I said before, I use them becasue they help fight with blemishes and some redness that appears sometimes after a zit and they do prevent breakouts. So I'll keep your opinion in mind, but I'll do my thing still. :) Moderate use is necessary with everything, you know? :)

    BTW, do you knwo that all EGG models are really white in the face? They tan, but not the face, because they are afraid of wrinkles, so their faces are completely pale. They match their face to the body color with dark foudnation! XD It was shown in many videos and is you look at "no makeup" photos in magazines you will also notice that. lol

  8. Hello Im a new follower here. I love your blog~
    Love Gyaru style..Can I ask where you buy your diamond lashes??

    visit my blog if you have free time!~

  9. Jendee
    Hello!! Thank you~ :D
    I got my Diamond Lashes from a couple sources. From or from or through a shopping service. :) I really recommend DL! :D

    I will visit your blog!

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