Saturday, May 14, 2011

REVIEW: Diamond Lash - Celeb eye ダイアモンドラッシュ ☆ セレブ eye

Hello my dear blog readers~ ヽ(*^。^*)ノ ワ~イ First of all sorry for no updated in such a long time... I am going through some hard times right now, not feeling healthy and taking sick leave from work too!! 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。 ウエーンI hope to get back to health soon! 

Anyway! Today I bring you a photo review of Diamond Lash light blue tray, aka VOLUME series, in Celeb eye!!! ~(*▽*~)(~*▽*)~
ミ☆  ミ★  REVIEW: Diamond Lash (first series) - Celeb eye   ★彡  ☆彡
(ダイアモンドラッシュ  セレブ eye レビュー)

Photo from the official website

Actual lashes in the tray. 

On the eye, looking straight.

Eye closed. (I didn`t cut them) They look a lil bit shiny, but they are not IRL.

Looking all the way up!! See how crazy long they are?

And looking straight again.

ミ☆  ミ★ REVIEW  ★彡  ☆彡
They are very long and have a nice interesting mix of thin single lashes and thick lash wisps, which creates a nice volume, but is not overly dramatic (as in drag queen lashes). However those lashes will be NOTICED right away, yet they are good for dramatic looks as well as natural looks in my opinion. They will make your eyes look really dolly. But unlike some lashes, which make you look dolly, but look somewhat natural, those are obvious fake lashes, super duper long... which is not a bad thing, but not for everyone definitely. ^^* The lash band is soft and easy to work with, also see through - which is great, and that is a standard in Diamond Lashes. I would wear them for a night out definitely, I would think twice about wearing them for daily looks, but that is because I must go to work and many places, where I don`t want to stand out that much. If you are a student of have a free life style, those are awesome for daily gyaru/dolly look! 
OVERALL: I love them, but they are very long and a bit too much for me to wear as daily lashes. But I wear them on any occasion I can! Also, people notice them right away and comment on them (like "Ohh, your lashes are soooo big today!!", etc.) 

FOTD: Missha Oriental Herbs BB cream, MAC Prolongwear concealer NC20, CHANEL eye khol, Maybeline The Falsies Volume Extreme mascara, GEO Honey Wing circle lens

Wish me a lot of health and sorry for not writing so often! Love you all! <33


  1. Yay!! I missed your reviews!!

    I hope you will feel better soon, take care <3

  2. Rzęsy mega...mam dużą tubkę kleju duo i jedną parę rzęs i nie umiem ich założyć;( Czas kupić na ebay takie zestawy, które Ty posiadasz i próbować :) Życzę zdrówka i wracaj do blogowania :) Posiadasz fanpage na FB? :)

  3. your eyes look so pretty! def very dolly like! i hardly wear lashes that long as my office ppls arent so open about too much makedo!

  4. mosia(^▽^喜)
    Dziekuje za zyczenia powrotu do zdrowia :*** Nie mam strony fanpage na FB, za duzo zachodu chyba..? xD Rzesy jak juz sie przyzwyczaisz to idzie prosto.

    Oh I wouldn`t wear them to my work place!! XD I did once. Noone cares if I wear fake lashes, but they felt too much for a daily look... for that I prefer Fairy or Gorgeous diamond lashes.

  5. These are really pretty~~ I love the varying thickness they have throughout the lashline! I'm like Sizbelle, I can only really wear my dramatic lashes after work & weekends without grief LOL

  6. these lashes look so good with your green eyes and brown circle lenses! you look so gyaru! :D

  7. Love your lash reviews,these lashes look awesome:D
    You look so cute with them on:D
    Hope your getting better:)