Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Natural skin care! (V^-°)イエイ!

Hello! (V^-°)イエイ!

Here`s the post about my skin care update or natural skin care. And when I mean natural, I don`t mean some brand saying their cosmetics are "fresh and full of natural ingredients (with lots of added stuff)", I mean seriously NATURAL stuff, the base ingredients! Here`s what I mean:

refined sweet almonds oil / triple hyaluron acid / organic argan oil / natural avocado oil / organic refined shea butter

I was thinking about buying a Dior moisturizing cream or some other brand, but then I thought "NO!". I was already wondering before, why do cosmetic brands use ingredients like hyaluronic acid (and there is soooo little of it in the product) like it`s some new amazing discovery (when it`s not) and put a ridiculously high price on the ready product? When actual pure hyaluronic acid is so easy to produce by specialist and cheap? You know? I also got into the whole fitblr community on tumblr (yeaaah tumblr, thank you for sucking the life out of me lol) and  found out natural fats and oils are very good for you, for your diet, health, skin, everything. So, I started using avocado oil in my cooking and decided to use avocado oil in my skin care too. Long story short, I didn`t buy the pricy cream and almost completely switched to using only the things in this photo as skin care. And it`s 10x cheaper than the pre-made creams and other skincare! :O


I am so lucky to have a store here that offers pure cosmetics ingredients, for people who want to make their own - I am not that advanced and just using the simplest solution worked great for me so far. (ZROB SOBIE KREM (meaning "make yourself a cream") is the store I use, and they ship abroad, but I`m sure you can find stores like this where you live.)
Don`t expect nothing fancy, the products are just what they are, oil, shea butter or some other fluid or substances. ;) I started using aloe vera extract mixed with hyaluronic acid as toner, avocado oil (with some hyaluronic acid sometimes) as milk/cream - and that is all! My skin improved a lot, and makeup stays better on my face, looks way more natural! I use shea butter on my face sometimes (at night), but mostly on my feet, knees, elbows, hands - it`s amazing for that, sometimes on m hair.

You may think putting pure oil on your face and then makeup on it is disgusting, but trust me - my skin absorbs the few drops of oil I use everyday completely - I get no shine and no oily feeling, and even though I have mixed skin (with the oily t-zone), my face stopped producing excess oil and I don`t get shiny anymore. So from my experience the same stuff works for dry (cheeks) and oily (T zone) skin! :O My skin has a healthy glow that shows up through makeup, and foundations go sooo much smoother on my skin over the oily skin care. 
Of course I still use makeup remover (shu uemura / missha oils) and face wash (kanebo elixir superior cream soap) and peelings, but for day/night skin care only the stuff above. It`s summer and I don`t have to work at all now (whoo teachers!), so I often wear no makeup at all, so I just go out like this or use sunscreen on top. 

So I can`t really praise natural skin care like this enough!
If you have a chance, please try it! I`m sure you can find products that work the best for You and you`ll love it! ^^* Please talk to me if you want to try sth like this or are already using natural cosmetics, I`d love to hear and learn more! :)

And if you are interested in random stuff, here`s my bedroom (too pink lol!) and my comfy lazy clothes and my 11kg lighter body (from healthy lifestyle) and a raccoon giving a hug to a cat! ;D
 Have a great day babies! <3


********** EDIT **********
In similar spirit, look what I found on tumblr, so simple and so good :D


  1. It is better to go for the natural treatment because nowadays maximum of the products were made from highly toxic based chemicals which is very hard for our healthy skin.

  2. I agree! Less is more & simple is best! :D
    Some hi-tech skincare cosmetics are really amazing, but imo, if someone doesn`t have some king of skin problem target (wrikles, pigmentation, whatever) and just want "normal" skincare, why use too much?
    For me the produts above work just perfect - it`s almost a year since I started using them and my skin never looked better. :)