Sunday, February 13, 2011

Diamond Lashes collection & shot reviews

Sooo!! Recently I ordered some Diamond Lashes (btw, their website is perfect, user friendly and pretty!) with the help of the lovely D~tan of sEpia memory blog, and she helped me get Original series: Fairy eye (the most popular type I think, Kanako wears it too) and Gorgeous eye lashes and from Pure series: Girly eye lashes.

My new lashes! Opened it right away, hohhoho~
And I thought it is a good oportunity to say a little bit more about Diamond lashes and show the ones from my stash :) So first I'll introduce the new ones, I haven't worn them yet of course, but I'll do my best to post photos and thought soon. But here are the new ones!

\(*^__^*)/\(*^__^*)/ Diamond Lashes - Pure Series - Girly eye lashes

from Diamond Lashes website, shown on gorgeous Yamamoto Yuuki:
They are from Pure series, whish is supposed to be "natural", so we will see, but in the box they look quite dramatic for natural lashes, more dramatic than in this photo. Still, they are super soft and light, Diamond Lashes are really killer. :)

\(*^__^*)/\(*^__^*)/ Next , Diamond Lashes - Original series - Fairy eye lashes, which are one of the most popular lashes in Japan now, Kanako and Romihi from EGG magazine wear it, soo many people swear by those lashes... I cannot wait to wear them! I thought the Original Series Diamond Lashes look quite dramatic in photos of just the lashes, but in real life they look like... just... wow, perfect. They are not too long or crazy, don't look plasticy or too heavy of fake, but still have enough volume and style and make eyes look stunning... And they are so soft and light and I seriously just forget I have fake lashes on when I wear Original series lashes! :D
EDIT: WORE THOSE TWICE - looooooooove them!!!

And a pic from website:
Again, the stick photo is a bit different from the lashes in person, they are more natural in person, I'd say, so don't be scared of them! Fabulous, must buy!!!

And two pics of those on my eyes, I love them

\(*^__^*)/\(*^__^*)/ And then, Diamond Lashes - Original series - Gorgeous eye lashes

Website photo:
They do look likethe promo pic, except there is no thick lash band, it is clear and soft. The lashes are really  long though - I think they will create a super cute dolle effect with tare-me (dropy eyes), because the longest strands will face down and then curl up again, how cute.... <3 But they are super long! (O_o)

But, those are the new shiny lashes I haven't worn yet. Below are Diamond Lashes I already have and wore, so they will also come with EOTD photos and reviews later! Yay? :) I ma so bad with taking photos and posting good reviews, but I`ll try, I promise!

Diamond Lash - Volume Series - Celeb eye lashes
They are super light and soft and wearing them is like a dream. But they are veeery long and dramatic, my male friends ALWAYS comment about it when I wear them. ("Oh! What's with the lashes!!! Tonight you DID DO MAKEUP, whoa..." and so on... :P But it was also like "Tonight your eyes look very kawaii", so... who cares? :P Aah, men... if only they knew what they are talking about, I'd care, but in case of lashes, they have no idea. ;)) But they do look rather dramatic:
I think they are perfect for a full-on gyaru look though!

Diamond Lashes - Lady Glamorous series -Princess eye lashes (bottom lashes)
It is hard to glue them on correctly, they always seem to face down and look weird. Plus the longest pieces and too long and heavy, but I found that if I cut off the last one or two pieces, they work perfectly, even with makeup that`s not really strong, just add some eyeliner of shadow on your bottom lid and they blend in nicely. Overall, nice lashes, mostly for stronger looks, but if you cut off the longest pieces, they are fine for natural looks too!

 Diamond Lashes - Original series - Dolly eye lashes, promo photo:
Sooo, at first I was like, what's the deal with those, they don't have much volume or lenght, they are only a tiny bit longer than my own lashes, they look too natural!! I couldn't see the fake lashes at all. :/ But after feeling dissappointed, but still trying them a couple times, I understood what's nice about them. They are natural, but that makes they sooo easy to wear with natural looks - thin eyeliner, light eyeshadow and those curled up = pretty! :) So now I like them, if I only want  to a little bit extra, I wear those. For example sometimes wearing lashes just makes me happy, but I don't want everyone to be shocked, (example saturday mornings, when I teach japanese, my students should focus on japanese, not my makeup), I wear those. Nice, but definitely not for you if you want a dramatic look or your lashes are already super longs and thick. :)

Real photo:
my complete Diamond Lash stash 8DDDDDDDDDDD

 You can see the "drama level" difference between Dolly, Fairy and Celeb. Like I wrote above, Dolly is extremely natural. Fairy is fabulous, but still looks natural and is just perfect. While Celeb is definitely nowhere near natural, but oh so fabulousss.... but I guess, not for everyday? :)

& Greetings and bye bye from my silly cat:
He just finished texting someone aparently, hey, get your own phone, cat! :P


  1. I've tried the fairy eyelashes! They are my favourite. It's not too dramatic which I like, I love eyelashes with the invisible band!

  2. awwww your cat is soooo cute, what's his name? please post more pics of his!!! <3

  3. TaTa
    Invisible band is always great! Recently I`m trying to wear fake lashes with minimum eye makeup - maybe just a bude cream eye shadow, ultra thin eyeliner and fake lashes and that is all - witout clear lash band it wouldn`t be possible.

    His name is Noko, because when he sleeps in his weird position he looks like "tsuchi no ko" ;DDD I noticed he has fans, so I`ll try to post of him too :)

  4. Diamond lashes look so awesome!
    They can get pretty extreme yet they keep that well-finished look!
    I just ordered Glamourous and Princess eye from the Lady Glamourous series, I can't wait to get them home and try them! :D

    (And your cat is lovely <3)

  5. Wow Magda!!! Great shopping!!! These eyelashes are all awesome!!!^^<3 -s that expansive?

  6. Oh my... I want to order them all >.<

  7. Maria @GeekyGyaru
    Oooh, I am curious about the Glamorous lashes you ordered! Please make a post about them when they arrive! They look like they have super volume, but maybe they look great on eyes in real life!? (I am not so good with super volume-y lashes)

    This whole order was around 50$ including shipping, so maybe it wasn`t the cheapest, but I got 15 pairs of diffeernt gorgeous lashes! While if I was buying lashes at MAC Poland, the same money would only buy me 3 pairs of lashes D: So it is still a good deal to me! :D If you want those lashes, you can ask D-Tan ( :)

    Get them! :DDDDDD You`ll love them! Not only are there soooo many nice designs to choose from, they are super soft and light, so even people who are not used to fake lashes will be able to feel super comfortable wearing those :D <3

  8. i love, love, LOVE the fairy lashes! i don't think i'm ever gonna wear any other kind, ever again! they are just perfect! and i just bought a new box at donki <3

  9. I really want to get some, but I really don't know how over the Internet T_T

  10. Karisuma
    :D Wow! Love declaration :D

    Hey, just ask D~Tan (, she got me mine - she is in the US and can get them in a local asian cosmetics store :D Pay with Paypal and you have them. :D

  11. Thank you Honey ^^<3 you are right this is cheaper than Mac eylashes ;)

  12. Wow, thanks for the reviews! It's well written and very detailed, it helped me heaps by choosing which DL I want to buy :D

  13. aaaaaaaaaaaaaOMG!!!!!! I FOLLOW U, I FOLLOW U, I FOLLOW U !!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE UR BLOOOG!!!!