Saturday, August 11, 2012

Seoul: first shopping GETS! ;D

Since this is a  cosmetics / skin care blog, I want to show some random cosmetics I got so far! ^^* I got more, but I think I will post skin care separately. Yesterday I went to Myeong-dong with my bff Mimi and got some stuff! 

Below, the Time Revolution serum from Missha, this is a sample size bottle and it`s normally 9,000 won, but it was on promotion and I got it for only 3,000 won! It is advertised as competition to Estee Lauder night repair serum! ^^*  

Next, Neon Tint Gloss from Missha - it is rather see through on its own, but on lips it changes color - different for everyone, depending on your PH and some other stuff, IDK. XD This one becomes patel pink on me, but it`s still transparent and jelly like, non-sticky and overall great, I like it and will get other colors. :D  I was also surprised by how long it lasts!

Last one, Holika Holika (doesn`t the brand image and even the name remind you of some other brand? *cough*majolica majorca*cough*) mascara - my friend said it`s very popular recently, so I got it in "volume" option. It has a special wand, first you are supposed to apply mascara to all lashes with the slim part, them add more volume and decide direction on each lash separately, depending on where you want to accentuate and so on. It is easier to use that I expected and gives really nice volume. Recently I was using some old Rimmel mascara and started thinking I have short & weak lashes, but it was just the mascara`s fault! XD Of course my lashes might be tiny and weak, but with right mascara, they seem longs and thick. XD No more old & bad Rimmel mascara, sayounara~ :P 

Next, a cool brand "Too cool for school" (the websote is crazy scary tho :OOO), which is funny as I work as a teacher now. XDD Bad influence, have you seen the Cameron Diaz movie Bad Teacher? I loved it TBH, lol. Anyways, I got compact powder and glitter eyeliner and all the rest are samples and I even got a free eyebrow / eyeliner fixer. :O Other sample include face wash, face scrub, lotion, toner, cream, primer and bb cream. :OOO So I can basically do my whole skin care / base make routine with the sample, I loooove customer service in Korea! :DD Actually I used the primer and bb cream today and I really like the bb cream!! I think I might get it in regular size packaging. :3

The shop staff girls were wearing really strong and crazy make-up, orange, pink and purple and exxagerated elongated eyeliner with glitter on top - they also had circle lens and long brown hair with some curl, I felt like a gyaru brand store and I loved it! :D Definitely a different style than most korean cosmetic brands. This is the glitter eyeliner. I haven`t used it yet so can`t say much about it, but it looked great on shop staff.

And this is the powder! I got it for the container mostly, soooooooooooooo adorable!! :D

So, I`ll post more and I buy more, I`ll do some travel reports too and swatches / reviews later.
Have a great day! ^^*

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