Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feb/March Favorites and HELP JAPAN

Hello everybody! I hope you safe in your houses with your families... not all of us are so blessed...
I am still in shock after watching the NHK news and seeing the terrible tragedy that struck Japan! My thoughts are with the people in eastern Japan, where the tsunami was the worst. Please go to and donate!!!
Just Hungry Blog: Other Ways to Help
Tokyo may be doing all right, but the situation in Tohoku region is tragic!! (T___T) So many people lost their homes, whole cities are wipes off the earth by tsunami waves... You can watch the latest (and not distorted by unprofessional foreign journalists) news here: (NHK live news)

(This is an amazing, moving poster btw!)

But, even though I feel so bad for Japan and my friends who are there, there is not much else I can from where I am now, than watch the news and send money. Lets hope the situation gets better for all the earthquake\tsunami victims soon! (I won`t pray, cause I`m not a religious person & I also advice you to, instead of praying, send some money!!!)

I decided to make a post today, so I can take my mind off the shocking news... Too much stress is bad! Please relax also!, in this spirit, here are my february and march favorites:

1. The Body Shop - Body, room and linen scent (green tea and lemon)
The smell is really lovely~ Just a couple pushes and the whole place smells lovely! I also spray it inside my closet and before guests arrive - the smell is not too strong or fake, I really recommend it!! I also got the aroma oil from the same scent line. I smelled the other scents, but this one was the best IMO. Also, last time I went to Body Shop, it was sold out. Popular!
Iwostin is a polish brand, similar to Avene I`d say, only available in pharmacy. They also use thermal water from a local source and make specialized skin care cosmetics, also for delicate and troubled skin. I like the point gel so far, and the moisturising cream is really great! Moisturising and my skin absorbs it fast, but it is not fat! I will definitely get more cosmetics from this series!
3. Missha Oriental Herbs BB cream (also knows as Choboyan BB cream)
This is a repurchase and I really like this bb cream!!! I did a short review post on it a long time ago and it is one of the most popular entries on my blog! I will be definitely doing another review with color comparison photos and so on. :)

4. B&C Makemania lipgloss
I got it on sale from AdamBeauty (recommended!) and I really love it over red or pink lip colors or even on its own! Usually I am a glittery lipgloss fan, and this has no glitters or sparkles, just silicone-y "smooth" shine, but I like it a lot and apply it a couple time a day!

5. MAC lipstick in Morange (finish: amplified)
I saw it in JJ (or Vivi, I don`t remember), Matsumoto Ena said she uses it and since I had some MAC empty boxes around, I gathered them, took 6 and went to MAC to do the BACK2MAC program and got it for free! :D The color is suuuper intensive, I think it is best smudged out with a finger and definitely with gloss over it, the Makemania lipgloss works great! I do not feel too good in red lipstick, but this orange-red is much more wearable and such a happy, energetic spring color! I will be wearing it a lot this spring and summer! :D Also when I was getting it, the store makeup artist said he just got a "orange lipstick for photoshoot" request from a fashion magazine and send that color. Ena wears it, stylists want it, I got it, get it too! ;D
6. HadaNomi (肌飲み濃ミスト) Rich Collagen Mist (from SANA)
I got it from AdamBeauty too, just because I was curious and you know, I think "got to moisturise, got to moisturise!!!" all the time XD). I got it, and THEN I got home and went to read the reviews on it! XD Some peopl wrote they use it as a lotion, after washing face and before applying milk and cream and makeup, so I tried that, I really like that way of using it! After washing my face with Kanebo Blanchir Suprior cream soap (which I also super duper love and I think it helped with my recent acne problems!!! :D), I spray a couple pumps of this mist on my face and neck and massage gently and pat it into my skin. Then I go on with my regular skincare and makeup routine and when I finish makeup, I spray one pump of this on my face. It is cheap, is non comatogenic (won`t block your pores) and smells nice, I will be using it a lot. Repurchase - I`m not sure yet. 

So, those are my favorites, I also loove love love KANEBO Blanchir Superior whitening skincare line, I am def. buying the big size Cream Soap, and hopefully sheet masks and lotion, but I`ll try to make a separate post about that. 
And to finish this post, a page from latest Vivi issue that I just can`t stop looking at, loooove trench coats!!! I got one from Bershka recently, but it is not perfect, I am still looking! Bye bye! And let`s donate to help Japan!!

Super cute spring style trench coats!! Want them all! XD

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