Monday, November 28, 2011

MAC Casino eyeshadow GET! (swatches and eotd)

Hellooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \( 〇 ⌒   ▽   ⌒ 〇 )/わぁい♪ 
Long time no see! ( T_T)人(T_T ) ヒサシブリダ OMG, I am sorry to leave this blog without updates for such long time, but hpefully I can get back on track now. I`ve been going through some very hard times and changes, but I`ve done a lot of growing and am doing fine now... I can`t wait for Xmas, mostly because of the xmassy atmoshepre and illuminations - I want to decorate my apartment with all sorts of xmas lights and candles~

Today I`d love to share my latest GET! MAC`s Casino eyeshadow!!! v(≧∇≦)v イェェ~イ♪  I am really excited about it, because Momoko Ogihara is a heavy user of that eyeshadow and as you know, I am easily influenced by japanese gyaru-related celebrities` choices. And to be honest, following Matsumoto Ena`s, Yamamoto Yuuki`s and Ogihara Momoko`s makeup advice worked very well for me.

The eyeshadow is a copperish dark gold kind of color and it is a bit of a GLITTER BOMB! XD But I like glittery eyeshadows, so that`s not a problem. I would recommend to be careful about fallout though, covering your cheeks makes application less messy.

Swatch on skin. The finish of this one is LUSTRE, so it`s rather sheer, but it can build up to a really nice coverage, especially on an eyeshadow base, so don`t worry. You can wear it sheer or more opaque.

And here it is on my face, I used a little bit of Woodwinked eyeshadow around the outer corners of my eyes, but it`s mostly Casino. I love it! v(≧∇≦)v イェェ~イ♪ I had to buy it online though, as it is a some kind of limited edition eyeshadow - sth like Asia only? But I`m not sure. Either way it`s not available at MAC stores in Poland.

I hope to update more regularly from now on and I hope I still have some readers left!! LOL! 
Hugs & have a good day~ ヾ( ̄◇ ̄)ノ)) バイバイ


  1. That is such a perfect shade ahh. I should start shopping more MAC again!

  2. That is such a lovely color! I love the shimmer to it too * O *

  3. Welcome back bb~~!! ♥♥ I'm so glad to hear things are better for you & looking up! It's hard to feel bad at Christmas, haha ;)
    That eyeshadow is absolutely GORGEOUS.

  4. jigglytwig
    It`s a really nice color and I feel fullfilled, because I`ve been hunting for it online for a while... XD

    Thanks! I visited your blog, I like it!

    Ahh, hello, thank You for having me~ ;DDD
    Oh, things are better and I`m super excited for xmas, maybe for the first time ever? Not really for the even, more for the illuminations, smells and atmosphere :)