Monday, January 31, 2011

MAC Champale paint pots & other shopping :)


Phew! Had a busy week! Also had my younger sister sleeping over at my place on friday and saturday, that was fun! On friday after my work, we went to MAC so I could get the Champale collection paint pots I wanted! :D I didn't get a second lip gelee, because I already spent enough money on paintpots and one eyeshadow that day, but they still ahve them in stock, so I can get one later. :D Anyway, I wanted to post about those paintposts, photos, swatches and some initial thoughts!

 What I got: MAC Champale collection Paint Pots in colors: Vintage Selection, Let me pop and Dangerous Cuvee. But I always think the name is Let me Poop, ha! So stupid!!!! I didn't get Chilled on Ice, cecause it looked too golden and I didn't really like the color so much. I try to persuade myself that is money saving. XD As if I didn't just spend so much on 3 other paint pots, hhhhaaa------

let me poop  pop / retarded

And the paint pots in the jars. :) 
There is a lot of products in each jar! 
One costs around 70pln in Poland! D:

Vintage Selection in a pale beige color, universal and lovely!

Let me Pop is a copperish, orange-ish golden color, really lovely and warm and would add to warm shades of makeup! :)

Dangerous Cuvee is a metallic gray, would be perfect with cold toned eyeshadows!

In jars they don't look that sparkly. Now onto the swatches!

Swatches in natural light (no sun). They are shiny, but not overly sparkly, I am used to waaaay more sparkle & shine, so to me it is really moderate! More than glitter or shimmer, they just reflect the light andadd more depth, I dunno. I didn't really know what to expect, as I never had any paint poits from MAC before, so I'm on unknown territory here. Hmm, I bet they will look way more shimmery in sunlight though!

Swatches with flash - more shine! v(*___*)v Loves it.
On their own they do not stand out that much, pigmentation is moderate, but it does create a lovely, delicate effect! They can be worn alone or as eyeshadow base, and I wore them for 3 days already and as eye shadow base they work PERFECT. Nothing creases and the colors you apply to your eyelid stay vibrant and true all day long. It also adds some depth, with the delicate shimmer coming through from under your eyeshadows. :) They are hard, but they "melt" under my finger and the application to eyelid is very smooth, and in a second they dry up and stay on your eyelid all day. That's great. :)

Ingredients if someone's interested.

Also one FOTD, I wear neutral makeup like this for daily look. If I feel like it I just add more black eyeliner, lashes or glitter, but generally, I'm not a morning person, so that's as much as I'm willing to do before leaving for work. :P I used the Vintage Selection paint pot and my new MAC Tempting eyeshadow! :DD
before lipgloss so lips are yucky, sorry (T_T)

And I also bought 2 more things. L'Occitane's famous hand cream (around 27pln for 30ml) and a room/wardrobe scent from Body Shop, in Green Tea & Lemon, also around 27pln. (Don't remember). Smells really nice, not artificial and fake~ I also want to use it more in some places, to make my cat not walk there - cats hate citrus fruit smell. 8D *evil genius* lol
And that is all for now!
I also got MAC eye shadow in Tempting, but I will make a separate post about it, because I have completed a lovely neutrals/browns quad palette from MAC, so I'll show You all that. That is all, take care!!


  1. omg vintage selection looks gorgeous! i don't have any paintpots yet :D

  2. VERY nice metallics collection from them and great winter shades!

  3. I love the shades you chose! Let me pop looks so nice and I wish I could get them! Nice selection you got there!

  4. There is nothing wrong with your lips dear!
    & omg I love that picture! You look so pretty :D

    I also use mac paintpots as a eyeshadow base ^^ I only have "bare study" though (which in the pictures kinda looks like vintage selection..)

    Also.. I love l'occitane stuff! but it is kinda expensive :(

  5. ☆★☆ Jennifer ☆★☆
    I agree, it is very pretty! Because it's color is rather nude, I get it, but I was expecting the other Champale paint pots to have a little bit more color payoff. Oh well! I still like it, they make a really nice eye shadow base!

    ☆★☆ Jenny ☆★☆
    I think they will also look amazing in summer, under the sun (*_*)

    ☆★☆ Dolce♥Bunny ☆★☆
    You can't get MAC where you live? I think it is definitely worth getting one of those, they stay on all day! But in order to get a well defined color, one would have to layer and layer... ;)

    ☆★☆ Tasja ☆★☆
    Hah, I took it right by the window, on a cold winter day, and the light just made it look pretty ;3 I have foundation on my lips, eww, after that I wiped them and applies lip care balm and gloss, so they looked better. :D
    I never tried other paint pots, so I wonder how they compare to the regular permanent ones?

    L'Occitane hand cream is working really good for my hand so far! It is a bit expensive for a hand cream, but this winter my hands went really bad, nail chipping, super dry skin... I tried so many hand creams and most of them just leave a silicine like film on my skin instead of moisturising it! :I It this works, I think it's worth it! :)

  6. Bardzo Ci dziękuję za przemiły komentarz :)
    Skórzane spodnie nie są najwygodniejsze, ale nie też nie jest źle :D
    Dangerous Cuvee podaba mi się najbardziej!


  7. I looove vintage selection! I have it and it's such a great base! Nice post :)

  8. these are amazing! great job on trying not to spend much :)


  9. Oh didn't know you replied my comment :p

    Well as I said bare study is similar to vintage selection.. it is also sheer and shimmery. Also Champ Pale is a nude collection so all their paint pots are sheer, but I have seen other ones that are quite pigmented. It really depends on the paint pot. Also some are matt, others are shimmery or have some serious glitters (like chilled on ice.. really pretty! But not really for every day.. I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted it or not.. so I didn't buy it)
    I'm really liking bare study as a base and def am thinking about buying more.. If I do I'll make a post :)
    Also.. I want to try one that is very pigmented as a "normal" eyeshadow, since I use bare study always as a eyeshadow base and highlighter.

    I def think that L'Occitane is worth it! What I meant by "expensive" is: "Omg I want to buy the whole storeeee *-* but I am not rich ; __ ; why aren't they a bit cheaper :( I want moooooore stuff!" haha
    I love the products and the price range is kinda the same as the body shop.. but I really like the quality and products more! So I just have to quit buying things at the body shop and by doing that I'll have more money to spend at L'Occitane.. but.. that is difficult xD