Thursday, February 18, 2010

new: Kose Visee eyeshadow palette

After seeing the 2009 cosmetics ranking in JELLY (see here translated by me!) I decided to get my first Kose Visee eye shadow palette, it made 3rd place! ☆ I wanted one for a long time now, but somehow never bought it. Since I like JELLY, I decided to get the exact same shade they listed, A-2 from Brilliance Forming Eyes series. ^^* I already have the KATE palette in BR-1 (1st place with BR-3) and I really like it, and my sister also has the KATE Reflect Mirror Eyes palette (2nd place, only ours is pink) and it`s way to glittery for my taste and has little pigmentation. I don`t really know if I even want to get MAC eye shadows (4th place), they are expensive and I already have similar colors in palettes~ And Bourjois (5th place), for some reason that palette does not appeal to me at all... I know they have good products, but most of them smell like "your mom`s perfume" kind of way... maybe it`s just me? (O_o`)
But anyway, want to see photos and hear what I think about my new baby?

Visee Brilliance Forming Eyes A-2 (brown系) by KOSE

What surprised me most about this was the adorable crocodile skin pattern on the box! :D I expected it to be flat and was pleasantly surprised, it`s shiny and cute!

The colors in the palette are simple and usable, but let me get into each of them.♪ Bottom-left is the cream base, it`s very glittery, but when you put other shadows on it, it just looks really pretty and gives depth to your makeup, it doesn`t look circus kind of glittery. 笑 Top-left is a highlight color, very very sheer looking light golden-beige, I put it under my brow and in inner corner of the eye, but it`s so delicate it hardly shows, but I think it still does the job of brightening the eye, it`s just very subtle. Top-right is a really nice golden-ish and a bit orage-ish medium brown! It looks really pretty applied all over the moving part of the eyelid. *^^* It is sparkly! (I guess if you want matte finish don`t buy this palette.) Bottom-right looks really deep and nice applied above eyeliner and under bottom lashes, I think I like this color best, a bit shimmery medium brown with no orange in it, like brown mixed with ash, really lovely!
There`s also a chip to apply the eyeshadows, but I never use it, except for when I draw eyeliner like lines witht he darkest shadow - for thin lines a thin chip is better than a brush, because the shadow won`t fall off to your cheeks from a chip. (You could also use a very short brush, which I sometimes do, but both methods are good really.)

From left to right: bottom-right, top-right, top-left, bottom-left

example of makeup, I actually used just a little eyeshadow, wanted to emphasize fake fashes :D
lashes from ebay on top, customized (layered 2 pairs) and decorative eyelash on bottom :3

Re-uploaded swatch photo. ^^* See, the base color and the highlighter hardly show! (And that`s not because of my photo, they are like this in real life too).

There is a lot of product in the palette, the packaging is cute and simple (no mirror, and who uses mirrors in eyeshadow palettes anyway), 4 colors that go well together and are shimmery/glittery and quite pigmented. I would definitely love to try more Visee eyeshadows!
Do you have anything from Visee?

PS. I added a mp3 player application to this blog, so check out my favourite songs! \(^_^*)/ I love Towa Tei, m-flo and Shinichi Osawa ♡ 


  1. I don't have any Visee ,I've been tempted by their palettes before.I've got a Kate one but in Black not brown and I have the Bourjois one its stays on well.I had to go smell it after reading this right it does smell like that:OI never noticed it before.
    I love this palette though,the colours are gorgeous and the case is interesting and cute.

    I was going to buy tempting because i saw it crop up alot in mags but I got Sable instead.

  2. Speaking of cosmetic rankings, I've been noticing lately that a lot of gals have started using felt-tip eyeliner pens rather than just gel liner. What's your opinion on them? Any that you like or are curious about?

    I bought a non-brand, inexpensive one to try and I like it alot! It's great for filling those little tiny gaps between the lashes. It makes me think about trying the Majolica Majorca one that ranked first in the March issue of nuts. X333

  3. Alanna☆
    I was so tempted by Visee too, for a long time xD and I gave in... ;)
    LOL @ the bourjois smell, seriously! Actually I was told that by one guy, who said I smell like his mom (wut!!) when I had bourjois things on and I quit them ever since then. xDDDDD But the colors are nice indeed, the smoky eye trio palettes look great!

    I never tried that, but I already have waterproof eyeliner pencil, 2 liquid eyeliners, MAC gel liner and black eyeshadow, so I don`t need another product... xD For lining my waterline and between the lashes I like gel liner or just waterproof eyeliner pencil. ^^

  4. I don't own any Visee make-up, only KATE and Majolica Majorca but the colors of that Visee make-up really nice and like they would give a way a nice gradation on the lid.

    I really like how you did the fake lashes, especially the bottom ones <3

  5. Madeleine☆
    I don`t own any Majolica eyeshadows, but the new spring palettes look lovely! I`m not sure I would use colors like that though... Their mascaras are amazing though! <33

    I will do a special post on eyelashes only, so stay around please :D