Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Recent MAC shopping and magazines! :)

First of all, my new magazines sent by my sempai from Japan arrived! :DDD Yay! Happie Nuts with beautiful new autumn makeup section, BLENDA, JELLY and EMODA catalog with lots of freebies! :D I am at work, so I will read them later!

And recently I went to MAC and bougt 2 eyeshadows and the new eyeliner from Fabulous Felines collection - the eyelienrs are soo cool, the colors are great! Metallic grays and dark plum and navy were my favourite, but there is also sparkly gold and silver, or khaki, etc. the names are cool too! I got regular black, a little bit metallic, but the name of the color is "ON THE HUNT". :D

I also got 2 eyeshadows I liked on the stand, the one on the left is retrospeck, the one on the right is woodwinked. They didn't have retrospeck in a pro-pan version, so I had to buy it in regular packaging and depot it myself. I was depotting mac eyeshadows (or any eyeshadows for that matter) for the first time ever, but I more less remembered the tweezers and lighter method and I did it and it was super easy and fast :)

Retrospeck is sparkly gold. Woodwinked is a tiny bit coppery natural light brown, it has a pear sheen to it, I love it! (click photos to see larger size)

Swatches on fingers! :D Pretty?
And below are all my mac eyeshadows!
Not many, but 2 months ago I had no MAC eyeshadows at all. The blue on it freshwater, the highlighter color is Phloof!

The eyeliner is super easy to draw and stays on all day long! It is a black, but seems a bit metallic, not typical matte, flat black. I wonder how long it will last, for it was a bit pricey, but oh well!

I did some swatches in the store and after coming home they were still good as new! I looove the navy one! 
Ahh, got to work a lot this week, regular work and extra work and other appointments, ghghghghhh.... wish me luck and health! Also, today is mom's birthday! Yay! Happy birthday Mom!


  1. Heyy! I was searching up Hadalabo products and your blog popped up so i followed you :) im thinking of purchasing the hadalabo toner and lotion just wanted to know how you use it? Do you lightly pat the toner all over the face or sweep with a cotton pad? The lotion is it like a moisturiser or do i put an alternative moisturiser too? I've heard some real good reviews on the hadalabo stuff :) Thanks Lia x

  2. I love Hadalabo toner and lotion! They are meant to be used as skincare priming products! So you use toner (I just splash a little bit on my hand (a little bit is enough) and splash it on my whole face and neck and decolte, massage it, pat it, but it absorbs really fast. Then you can also use the lotion, I apply it the same way. And then you have to use your regular shin care - eye cream, other creams you use, etc. The Hadalabo toner and milk help skin take the moisture in better.

    I've beed using toner/milk set for almost 2 years non stop now, I really recommend it! :D

  3. Oh I see.. thanks for replying! Might give it again :)