Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RANDOM: Music I'm enjoying lately & Diamond LASH: Celeb lashes EOTD

 Last night I wore Diamond Lashes in Celeb lash! :DDDDD I love them sooooo light and soft! :D But very long and people instantly recognize you are wearing fake lashes, but honestly, sometimes you just want to slap on fabulous lashes on your face, right? :D I loooove them. :)

And far away.
My cat is getting huge. Maybe I got a tiger or some mix instead of a cat? :o
Since I"m busy, only this and music I can't stop listening to lately:3

Also, this tutorial video is amazing...!


  1. you look like Marie from Vivi!!!

  2. aw very cute picture with the kitten ^^ I want one too :(

    also that tutorial vid is indeed amazing.. going to try it when its summer ;)

  3. The lashes are so nice!! I really love the length of them! I really need to order me some... D:

  4. Jennifer
    Ahh, no way!! XD I love Marie, she's pretty and funny, but I look nothing like her! I wish! XD

    I want to try making that dress too, looks great! I wonder what material she used though? Looks completely opaque but stretchy and a little bit shiny? I wonder...

    They are really great! :D I glued them on a little bit crooked in the photo, but it was ok. The lenght and the separate wisps are super cute IMO :) Definitely try them!

  5. Loving the lashes!
    Even if they look fake but I;d say this is one of the pretty but natural onces compared to others :) Very elegant!

  6. Hej hej!
    Masz świetną strone-ciesze sie że Cie znalazłam, zapraszam serdecznie do mnie bo chyba mamy troszke wspólnych zainteresowań:D
    Więc wpadaj, bede na Ciebie czekała:>


  7. hey magda!
    happy holidays to you in advance since i'd be away for a week :D take care and stay warm!

    p.s. do you have Facebook? would love to add you there so we can be secret blogger friends HAHAHA!

  8. Hey Magda!
    Your cat looks ADORABLE!!!!