Friday, June 10, 2011

How I`m doing lately~ (and new shoessss)

Well, not so good, but I am working hard on getting back to better health and mental state.

I have Princess Mimi lenses in Sesame Gray, Green Apple AND Brown! I love them all! I want to do a review with nice photos on my green eyes, but always forget...  `OTL

Also, I ordered some Jeffrey Campbell shoes recently:

Mary Roks in Nude, from

Tick in Grainy Leather, also from
I ordered those two pairs together to get free shipping and they already arrived in Poland, but were stopped at customs.... I hope I don`t have to pay some ridiculous amount of tax and customs on them! I want to try them on already! D:

And then, by miracle, I found Mildred in white paint in my size at
I was wondering about getting some Jeffrey Campbell shoes for the longest time (maybe over a year now). And finally seeing the gorgeous Cherri rock their shoes like there`s no tomorrow and the fabulous Miss Mitsu getting a couple pairs, and also discovering the unbelieveable magical being, JC shoe collector, Asami, I was pushed over the thin line between WANT and BUY! XD

So first I got the 2 pairs from solestruck, that are now in customs. And yesterday I saw the ah-may-zing Mildred Paint in White at Plum for Polly and ordered them!!! (it`s a secret, so shhh...) They were just shipped yesterday. I hope I can avoid customs with this pair! 

I mean, just look at this coordinate with those shoes on Asami - after I saw the photos I felt I MUST have those shoes! XD I hope they arrive fast! I will post photos and impressions!
I will also do my best to post the circle lens reviews. 
Although I am not in my best health recently, I will try.
Thank you for staying with my blog!
Love you all! 

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~ song of the week ~

Isn`t the sound of this music the most soothing thing you`ve heard this year? I found it at this amazing blog:!

And one more:

By a cool artists group from Warsaw, Poland, called Projekt Warszawiak. Kind of a retro Warsaw tragic love story! Great music and video!
Hugs to all of You.


  1. Mam problem i nie wiem czy powinnam komentować po angielsku, czy po polsku :D Zatem skoro już zaczęłam: Świetne buty! Pewnie na nie fortunę wydałaś. Chciałabym zobaczyć te soczewki! Zatem +follow i czekam ♥ Pozdrawiam!

  2. JC shoes are so great!! I sooo want some now! Get better soon!

  3. Miyako ♪♪♪ ( ^^)人(^^ ) ♪♪♪
    Moze byc po polsku! Po ang! Jak chcesz! :)
    No przyznam, ze troszke zaszalam z zakupami, ale jak robic zakupy, to porzadne! Mam nadzieje, ze szybko dotra i ze nie nalicza mi duzo cla.... D:
    Postaram sie jak najszybciej wrzucic elegancki review nowych soczewek wiec.
    Dziekuje za follow i komentarz! ♥

    ORERI ♪♪♪ ( ^^)人(^^ ) ♪♪♪
    Thank you so much! ♥ If you want them you should try and get one pair! If you don`t like them you can always sell them, there is a high demand for JC shoes :D

  4. The second pair are fucking hot <3
    Great range!

  5. Voice♪♪♪ ( ^^)人(^^ ) ♪♪♪
    Thank You! I can`t wait for them to arrive!!!! Want to strut down the street in them!

  6. You know I love your growing JC collection, haha~! ;Dvv & you totally just sold me on getting the Mildred Paint next~ I was all over the place trying to decide but I saw your twitpic & asdfghjkl@#$% GORGEOUS ♥♥♥

  7. Tori
    Mildred paint is sooooooooo amazing, you must get it, you will love them!!!! I was so lucky to randomly spy them in size 8 (which fits me great, even tho I'm 7-7.5) at Plum for Polly, I instatly ordered them! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD so happy I did. They are pure art and soooo comfortable <3

  8. sigh, customs suck, solestruck always gets customs, i usually have to pay about $15 USD custom fee on top of each pair :( but i just got the TARDY and MARIEL and love them! Didn't get any customs from revolveclothing if that helps!!

  9. Sally
    Thanks for commenting! I was looking at revolveclothing`s website and they have a couple style I`d like to have, maybe I`ll try ordering from them next! :D I will post about all the shoes soon and visit your blog too! ^^*