Thursday, January 10, 2013

OPI The World is not enough!!

I just wanted to post OPI The world is not enough on my nails, I love it!! 
This is 3 layers! It looks absolutely beautiful on nails on its own! (^^*) 

One of the girls (I teach, 5 years old) grabbed my hand to today, stared at my manicure and said "Oh no, you can`t come each time with prettier nail polish on your fingers!! *frown*"... XDDDD How cute. I guess it was a compliment. XD

It is quite similar to MAC Soiree. :3

Great purchase, I`m happy so with it!

Also, have some music I can`t get enough of recently:

Mmmmmm, Macklemore ILU.

Addicted thanks to my younger sister ;D


  1. I love the color! I really like that it looks somewhat metallic with a hint of shimmer, really pretty!

  2. Dolly
    I also think it looks almost metallic! The tiny pink, green and silver glitters create a super shiny surface~~~~~ <333

    Wspomnien czar :D Nadal mam ich wszystkie hity na mp3 :D