Friday, January 28, 2011

STILA Barbie loves Stila eyeliners: swatches

Hello! Time to make a decent post!
My younger siste, with whom I sometimes exchange and corss-check (lol) various cosmetics, recently bought 2 gel eyeliners from Barbie loves Stila collection for Stila(V^-°)イエイ!Now it's nothing new, but it is new to us amd this brand is not available in Poland, so it's always fun to test something new! I haven't used it yet, but the blue eyeliner look gorgeous!! My sister tried them and wore them everyday for a week now and she says they stay in place and do not smudge, move around or disappear. The makeup lasts all day long! Which is a yay! 

The eyeliner pots next to miniature MAC pigment jar, from the Tartan tale collection, I got this pigment set as a Xmas present for my sister.  The eyeliner jar tops are holographic, so depending on the angle you are looking at the lid, the eye is open of closed! So it winks at you, with the Barbie eye!! XD Nice original touch, can be entertaining, I agree. ;D Also I don't know if you can see it in this photo, but Barbie's eye makeup on  the lid is in the color of the eyeliner in the jar, so it's easy to see which color you're picking from any side of the jar! :) Nice!
You can also watch a video review here: (not by me of course!! by a lovely youtube user)

Sis got eyeliners in little black dress, which looks like black, but has tons of aubergine sparkles, which makes it overall more purple-ish than black. The second one is my favorite, it's called cobalt clutch and looks fabulous, deep cobalt blue! (*___*) But I haven't tried it yet and my sister tells me it is not opaque when you apply it and you have to layer it... hmmm, not the best, but I can live with it I guess? I will be testing them soon!

little black dress

cobalt clutch

little black dress and cobalt clutch

Swatches on paper. Little black dress looks nothing like black honestly! 
I will try to maybe write some follow up notes on those when I use them, but for now that's the initial rview with my sister's thoughts.

And now some random EOTDs:

night out

daily :)


  1. beutiful make-up eyes. :-)
    Mac is really good company.

  2. I also like MAC :)
    Thank you! :D Dzięki!

  3. Gorgeous eye make up:) I've seen those Stila pots before ,their gorgeous but i could never find them here:(

  4. Alanna
    Well, they don't sell Stila in Poland at all - do you get Stila in UK? My sister bought those from eBay. :)