Monday, May 14, 2012

New hair color: L`Oreal Radiant Golden Brown

Hello there, dear visitor!
So today I changed my hair color!
When it comes to my hair I do everything by myself (cut, color, style), so probably that`s why it looks, well... not so great XD, but hey! At least it`s cheap (so I can experiment more) and will grow out! ;D I`m totally not stressed by my hair situation, ;) Maybe even too laid back. ;))

Anyway, I wasn`t happy about my washed out blonde hair with pink ends, so I decided to go darker. And today at ROSSMAN I picked up this hair color: L`OREAL sublime mousse in Radiant Golden Brown (nr 53). It`s a foam hair dye and honestly it`s the only type I use recently. It`s just so simple to use and colors just as great as any other permanent dye, so I won`t go back to regular hair dye. :D I recommend this type of permanent hair color to everyone! And I tried out other brands too, but L`OREAL keeps the color the longest on my hair. :)

Onto the photos!

Before: washed out blonde with washed out pink tips... meh, was gettin bored of this and felt that shade of blonde looked "fake" on me, but in a bad way. :/

So I used L`OREAL sublime mousse in Radiant Golden Brown (super easy to use) after eating lunch, while I was watching Thor (to prepare my heart for the hotness that is AVENGERS! XD). It takes 30 minutes and a cat could do it. ;) On the right you can see the result with flash! (My hair is messy, because I just finished blow drying them). Happy about the result! 
Also: Of course I couldn`t let such a nice change to put on fake lashes if only for 15 minutes go. XD

And a more natural face and a photo without flash!

So that is all for today! I`m really happy about this hair color change. :)

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Thank You for reading! ^^*


  1. Co do pielęgnacji włosów, to poczytaj, co ja zmieniałam od sierpnia zeszłego roku, tu masz ostatni zbiorczy wpis:
    Na początku wpisu są linki do początków zmiany pielęgnacji, ten jest najważniejszy:, a dalej masz relacje, co się zmieniło po miesiącu, po dwóch. Powodzenia! *^v^*

  2. The colour looks lovely! Love it :D Your eyes are popping out :D

  3. Great color! Cute blog!!

  4. Your choice of topic is interesting that gives me reason to finish my reading.

  5. So, so stylish darling! what do u say about following each others blog? kisses

  6. very nice,
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  7. Whaaa, that's like my hair colour..! Which is really weird and I thought matched with nothing. XD Let me know if you have any idea what this shade would be called in wig terms. :)

  8. Beautiful! :)
    It suits your hair color really well~~