Sunday, June 12, 2011

OTT Deco-nails + nice music

Some time ago (a couple years) buying deco-nails from japanese online auctions was my boom. I don`t buy any nails any more and some sets I lost, some I threw out, some I gave to friends, but I still have a couple left with me. One set with super cute animals (is already in my new apartment, will show you some other time) and this Pink Rose set.
The nails are long, super sweet, over the top and FANTASTIC! I hope I will have a chance to wear them soon. I recently found them in a drawer and I still do love them.... (never worn!) Got to buy nail glue now!

Macro on the details, so sparkly, pink and full of roses! Ahhhhdorable <3

What do you think?! aren`t they amazing???? :D

The little Charmmy Kitty box they arrived in! Sweet!

The whole set! I love it...

I remeber how I used to buy those nail sets through Rinkya and overpay, as their overpriced service is crazy, but is was the only way I knew to buy from japanese yahoo auctions...  ;) Anyway, if you want to browse the Yahoo Auctions! Japan nail section, it is here - CLICK! On the left you can choose if you want to see nails with black base, white base, pink base, blue base or beige base and others. There is also a 3D section! Go take a look!
I think glue on nail sets like those are amazing for special occasions, parties or some events! I also love how there are glue on pedicure sets! Perfect for summer! XD


And another Boom Clap Bachelors song, I just love it! I must buy iTunes credit now, because I just need their music on my computer/iPod  right now!

Take care! Love.


  1. Oh,the Nails are so cute <3

  2. se;fiogbrek.bnresdogr!!!!
    i want these! <3
    omg, these are too freaking adorable.
    i'm dying of cuteness over load!

  3. Voice (V^-°)イエイ!
    Thanks! I can`t wait to have an occasion to wear them! (8u8)

    Brianna (V^-°)イエイ!
    Japanese deko-nails are really amazing! I had a couple different pairs, I recommend a shopping service if you want to get them off y!aJapan, I think they are also available on eBay or somewhere ;D

  4. It's always nice to hold onto a few leftover items from days of past obsessions!! These are goooorgeous xOO

  5. OMG! Gorgeous SUPER gorgeous nails! Who needs gel nails with these??

  6. Jenny ヽ( ^ー^)人(^ー^ )丿
    Yay! I really don`t like gathering old things I never use anyway, but some gems are worth keeping! I am so glad I kept those!!! XD But when can I wear them? Oh woe! XD

    Ashura ヽ( ^ー^)人(^ー^ )丿
    Thank you and you are right! Glue on nails look FAB too and are way easier to put on / take off and muuuuuuuuuuch cheaper than gel nails! XD

    Serena ヽ( ^ー^)人(^ー^ )丿
    Thank you so much! I live them too. You should see the set with the cute animals XD

  7. Those nails are AMAZINGGG ♥