Monday, August 30, 2010

Skincare routine after IZOTEK (same as accutane) and red nail polish

Hello my wonderful blogosphere-friends! :)
As most of you know, I recently finished IZOTEK treatment for acne. IZOTEK is a medicine identic to Accutane, which helps acne and dries up skin and the whole body and is a rather hard and long treatment, but the results are really something. After my treatment, so far I have no acne. But my skin did go back to normal a bit - on Izotek it was so dry it drove me mad! Now it sometimes even gets a tiny bit oily on the tip of my nose :D (hahah, it actually makes me happy to have normal skin back again lol)
Anyway, I had to change my skincare routine a little bit and not it looks like this (that's most of the things I use):
I went back to using La Roche-Posay's EFFACLAR face wash/cleanser. It is good for oily AND sensitive skin ,contains no parabens and is great, makes a fine soft foam and even removes makeup (also waterproof eye makeup, amazing). And for daytime moisturizer, I switched to EFFACLAR M, moisturising and mattyfing cream, also from La Roche-Posay. And when I bought 2 LRP items I got thermal water as a free gift, yay! LRP is a pharmacy-brand, so look for it there. ^^* I really recommend this face wash!
I recently bought Cleanique claryfing lotion in #1 (the weakest one), but still I am not sure if I should use it.... I hope it doesn't dry my skin out too bad D:

After washing my face I use HadaLabo Gokujun toner and milk (recently I only use the milk at night). I mix the toner with a drop of pure 1% hyaluronic acid, I bought it in a "make your own cream" store. After toner and milk I use the EFFACLAR M moisturiser for day. And for night I don't care if I'm shiny, I use Missha cream or WELEDA Skin Food cream (love-hate relationship!!) or just plain simple baby cream, this one:

Simple really is best, I love to use creams like this for face, hands and feet and elbows, lips... etc. So gentle and nice and no parabens and no bad ingriedients. :) So somedays I just put this on my face after other skincare. :) Or just apply a thick layer as a mask before sleep - it never breaks me out nor does it make my skin moer shiny. Really, try baby creams! Cheap and good. :)


 Other news, a better photo of my Cookie monster and Elmo brooches and bracelet! I bought it in this cute store called Bubu! :D

Also, I felt I needed a change in my life and to start this tiny-revolution, got a cherry red nail polish, Feel my Karma from OPI. I looooove this color! I also got Sally Hansen nail growth contitioneer, which works really great as a treatment/base/top coat for me! Try it, me and my sister have been using it for years, it keeps the color on my nails for days.

almost wine red! xD

Also got 2 new pairs of shoes and a trench coat from PROMOD. After a hard week, I had a "self love sunday", like the ones Hana suggestst. Relaxing, taking care of my body and soul and feel-good, really worth spending some time on yourself and straightening all things in your head.
I hope you all have a wonderful week! <3
Thank you for reading! :D

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  1. Nice nice! Never seen those acne products before, but definitely knwo hada labo! I love that so much!! Hope it goes really well for you!
    Love the cookie monster and elmo accessory! they are just so adorable ^^
    Great Nail color by the way ^^