Saturday, August 25, 2012

Daiso Gradation nail sets!

Hello again!
My holidays in Korea are coming to an end, I`m leaving for Poland on tuesday! I have fun, but I don`t regret leaving, I`ll be in my sweet home again.... XD And post more about all the stuff I bought here, which is PLENTY. :O 
Anyways, today I went to Daiso, aka 100yen/1000won store. I think they have it in USA too, but as far as I know there are none in Europe. I really hate everything made bad and low quality and never go for quantity over quality, I`m all about quality and good taste/style, but Daiso is not like those quite disgusting (in my opinion) "everything 1$" shops. Daiso stuff is actually well made and often cute and it`s sooooo useful if you move in in another country and need to buy a lot of basic things and don`t want to spend a fortune! (That`s why all foreigners and scholarship students in Asia love Daiso ;))

I was buying some random stuff and found cute sets of 3 nail polishes to make diy gradation manicure! Of course I had to get it! :D I was available in orage, pink, black and purple, I got all except purple. One set for 3000won, which is around 3$! I came back to my hotel room and tried it out and it`s really nice - good quality nail polish and easy to use. We`ll see how long it lasts without chipping. 
Here`s my manicure today:

Cute! And so simple to make with those 3 matching nail polishes. :D 
Here are the other sets:

So cheap and so much fun! ;D I spent some money on shopping here, but I must admit I think I spent most on... American Apparel clothes... XDD I know, going to Korea to shop at AmeApa?? Well, This summer I developed a mini obsession about their clothes, mostly basics and then some more fashion-y ones, they are so comfortable and good! But we don`t have an AmeApa store in Poland, so I was buying from the EU online store, but you know, it`s not the same when you can`t try things on. So when I found out they have AmeApa here I went many times and tried everything on to get an idea of which sizes fit me the best! :D And I bought a lot, and AA is way more expensive here than in USA. But! I am very happy with my "gets". Yesterday I bought those cute high waisted shorts with zippers on sides and wore them to clubbing the same night, we went to MASS in Gangnam (lol, it`s our fave club in Seoul... ^^`)

Can I take a photo witout making a stupid face? I don`t think so!
I also decided to have fun with makeup and wore top and bottom fake lashes! Diamond Lash Celeb on top and Baby on bottom (uncut). I think those are my favorite Diamond Lash models. ^^*

I`ll leave you with 2 random photos, a view from Seould Tower and some sheet masks from The Face Shop. ^^*

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