Friday, March 25, 2011

Some great polish music

Now, time for a cosmetics/skin care unrelated entry!
Recently this music video and song blew my mind, and my friends participated in creating the video, wow! 
Brodka - Krzyżowka Dnia (crossword of the day)

I also really like this video, by another polish band, D4D:
D4D - Love is dangerous

How do you like those songs and videos??? I LOVE THEM! :D
Polish music has a lot of pretty terrible artists, really bad and I don't even listen to polish radio, but some artists/songs are amazing. I can introduce more if you want me to! :D

And just 2 snaps from life
a place I really like <3

after work drink with my bff 


  1. ohmy is that a sky bar? i remembered seeing that socialist-ish building in warsaw :D

  2. JEnnifer, that last photo is taken from a lovely lounge/bar at the top floor of a hotel :) the view is really nice, even for such a small capital like Warsaw :D I hope you can visit Poland again so we can meet up! :D