Saturday, August 25, 2012

Daiso Gradation nail sets!

Hello again!
My holidays in Korea are coming to an end, I`m leaving for Poland on tuesday! I have fun, but I don`t regret leaving, I`ll be in my sweet home again.... XD And post more about all the stuff I bought here, which is PLENTY. :O 
Anyways, today I went to Daiso, aka 100yen/1000won store. I think they have it in USA too, but as far as I know there are none in Europe. I really hate everything made bad and low quality and never go for quantity over quality, I`m all about quality and good taste/style, but Daiso is not like those quite disgusting (in my opinion) "everything 1$" shops. Daiso stuff is actually well made and often cute and it`s sooooo useful if you move in in another country and need to buy a lot of basic things and don`t want to spend a fortune! (That`s why all foreigners and scholarship students in Asia love Daiso ;))

I was buying some random stuff and found cute sets of 3 nail polishes to make diy gradation manicure! Of course I had to get it! :D I was available in orage, pink, black and purple, I got all except purple. One set for 3000won, which is around 3$! I came back to my hotel room and tried it out and it`s really nice - good quality nail polish and easy to use. We`ll see how long it lasts without chipping. 
Here`s my manicure today:

Cute! And so simple to make with those 3 matching nail polishes. :D 
Here are the other sets:

So cheap and so much fun! ;D I spent some money on shopping here, but I must admit I think I spent most on... American Apparel clothes... XDD I know, going to Korea to shop at AmeApa?? Well, This summer I developed a mini obsession about their clothes, mostly basics and then some more fashion-y ones, they are so comfortable and good! But we don`t have an AmeApa store in Poland, so I was buying from the EU online store, but you know, it`s not the same when you can`t try things on. So when I found out they have AmeApa here I went many times and tried everything on to get an idea of which sizes fit me the best! :D And I bought a lot, and AA is way more expensive here than in USA. But! I am very happy with my "gets". Yesterday I bought those cute high waisted shorts with zippers on sides and wore them to clubbing the same night, we went to MASS in Gangnam (lol, it`s our fave club in Seoul... ^^`)

Can I take a photo witout making a stupid face? I don`t think so!
I also decided to have fun with makeup and wore top and bottom fake lashes! Diamond Lash Celeb on top and Baby on bottom (uncut). I think those are my favorite Diamond Lash models. ^^*

I`ll leave you with 2 random photos, a view from Seould Tower and some sheet masks from The Face Shop. ^^*

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Seoul: first shopping GETS! ;D

Since this is a  cosmetics / skin care blog, I want to show some random cosmetics I got so far! ^^* I got more, but I think I will post skin care separately. Yesterday I went to Myeong-dong with my bff Mimi and got some stuff! 

Below, the Time Revolution serum from Missha, this is a sample size bottle and it`s normally 9,000 won, but it was on promotion and I got it for only 3,000 won! It is advertised as competition to Estee Lauder night repair serum! ^^*  

Next, Neon Tint Gloss from Missha - it is rather see through on its own, but on lips it changes color - different for everyone, depending on your PH and some other stuff, IDK. XD This one becomes patel pink on me, but it`s still transparent and jelly like, non-sticky and overall great, I like it and will get other colors. :D  I was also surprised by how long it lasts!

Last one, Holika Holika (doesn`t the brand image and even the name remind you of some other brand? *cough*majolica majorca*cough*) mascara - my friend said it`s very popular recently, so I got it in "volume" option. It has a special wand, first you are supposed to apply mascara to all lashes with the slim part, them add more volume and decide direction on each lash separately, depending on where you want to accentuate and so on. It is easier to use that I expected and gives really nice volume. Recently I was using some old Rimmel mascara and started thinking I have short & weak lashes, but it was just the mascara`s fault! XD Of course my lashes might be tiny and weak, but with right mascara, they seem longs and thick. XD No more old & bad Rimmel mascara, sayounara~ :P 

Next, a cool brand "Too cool for school" (the websote is crazy scary tho :OOO), which is funny as I work as a teacher now. XDD Bad influence, have you seen the Cameron Diaz movie Bad Teacher? I loved it TBH, lol. Anyways, I got compact powder and glitter eyeliner and all the rest are samples and I even got a free eyebrow / eyeliner fixer. :O Other sample include face wash, face scrub, lotion, toner, cream, primer and bb cream. :OOO So I can basically do my whole skin care / base make routine with the sample, I loooove customer service in Korea! :DD Actually I used the primer and bb cream today and I really like the bb cream!! I think I might get it in regular size packaging. :3

The shop staff girls were wearing really strong and crazy make-up, orange, pink and purple and exxagerated elongated eyeliner with glitter on top - they also had circle lens and long brown hair with some curl, I felt like a gyaru brand store and I loved it! :D Definitely a different style than most korean cosmetic brands. This is the glitter eyeliner. I haven`t used it yet so can`t say much about it, but it looked great on shop staff.

And this is the powder! I got it for the container mostly, soooooooooooooo adorable!! :D

So, I`ll post more and I buy more, I`ll do some travel reports too and swatches / reviews later.
Have a great day! ^^*

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hello Seoul!

Hi guys! (^_^*)/

I`m already in Seoul, living in a "kosittel" type cheap one-room hotel and walking around Seoul and shopping everyday! ;D Or more like just spending money like I`m a pro at it, lol omg, it`s so hard to control yoursel! :O Anyway, I`ll do my best to post entries about my trip and hope you`ll enjoy them.

Korea is suuuper hot and quite humid now, everyday is mostly the same temperature, 33C degrees. *hot* To be honset, this makes everything sticky and disgusting, bleh! XD Going to Korea in august is definitely a challenge, but I don`t mind hot weather. I just wish it was a bit more organised and cleaner, maybe I became a bit health/cleanliness obsessed since winter. :P The way koreans walk the streets and drive their cars is complete CHAOS and dangerous too! :O
Anyway, some photos!

I had an 8h stop over in Prague, so I went sightseeing! ^^ It`s BEATIFUL! I walked around the Old Town, climbed up this tower over Charles Bridge and ate a great lunch. ^^

And now Korea! I`ve already visited Korea and have been in Japan 4 times too, so taking photos of streets and stuff is not really interesting for me, so please bear with me as I take and upload pretty random photos... ;D 
First, I went window shopping at AmeApa (we don`t have a store in Poland, boo), lol, typical korean attractions banzai!

Then I had a trip to Daiso (a.k.a. th 100yen/1000won store chain) and bought some useful everyday sute stuff, because my cheap hotel (kosittel) doesn`t provide this. And you can see my healthy oatmeal supplies in the back too. Mmmm, healthy food! :D

Typical korean street.... NOT! : P
Later we went to see a Polish design exhibition (hosted by Korea Foundation) opening with Polish and international friends, the exhibition was fun and it was in Euljiro, so we ended up walking around Myeong-dong at night, which was super fun for me!

Yo man! Old men staring at you = normal in Korea, yuck. :P
Also my camera is old and takes blurry photos, got to get a new one!
Myeong-dong, most popular tourist shopping district I think, has everything, fashion, cosmetics, restaurant, street food and tons of people. All shop staff here speaks japanese, so you can use that if you don`t speak korean (yatta! good for me! XD). Not everybody speaks english, but there`s a good chance they will, as it is a real "tourist" place.

And finally, a brand called FACE SHOP had a chia seeds cosmetic line! I got testers from my sister, who is studying here (and that`s why I`m visiting Korea) and the ads are soooo cute and the cosmetics are really nice! Besides I`m crazy about healthy eating, so I have chia seeds for adding to water and food at home and now I can also use it as skincare? This is so eciting for me!! :DDD

Chia seeds toner, lotion, serum and cream! :D aren`t the small illustrated chia seeds just adorable? :D I really like this line, might buy it!

Today I met a friend and went exploring Gangnam, a really trendy place in Korea, where you have the super crowded metro station area and futher away you can explore those small, lovely fashionable streets full of original brand stores (as in owner is the designer of the things in the store) and middle range brand store (Jill Stuar,t KAte Spade, Agatha, etc.). The streets, buildings and people walking around there are very stylish in the international street fashin way, so original and great! I saw a guy in pink aviator glasses with green mirror lenses and another guy in a super bright neon beannie hat, they both looked soooo cool (but beanie in 33c degrees, are you kidding me?lol)  I went to Garosugil Street in Shinsa and Rodeo Drive in Gangnam! :D (MORE INFO HERE) I am lucky, because my friend Kyunam was born and raised in Gangnam, so he knows every street and will show me more! ^^

Also, if you haven`t heard it already, check out the PSY "Gangnam style" song with it`s hilarious video!!
*dead from too much lol*
Too bad the people on Seoul streets aren`t as trendy as in their music videos and dramas, most people wear TSHIRTS and those rubber SANDALS or SNEAKERS (head + palm). But in Gangnam you can see some really fashinable people, especially after dark! :D

And last but not least, matcha frappucinoooooooo!!!! Whyyyyyy don`t they sell it in Polish StaBa? OMG, everyone loves it :D just order without the whipped cream. :D

I will be here till Aug 28th, so wait for more posts! See you!