Monday, January 24, 2011


Ahhhhhhh.... I have been missing in action for so long!! I'm really sorry! Real life was kind of killing me - I was busy and then I caught the worst cold ever, last week I was down with fever and had to take Thursday and Friday OFF WORK - but I didn't enjoy it at all, was half dead with fever, sleeping all the time, boohoo~ (T^T*) Now I'm feeling better, but all muscles still hurt sooo bad, haaa... Need to keep warm and take it slow and ZERO STRESS.... (;_; )

I'll reply to comments from previous post HERE!

☆⌒(*^∇゜)v ヴイッ Brunette's Heart Makeup 
Dzięki! Twój kolor włosów już jest piękny :D 
Jestem ciekawa, czy kupiłaś w końcu coś w MACu? Noi  gratuluję kanału na youtube!! :)

(=´∇`=) ニャン♪ Tasja
Thanks, I think winter is good for going darker :) JELLY magazine inspired me too. 

ヽ(*^。^*)ノ ワ~イ Maria
Słyszałam, że ten srebrny lakier z MACa jest gorszej jakości niż ten złoty, więc ja kupiłam tylko złoty.

v(⌒o⌒)vイエーイ Dolly
no need to be jealous, mine is already kind of fading, because it's only a 24 washes color, but even though I enjoy it, I'm thinking about a new colro this month. :) I looooooved your Diamond Lashes review!!!!!

ヾ(*^。^*)ノ いえぇ~い Jenny
thank you for the lovely comment. I think it did help already! But I want a new color this month! :D

\(*´∇`*)/ イエィ D-Tan
We're in touch through email - I will be getting those lashes like there's no tomorrow! 8D

ヽ(´▽`)/~♪ Jennifer ヽ(*^。^*)ノ ワーイ
Ohhh, Mac is almost 2 times more expensive here than in USA... OTL And they keep rising prices too - recently one lipstick was 69pln, but now it is over 70pln, I heard...? I know the tax in Poland went up from New Year, but.... my MAC!!!! Nooo~ D:
Sorry for being gone so long! (T_T)

ウホホ (o ̄▽ ̄)o(o ̄▽ ̄o)o( ̄▽ ̄o) ウホホ 
Chanel Hercegnő, Yumeko, Piperita Patty
Thank you all for the lovely comments! ^^*


So I didn't have the energy to update my blog, I'm really sorry! But I did pick the giveaway winners on 10th, just like I was supposed to! I used the website and here are the results! :D

1 Karisuma Gyaru
2 Irina
3 Leaa
4 Leaa
5 ID# 927187 
6 ID# 927187 
7 Grace Wong
8  Thifa
9 Monik
10 Monik
11 Alysiahh
12 Kiri

The winner is Thifa!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! 

1 Brunette's Heart Makeup
2 MaryLinda
3 Adasama
4 Adasama
5 JeanneInes

The winner is Jeanne Ines!! Gratuluję!!

I will contact the winners by email and send out the prizes to them soon! Congratulations! :D I will announce what was included in the secret giveaway sets after they get it :DD


  1. Woooow moja pierwsza candy wygrana:))) nawet nie wiesz jak sie cieszę!!!!!!!:))))))))))))))))

  2. ,,,aaa podaję mail bo chyba nie ma na moich stronach a pod postem o giveawayu tez nie podawalam -


  3. Ohh how great! :D Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to seeing all the goodies!

  4. Jeanne, Thifa, congratulations!!! :D
    I already sent emails your ways, please reply with your addresses :D I hope you like my gifts :3

  5. Hi Magda!! :) have you tried things from Melliesh??

  6. Hey Jennifer :D
    I never tried any Melliesh products so far, but I`d really love to - they look nice!! :) Have you? :))