Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hello my dears!! Sorry for no updates! I was very busy - but in a good way! I was having fun with my dear friends visiting me in warsaw from Finland and Korea! :D Now they are in France, but they will be coming back for one night and stay at my apartament then! Yay! 

Anyway, they got me one magazine and my other friend who visited Japan with his family also brought me some magazines and now I have those 3 babies home... (*________________*) WONDERFUL! Hours of studying the photos and all the text - lol, I seriously get into those magazines so much I read all the tiny text with info! :D JJ with Ena on the cover is great, it is really the magazine for me, fashion is more university student/OL oriented and there are tons of pages on beauty and hair! :D 

With my friend I was having drinks on 40th floor of Mariott hotel (photo on the right) and we were running all over Warsaw. :3 I was really happy to spend time with them, just being together was great, you know!? Friends like that are the best. :) Just say silly things or say nothing but feel good.

I will be posting review for Diamond Lash Celeb lashes and Shu Uemura cleansing oil an dKanebo Blanchir superior series skin care soon! :D Please bear with me and my rare updates! (^人^)

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  1. I love japanese magazines! They are really cute and it's nice to check out the latest trends hahaha :) I agree, friends are the best :D