Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review and swatches: MAC Morange lipstick

So recently I had some online shopping delivered and also got a super cute red lipstick from MAC thru the BACK2MAC program, so I will upload swatches and revies little by little. I tried doind them all in one post, but it's too much. Here are my recent purchases:

MAC Creme d'nude lipstick, MAC Superglass lipgloss in Sugar Overload and Cherry Electric, MAC Morange lipstick and Calvvin Klein Heavenly lipstick.

"The orange is a shade easy to try out even for girls who don't usually wear colorful lips"
Oh, that's me! So I'll try it! ; )

It says she applies the color directly from the lipstick and goes a little bit over her natural lip line. Got ya!

If you don't think we should listen to Ena's makeup and fashion advice - you crazy. ;)))
Besides orange lips are a great trend for spring/summer!
My only "but" would be - it really requires a flawless skin, so I will not use it on a bad skin days... (^_~) But then again, maybe it would take the attention away from a random zit?  Who knows? ;D

You might have noticed, I am really under the influence of japanese fashion magazines... xD Well, I was reading the last JELLY issue (which I got from my beloved friends (^_^♥)) and there was this page, where celebs were showing their spring makeup. Of course the super fashionable Matsumoto Ena's part caught my eye and she was showing a bright orange-red lipstick she says she is using a lot recently. And really, don't you just see orange-red lips everywhere in fashion magazines now? I looooove the look and spring does call for bright colors indeed, so since I had 6 MAC empties (mostly dazzleglasses lol), I went to do some back2mac and get EXACTLY THE SAME lipstick Ena uses! Woohoo! (^___^')

Morange lipstick comes in "Amplified" finish. It is easy to get lost with all the different finishes, so here's a super useful bit from Karlsugar: Amplified lipsticks "are quite pigmented and have a cream finish (shinier than the mattes, but no shimmer or sparkle). They are one of MAC’s more moisturizing options, which (combined with the pigmentation) makes them a frequent favorite. Amplified Creme’s most famous shades are Dubonnet, Cosmo, and Blankety." (source here!! swatches too!)

Looks kinda messy, sorry, but you can see the loooovely bright orange-red color well ♥.

Here are my swatches:
no flash, daylight


And swatches on lips! First no flash photos:

with Cherry Electric Superglass gloss on top! ♥

And now lip swatches with flash!

You can see the "amplified creme" finish nicely, it is opaque, but very creamy and moisturizing 
♥ And with the gloss on top ♥

REVIEW. First of all, I got this lipstick with back2mac program, because I wasn't sure if I was going to wear it, becasue usually I don't feel good in red lipstick (I like wearing bold lips sometimes, like Anime lip tar from OCC). But since it was free... I thought, lets try it! If Ena wears it, it can't be bad!! (<--typical, lol) And you guys, I would buy it with my own money too! It turned out this finish and colro are super wearable and look great! I find reds difficult to pull off, but this orange-red is really wearable and perfect for spring, to add some life to your makeup and coordinates! ♥ I am wearing it quite often now, around 3 times a week, and I really looooove it. If you are looking for a bright spring lip color, I really recommend this! 
MORE REVIEWS? You can read more on makeupalley.com or the amazing Temptalia blog. They have some nice pictures here too. Also here! :D

That's all, I will put the creme d'nude and Heavenly swatches up next. Have a nice day.


  1. the lipstick looks gorgeous on you! :) great haul dear. :3

  2. Sugar Sugar - thanks!! Now I want anothe amplified finish lipstick, this time maybe hot pink, so I can do a look like this... gooooorgeoussssssss:

  3. Wow it is a really nice orange ^^!

    Looks good with your skintone.
    And lol @ this sentence: "If Ena wears it, it can't be bad!!" But ya know Ena kan pull anything of, which normal people mostly can't :(

  4. the lipstick looks great on you! I duno if i can carry out that colour~

  5. Tasja
    But! I think if we want to do something, we just should!!! Who knows, maybe we'll love it?! :D You can't please everyone, so I adapted the aproach of "lets try, doesn't matter is it suits me or not!" :DDDDDDD

    Thank you!
    Well, you won't know unles you try...! :D But I think it is actually a very wearable color, give it a try :3

  6. whoa, this is a fantastic lipstick swatch post! Morange is gorgeous...I love orange/coral lipsticks and I don't have one this bright. Love the creamy texture too :)

  7. Ooh, lovely shades! : ) I have been thinking about buying a nice orange lipstick too, but I haven`t found a good shade yet (plus I don`t dare to test the testers on my lips hehe... many lipsticks look like so different when you put it on your lips!). : ) MAC`s "Morange" looks like super nice though, maybe I should go and get one too..! *__*

  8. hey hun im from japan n i like the way u use magazines to show whats IN in japan! i really dont fo Garu makeup but i like the way u do it! check my blog out when u have time! thanx