Wednesday, December 14, 2011

MAC lipstick swatches: Morange, Impassioned, Girl about town

Hello darlings.

Intense lip color! :D I love it and don`t wear it as often as I`d like too... I think it`s because it requires high maintenance - you have to check your lips often and reapply or add some balm or gloss - when you use a color this strong, it has to look perfect! :D And when I work (oh yeah, I even wear such colors to work, do you know Anime lip tar? I went to my office work in that, lol) I have to speak a lot (all the time), so I eat the lipstick away.... Anyway! What am I talking about here anyway...


I`ll be showing and comparing the amplified finish lipsticks from MAC: Morange, Impassioned, Girl about town! Impassioned belongs to my friend, but it`s so nice I`m considering getting it myself. Also it`s very similar to Girl about town, so if you want hot pink with less fuchsia, a bit warmed tone, go for Impassioned! :D

MAC describes the colors as Loudmouth Orange (Morange), Fabulous Fuchsia (Girl about town) and Amped-up Fuchsia (Impassioned).

Swatches in shadow, no flash. Morange / Impassioned / Girl about town

Half shadow, half in sunlight (oh yes, we have sunny days in Poland this winter :D).
The lipsticks are creamy and a bit shiny~ Amplified finish is so good.

In sunlight!

I can`t choose my favorite, they are all amazing lipsticks! Which color is your favorite? :D


  1. Impassioned is such a lovely color! I'm not fan of MAC but I really want to get this now *___* <3333

  2. I love Impassioned, I'm going shopping in a moment, I think I'll check the MAC store. *^v^*

  3. A propos Twojego komentarza u mnie - hi, hi, chodzę tam nie tylko na warsztaty kaligrafii, ale też na kurs japońskiego, zaczęłam w tym roku bo poleciła mi tę szkołę koleżanka, która chodzi już trzeci rok.

  4. those lipstick shades are just---sooooo wow. good buy.

  5. I just got Morange and I really love it ;D the New mattes are amazing. I just got Force of Love in the mail today :3