Sunday, May 22, 2011

日焼け止め ~①~ Sunscreen and UVA/UVB protection ~①~

今日は ☆ Hello my dears!

Since it is getting warmer and more sunny (and I am 26 years old and thinking about wrinkle protection), I am thinking more and more about sun protection! I actually never really liked tanning or tanned, never used a tanning bed and knowing what damage it can cause never plan to. But walking outside in the city, hands, arms, face, feet, our skin is exposed to sun. And I don`t want to get wrinkles or blemishes from sun! So, I decided to buy two new sun screens, both from Shiseido`s Anessa sun care line - official website here (very cute and animated).

I bought two:
1. 美白 UV プロテクター / Shiseido Anessa Whitening UV Protector (60ml) 
             from Strawberrynet.comSPF32・PA+++
2. パーフェクトパーリーサンスクリーンAA / Shiseido Anessa Perfect Pearly Sunscreen AA (25ml) 
              from Ichibankao.comSPF50+・PA+++

I read the reviews at too, here are reviews for Anessa Whitening UV Protector and here the reviews for Anessa Perfect Pearly Sunscreen AA.
I am curious about how they will perform! Also very curious about the "pearly" one! I hope it doesn`t turn my face into a disco-ball~ ;P Plan to use them on my face, neck and decolte, hands and feet! :D For the whole body I can use a different sunscreen, that is more oily or whatever, but for face/hands/top of feet I need something that dries quickly and is also good under makeup! So... we`ll see how this performs! <3

This the TV commercials:

So cute!

And older one:

Tsuchiya Anna is so cool~~ (*0*)

Anyway, I ordered those online, so I am waiting for them to arrive.
In the meantime, I`d like to ask you, what do you think of tanning, sun protection, which are your favorite sunscreens or if you maybe love tanning and tanning beds and don`t give a hoot about sun protection? I`m just curious and want to chat about that, so please drop me a comment! (^0^*) Don`t get me wrong, healthy tan and dark skin looks lovely, but I hate sun caused blemishes and rash and wrinkles and other problems, so that`s why I want to use strong sun protection! To keep my skin young and healthy longer! I will adjust the tone of my face by using darker foundation in summer, but underneath, my skin will be untouched by sun! :D
Tell me about your ideas about tanning, sunscreens and all that. I think sun care is more about health than beauty.... Watch this video:

Big hugs <3 Magda


  1. I should invest in a better sunscreen for my face,my face moisturiser usually has spf in it and if it doesn't i use regular sunscreen(garnier ambre solaire),which can be quite greasy for the face(do not want).
    Im all for protecting against the sun,Im pale and so burn easily.
    i don't use sun beds and if i wanted a tan i think i'd get a spray one.Mostly Im quite happy being pale wouldn't mind a nice glow thou.
    I try to use a high spf and to apply regularly.Saying that thou the skin does need vit d from the sun so I go without it occasionally to keep from being vit d def.:D
    Definitely agree about it being more about health then beauty.

  2. Oh the pearly one sounds intriguing!! DO WANT!!

    I use a daily moisturizer with an spf in it usually but when at the beach I use something stronger. A specific one for my face at a higher spf from Aveeno and then Banana Boat tanning oil!! I'm bad, I do love tanning oil with lower spf :X

  3. anessa is nice but they're a bit pricey T_T!

  4. I want to tryout both!!! I'm mad about sunblock~