Tuesday, May 8, 2012

fake lashes review: Diamond Lash Beauty Eye (*゚∇^*)v

They are here!! \(#⌒_⌒#)/

First of all, I want to praise the eBay store I got the lashes from: Meilleurbeauty! Not only do they have reasonable prices, the lashes arrived very fast in good, safe packaging! I will definitely go back to their store for more. \(#⌒_⌒#)/ On to the review! 

I just got them from the post man and glued them to my face right away (*゚∇^*)v I was just so happy to see them - they are exactly what I hoped they would be! \(#⌒_⌒#)/ They really remind me of Diamond Lash Girly Eye, but with the separated hair. Beauty Eye feel much lighter and more natural, but they are still really long and have quite a lot of volume. (I never wore Girly eye to be honest, totally not my type of lashes... Maybe better for pin-up style? If you want them, let me know. (*'▽^)ъ)

Separate strands of lashes = more "airy", lighter look.

One lash on, you can see they are loooong and OMG GREAT! XD But thanks to the separate lashes they don`t look too heavy and "drag queen". (Even though I love drag queens!! (*゚∇^*)vBut I don`t necessarily want to do that look daily XD)

I glued them on as they are, no cutting. They fit my eye great, I glued them close to my inner eye corner on purpose, the outer lashes are very long and I knew they would reach far beyond my outer eye corner anyway. I still got a great eye lengthening and droopy-eye effect. ぴーす♪ (#^ー°)v

They are quite long, but not overly dramatic, if you wear them with light makeup they will be okay for daily wear IMO, if you are into this kind of look. ぴーす♪ (#^ー°)v  Maybe not good for serious business women, but otherwise I think they are even OK for work, especially if you cut off the last, longest strand of lashes! :D With heavier makeup they would also look amazing for party looks and so on... ぴーす♪ (#^ー°)v


And my whole face! (My hair is a MESS, but I don`t know what to do with it?)
I am really glad I finally got those lashes. They are perfect! My favorite Diamond Lash lashes are: Celeb, Gorgeous & Beauty! You can see more of my lashes reviews here! I`d rate those:
Lenght:  ★★★★★
Volume: ★★★★☆
Dramatic: ★★★☆☆
Natural: ★★☆☆☆
Price/use: ~17USD for 5 reusable pairs = good!
満足感/am I happy about them? ★★★★★ Totally!! Instantly going into my top 3 fake lashes! (*゚∇^*)v


  1. "My hair is a MESS, but I don`t know what to do with it?" - it all depends on how you treat them (what shampoo? what conditioner? what else?)
    If you're interested, I can give you some hints. *^v^*

  2. They're really pretty and so feminine. I love them!

  3. @Brahdelt - wydaja mi sie takie sianowate, ale w sumie nie wiem, otoczenie nie potwierdza moich podejrzen o strasznym stanie wlosow. Denerwuje mnie to, ze na roznej wysokosci odstaja takie dzikie wloski, chyba sa po prostu suche i polamane? Slyszalam ze olejek arganowy dobrze dziala na wlosy? Tylko ze ja musze uwazac, bo mam bardzo cienkie wlosy, ktore sie przetluszczaja po jednym dniu i wszystkie ciezkie odzywki odpadaja...^^ Poprosze hintsy! :D

    Yes, they are feminine and lovely :D I really recommend them!

  4. Every girl dream to have long lashes. Good that fake eyelashes was invented. :)

  5. Cudowne rzęsy! Zawsze chciałam je mieć, niestety nigdy mnie na nie nie stać xD"

  6. Just stumbled across your blog (actually, while I was looking at pictures of Diamond Lash Girly Eye..!) and I will definitely be following. :) Your eyes are beautiful, BTW!

    If you don't want the Girly Eye lashes I would absolutely love them, because I recently got some lashes which would stack perfectly with them. :D

  7. Thank you for visiting and commenting! :D

    Where do you live? Please contact me at magda.lipska AT gmail.com! :D