Monday, May 16, 2011

Circle lens review: Dueba MX21 Violet

Today I will post photos and review of circle lens, that my younger sister bought!
You see, I have 2 sisters, one is 13 years older, one is 2 years younger. My older sister is a married grown woman with children and she doesn`t care about things like circle lens or fake lashes (unless there is a party and she wants to make old friend jealous, then I glue stuff on her eyelids and we are both happy). So this review, and all guest reviews, are starring my younger sister, Gosia (a round of applause please, thank you).ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ あははのは~

She bought Dueba MX21 Violet circle lenses from PinkyParadise. Though it looks like they don`t carry this specific model anymore? (I think they are here.) Please take a look below for photos and review. I will write as best as I can what my sister said about the lenses and add some of my opinions too. As you know, I am not a pink/violet lens affecionado, but Gosia is (she has like, idk, 4 pink/violet circle lens sets?). Anyway. Here comes the review:

Dueba MX21 Violet

Dueba MX21 Violet stock photo. Looks just weird and not tempting at all! D: WTH.

Weight: 0 kg, 100 grams
Brand : Dueba
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm

First of all, my sister`s bare eye. Kind of a green-gray colored iris.

 This is the lens! Dueba MX21 Violet in reality. What struck me was that it doesn`t look all that violet! Looks like blue with a violet tint. A lovely color, to be honest. Personally, I love the design. And the color! :O And I don`t even like violet/pink lenses. XD

Wearing Dueba MX21 Violet, no makeup, natural daylight.
Again, I really like this design and how it blends nicely with her natural eye color!!! The black rim (limbal ring) is not too dramatic, the color change is visible, but there is no sharp border between the lens color and the natural iris color inside. Super lovely IMO.

One eye bare, one eye in + flash. As you can see, there is not much enlargement at all. 
The black rim is also delicate, it makes the eyes pop a bit more, but it`s not dramatically different.

And without flash. 

(The points below are by my sister and me, of course I cannot comment on the comfort, so that comment is hers).
DESIGN: 10 / 10 My sister likes the design a lot. I love the design a lot! It is called Violet, but it`s more like blue-violet, looks natural, yet really makes eyes stand out, pop, makes them more defined! I also like how the inner design dissappears and blends so well with your natural eye color.
ENLARGEMENT: 3/10 Those lenses will not give you much enlargement. They are listed as 14mm and there is a good 0,8mm between the lens border and where the design starts, so nope, not much enlargement at all.
COMFORT: 2/10 According to my sister, those are not good at all. First she was wearing them a couple hours a day and it was OK, but a bit uncomfortable, she could feel them in her eyes all the time. But then, she was not able to even put them in her eyes at all! She says they sting, they make her eyes tear up and even putting the lenses in (especially the right eye one) for taking those photos was very uncomfortable for her and she was wiping tears all the time. :/ So that is a great disappointment!! Maybe she just got a faulty pair (or one lens), or maybe they just don`t work with her eyes, but anyway, she is not really able to wear those lenses at all now. TOO BAD!!! :/
If you have good or bad experience with this lens model, please comment and let me know, if she just got a faulty pair or are most of them like this! Thank you. 

SHOP SERVICE: Pinky Paradise`s service was good, as usual. But my sister had to wait almost a month for those lenses to arrive and she was very unhappy with that. But we live in Poland, so that`s far away from PP`s location and I think it was just the post office`s fault. Pinky Paradise`s service was otherwise very good and professional. ^^*


So, I hope you liked this review. Too bad they are so uncomfortable for my sister and she cannot wear them, as I think the design of those lenses is really beautiful and OK for no makeup as well as heavy makeup (I found this photo on the left on tumblr, looks awesome, right? I`m not 100% sure those are the same lenses though!). Maybe she has a bad pair. Maybe it`s something with her eyes? I dunno, please leave feedback if tried those lenses. I hope this review helped You make a decision if you are thinking about getting those lenses. 
That is all. Thank you for reading and big love!


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  1. Ive always wanted to try out circle lenses. These look beautiful.

  2. ooh, i like the look of them, but confort is a big deal to me, so i'm never gonna buy those! haha!

  3. Wow, the eye lookes "photoshopped" with the lense in it. I like it though.

  4. What a gorgeous colour,I love purple/violet so im biased:D
    I like the effect these lenses have thou:)very pretty.